Monday, 23 August 2010

NME's 60 Second Interview With Example at V Festival

NME catch up with Example at this years V Festival in Chelmsford, and ask a series of questions within 60seconds, the highlight of which is best dance move towards the end!!

Watch the video on the NME here (as it won't embed properly)

John Craven and BBC Country File Visits The Big Chill Festival

John Craven visited The Big Chill Festival to investigates its environmental impact for Country File. The program aired on Sunday 22nd August, the feature is split into two sections, first at around 9mins (interview with Melvin Benn) and the second around 30mins (Impact after the festival / local area).

Watch the program on the BBC iPlayer here.

Roll Deep "Green LIght" UK's Number 1!

"Green Light" follows the bands previous single "Good Times" by entering the UK Chart at Number 1, over taking Eminem Ft Rihanna in the middle of the week!

Coverage for this includes Digital Spy, The Mirror, The Sun, MSN, Orange, Talk Talk and Yahoo!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Taio Cruz - The Rockstarr Collection.

Pre-order from iTunes here!

Roll Deep featured in The Sun and The Sun Online!

"EARLIER this year ROLL DEEP secured their first No1 single with Good Times. A few months on and the Grime crew are on course to repeat that success with its follow-up Green Light. The banger has already hit No1 in the iTunes charts and is racing ahead of EMINEM in the midweeks. Crew member TARGET rang me for a natter and told me about the group's chart battle with FLO RIDA. He also revealed that, despite SKEPTA'S recent collaboration with DIDDY, the lads are intent on supporting UK talent.
He said: "We haven't got any American artists working with us on the album, we're trying to use as much of the UK talent as we can at the moment because there's so much of it. We've been working with ELIZA DOOLITTLE and getting in some of the up and coming UK talent is something we're definitely keen on. People like JODIE CONNOR, CHERRI V and TANIA FOSTER who hopefully are to go on to get big careers of their own. At the moment the UK, our thing, is wiping the floor with American artists and we just wanna keep representing that and helping everyone to get a chance to do their thing as well."

Click here to read the FULL (this is just an extract) Roll Deep interview on The Sun Online.

Roll Deep's "Green Light" is OUT NOW - click here to get your copy

Read more:

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Example To Tour With Faithless!

With two Top 10 smash hit singles this year and a Top 5 silver selling album, Example has taken the UK chart by storm, making the release of his brand new single ‘Last Ones Standing’ a force to be reckoned with, released through Ministry Of Sound Recordings on 12th September.

Produced by Swedish pop experimentalist Bjorn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn and John), the synth driven electro pop beats and rousing killer chorus of ‘Last Ones Standing’ have already made their way into Zane Lowe’s arsenal and the track has received its first radio play on Radio 1 an impressive eight weeks upfront of release.

Festival season has been invaded by the monster that is Example live and this summer has already seen him tear down the house, tents and stages of some of the UK’s biggest gigs including Glastonbury, Wireless, Oxegen, T In the Park, the iTunes Festival and travelling across to the Balearics where he’s hosting the White Isle’s hottest DJ residency this season at Ibiza Rocks.

‘Last Ones Standing’ marks the next stage in a phenomenal year for Example. The in your face anthem, ‘Won’t Go Quietly’, launched Example well and truly into the chart stratosphere earlier this year going silver, and recent summer smash ‘Kickstarts’’ looks set to be his biggest hit to date with over 2 million YouTube hits already, also reaching silver sales. This coupled with major TV appearances on T4, MTV, Big Brother, Hollyoaks Music Show and Britain’s Got More Talent have made Example one of the most exciting acts to break in 2010.

Example’s army of ever-growing fans will be able to catch him live throughout September and October during his 14-date UK headline tour, and then again in late November and December supporting Faithless on their nationwide tour.

‘Last Ones Standing’ is released on 12th September through Ministry Of Sound and includes remixes from Benny Benassi, Manhattan Clique, TC and Doctor P.

For more information and a full list of tour dates and more festival appearances go to Example’s blog and you should definitely follow him on Twitter @ExampleYouTwit

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

5 Nominations In The BT Digital Music Awards 2010!

The BT Digital Music Awards 2010 take place on Thursday 30th September at The Roadhouse, Camden, London - and will be televised Saturday 2nd October at 9pm on ITV2. Good luck to the following!!

Best Male Artist : Taio Cruz [VOTE HERE]

Best Independent Artist Or Group : Example [VOTE HERE]

Best Newcomer : Example [VOTE HERE]

Best Song : Taio Cruz "Break Your Heart" [VOTE HERE]

Best Video : Roll Deep "Good Times" [VOTE HERE]

Roll Deep perform Green Light in the Radio One Live Lounge!

