Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Dirty Disco : The Great Escape, Basement 8pm, Friday 14th May

"Emerging British Electro-pop Sensation" The Dirty Disco headlined Death Disco @ The Notting Hill Arts Club recently, and like the bands previous 4 headline shows, it sold out - this time with a queue around the block.

The band have been confirmed to appear at The Great Escape, Friday 14th May @ Basement, 8pm
Map here

They will also be headlining the New Bands Stage at Beach Break (18th June) and a second stage slot at GuilFest with more shows and festivals to be confirmed.

The Dirty Disco's debut and introductory single "Sista!" peaked at No. 21 in the iTunes Dance Chart, No. 1 on the Juno Indie / Dance chart. This track, along with future singles were mixed by Grammy Nominee Dylan "3D" Dresdow, Will.I.Am / Black Eyed Peas long-term studio accomplice, who's also been responsible for mixing Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and more recently Kelis.

They've recently remixed Bertie Backman, Archangel, Penguin Prison, as well as Don't Wait Animate.

"Their glam, electro-pop reminded us a lot of Lady Gaga if she had decided to strap a guitar to her body instead of Kermit the Frog" Boom Boom Chik

"The Guildford mystery, that is known as The Dirty Disco..they've been described by someone as 'An unhealthy dose of glam! Sleazy and above all irresistibly catchy pop!' Oh hold on, that was me" Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music ("Sista!" Features on the 6Music 'Best Of Introducing' Mixtape)

"Emerging British electro-pop Sensation The Dirty Disco.. a perfect balance between emo-fueled pop rock and 80s inspired synth pop with a theatrical twist.. A potent package of both style and substance" Arjan Writes

"Pairing their signature glampop vocals with an enthusiastically dark arrangement, the band covers the song in dirt and disco, the result is definitely Beaston approved!" Sheena Beaston

The Dirty Disco "Sista!" - Video

The Dirty Disco Live - clips from their last sell out Boileroom show;

When asked to describe the pulsating electro theatrics of The Dirty Disco, one crackpot follower had this advice: “Imagine… the lust child of Ziggy Stardust and Britney Spears”. And they weren’t far from the mark. What they neglected to mention was this Britney Spears would also have to have a penchant for bad acid, more than a passing interest in the happenings of back-street Soho and a unique way of fusing gyrating electronica with infectious pop hooks.

The Dirty Disco’s theatrical and more-than-slightly subversive live shows have earned them a die-hard following in what seems like the blink of a mascara smeared eye; testament to their ability to write the kind of songs that suck the listener in after a single play, only to linger with a more intoxicating intent than a fistful of methamphetamine.

With a schedule that sees them completing their debut album, which will include mixes by the Uber Talented Dylan “3D” Dresdow, it seems inevitable that The Dirty Disco will be carving a trail of shattered mirrorballs straight to the unsuspecting subconscious of the nation.

"Ragamuffins who have excellent hair and even better eye makeup for a bunch of dance punk dudes.. tremendous elements of glamour and a vicious take on the 70s that their fore bearers like Bolan or Bowie would've employed had they had the full reign of a studio" The Culture Of Me

"a creature has spawned so bizarre and so colourful that all who encounter shim (this beast has more genders than a budget tranny convention), can’t fight the urge to rush out and paint the town yellow in a haze of sequins, glitter and dodgy mascara. I’m talking about The Dirty Disco of course, a new chapter in the melting pot of modern pop culture. Drawing influences from pretty much everywhere, the basis of their sound is dance fueled pop rock with a refreshingly authentic ‘Don’t give a fuck’ attitude that seems to seep from every pore.. The pretense is real – Viva La Revolution!!!" We Are Not A Rock Band

“Sometimes a band is birthed into the world fully-formed with a sound and image all their own. Without any corporate fiddling, The Dirty Disco have managed to construct something that's as polished and professional as it is artsy and avant garde. With this type of band, it's important to have a dynamic frontman, and they certainly have one in lead singer Adam. He's an absolutely bat-shit crazy performer. Add to that a sound that's half Gaga, half The Ark, and I was converted into a major fan about ten seconds into the song. Sista! mixes glam, electro, punk, and pop into a perfect cocktail. White Room, another song on their myspace, may be even better!” No.1 Hits From Another Planet

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