Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sugarscape On Example's Kickstarts "Can We Listen To This Again Please?"


"Who would have thought that a love poem could be made into a dance track which is certain to become a major floor filler for this summer? Not us, though any love poems we write do start with roses are red, violets are blue... Anyway enough about that.

We love Example’s latest track Kickstarts, which started life as a love poem (aahh), and will be bogeying to it all summer long

Good vid Mr. Example we like! Kickstarts is out June 13th followed by album Won’t Go Quietly on the 20th. How about you just don’t go at all, we happen to quite like you!

If you want to find out more about Example including tours dates visit www.myspace.com/leadingbyexample!

What do you think of the tune - make you want to put those dancingshoes on (as our nans would say)? "

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