They also did a cover of B.o.B Ft Hayley Williams "Airplane"

Roll Deep's "Green Light" is OUT NOW - click here to get your copy

Edei Featured On Wonky Pop!

Wonky Pop feature "Introducing... Edei"

"For you Girls Aloud fanatics out there, you may remember Emma Deigmann on their last tour. For the rest of us, we'll know her as Edei, the 21 year old beautiful singer with soul from the UK. She's been busy working on her debut album (set to be released sometime this fall - it's gonna be a great fall indeed!) and has released her first single, "In My Bed." The song is not as dance-driven as the current lady sensations on top of the charts, but this song is really driven by Edei's voice. It's nice to hear an artist that has Top 40 potential not using auto-tune or other computer generated techniques to manipulate their voice.

The same team that helped Joss Stone become a household name has been busy at work, helping Edei find her musical style. Edei is beautiful, has a solid voice and a pop-jazz-rhythm & blues blended style, that is currently lacking from Top 40. Her first single should appeal to listeners of all ages. It's a good blend of Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse and The Saturdays, if you removed the up-beat dance tempos and replaced it with a few horns and some funk. Mixing credits on her album include Tom Emlhirst, whose previous credits include Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" and Adele's "Chasing Pavements." Visit her site to download a free acoustic version of "In My Bed" and show your support by downloading the song on iTunes. Can't wait to hear what the rest of the album has to offer!"

Click here to see the feature on Wonky Pop

4Music "Roll Deep Give Us The Green Light" Exclusive Video Interview

"Fresh from the chart-topping success of their single Good Times, UK grime collective Roll Deep are back with Green Light, another sure-fire smash from their upcoming album.

We caught up with the boys to find out what their new track is all about and to pick up a few essential dating tips. Plus, we discover how well they really know their fans..."

Click here to watch the exclusive video interview with 4Music

Roll Deep's "Green Light" is OUT NOW - click here to get your copy

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Popjustice "Acknowledgement Of A Listenable Example Remix"

We are big fans of Example's upcoming 'Last Ones Standing' single (the video, if you haven't already seen it, is something of a 'romp') and there are a couple of cool (ie the tune is taken out) remixes but we are kind of in love with Manhattan Clique's bombastic rework.

As you can hear, it has an amazing hands in the air moment at 1:29 followed by ANOTHER hands in the air moment at 1:45. This isn't really practical in a real life rug-cutting scenario but we suggest that the best way around it is to put one hand in the air at 1:29 and the other hand in the air at 1:45.

See this feature in all its glory on Popjustice here:

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Dirty Disco Featured On CMU Daily

The Dirty Disco are an electro-rock group based in London, comprised of Adam Boy, 'Big' Kyle Mackenzie, Olly Dexter, Andrew Ignatius and 'Little' Kyle Langley. The band released their debut single 'Sista' at the end of last year, which reached number 21 in the iTunes Dance Chart. The band have garnered support from the likes of 6music's Tom Robinson and BBC South Live's Phil Jackson, and have had tracks including 'Sista' and 'White Room' mixed by Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Dylan '3D' Dresdow. Releasing their second single 'White Room' on 23 Aug, we caught up with 'Big' Kyle to find out more.

Q1 How did you start out making music?
My interest in music started when I was eight years of age when I began (was forced) to play the violin. It was around the age of eleven that I first began producing my own compositions using and old four-track recorder a synth and a drum machine. I was in a couple of bands playing bass and guitar around this time; but my interests became more geared towards the electronic production with the purchase of my first computer around the age of twelve. Initially I used whatever software I could get demos of with magazines, tending to produce the beats on the computer, output them to the four track and then overdub synth parts. From there I generally began to use the computer more and more, realising the endless possibilities of sounds and compositions attainable.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Individual tracks tend to be inspired by our lead singer Adam's own experiences but the initial inspiration for our (yet to be released) debut was circumstantial more than anything. While out on many messy nights we found our local music scene to be packed with pretentious, self-important shoe gazing indie. Our inspiration was our desire to create something different, something fresh and theatrical.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
When approaching a Dirty Disco track we work in the opposite way to most bands. It either starts with Adam having a vocal melody and singing it in my ear or us sitting down at the computer with an idea in mind of what we are aiming for. Because Adam and I are the producers we tend to get a rough idea of the track down before the other guys do their thing. We program pretty minimal drums and then "little" Kyle takes a click track to his midi kit and plays over it. We produce all in house and go to rehearsals with the tracks all ready written. It's not a conventional approach, but it works for us.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
Between all five members of the Dirty Disco the entire spectrum of music is encompassed. Prior to the start of the band I was a techno/IDM/drum n bass producer with a passion for writing string scores, Adam was a solo artist with a pop overtone, Andrew and Olly were in metal bands and "little" Kyle played a range of rock and funk. I would be here all day if I was to list all of our collective influences but I think the clearest influences in our music would include David Bowie, Prince, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, The Knife etc.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Keep an open mind and enjoy!

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
We're still a relatively young band with only our second single being released in August. I think our main ambition is to get the album out to the fans! We're luck enough to have fans that have supported us from the first listen and we just want to make sure the album is perfect! In terms of the future, many more albums, writing/producing for other bands and bringing our live show to a bigger audience; On stage is when we really come to life!

Roll Deep "Green Light" Reviewed On Digital Spy

"Roll Deep are fast becoming the very definition of a guilty pleasure. The arts of subtlety and sophistication might be lost on them, but boy do they know how to hit our musical G-spots. Having reached No.1 back in April with 'Good Times', the capital-based collective are back with another slab of grime/trance/pop built to fill dancefloors across the UK.

Over a jolting bassline and clubby urban beats, Wiley and crew search for ladies up for a bit of bump 'n' grind action. "I like what I see / Face lit up like a Christmas tree" raps Breeze - all she needs now is a couple of baubles, eh mate? Anyway, 'Green Light' isn't quite as brain-invading as its predecessor, but be warned, this one willeventually wriggle in and refuse to leave for a good while - a damn sight longer, we'd imagine, than these guys generally hang around the morning after."

Click here to see the feature on Digital Spy

Roll Deep's "Green Light" is OUT NOW - click here to get your copy

Roll Deep's Green Light Featured on BBC Chart Blog

"Ah I see what's going on here. This is less a song - in the sense of something one can enjoy while sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping something fizzy and luxuriating in the sensory delight - and more a SONG - something one can use as a soundtrack to dancefloor fun - it's a LOT of fun - including acting out the lyrics, pointing at people you fancy and mouthing the words, and generally using as a script for flirting.

You can also then use it as a kind of memory trigger, once you're in that chair and you've got your pop, cos every line will trigger a visual image - that club, that boy, that girl and What Happened Next - some of which will maybe provoke a smile, others a grimace. It's all there to be played with.

Of course, if you don't use it for the purpose it was designed, it's not really going to work very well.

Here's the video. Naturally there are cars and traffic lights in it."

Read the FULL 4 out of 5 review on the BBC Chart Blog here "Green Light" is OUT NOW, click here to get your copy

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Roll Deep "Green Light" Featured On Orange

"Having launched the careers of Wiley, Tinchy Stryder, Skepta and Dizzee Rascal - not to mention topping the charts earlier this year with 'Good Times' - London urban collective Roll Deep have an impressive heritage.

But the 16-strong clan aren't ready to rest on their laurels. Ever the innovators, they've managed to cultivate an urban club track that combines some valuable lessons in the green cross code with some sound advice in picking up women that are distinctly out of your league.

Combining the type of synths last heard on a mid-'90s trance compilation and an oh-so grimey rhythm section, 'Green Light''s musical backbone lays the foundations for some inspired flows by some of the UK's hottest urban talent.

Founding member Scratchy unleashes two barrels of charm with his second verse offering: "That time when I saw ya, I thought/'Wow, check out the skirt on that', 'nuff short/Straight to the bar/Tequila, lemon, salt," polishing off the delightful exchange with, "Clocked her from a mile away/Thought to my self, 'Why not give it a go?" Why not indeed.

As with 'Good Times', an almighty hook holds the whole track together, with an anonymous lady (we're sure she's lovely) belting out: "Stop! Take a look left and right/Is it clear for me to go?/Is it me that you've been waiting for?/Put your hands up, take it to the floor/You already gave me the green light, baby."

Avoiding the slightly dubious morals in the message, 'If at first you don't succeed, ply them with alcohol', 'Green Light' is undeniable prime-time dancefloor fodder."

Click here to see the feature on Orange's website

Roll Deep's "Green Light" is OUT NOW - click here to get your copy

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Chicane's Giants Reviewed On Entertainment Focus

"Chicane aka Nick Bracegirdle returns with new album Giants, his first new material since 2007's Somersault. Yep that very same man that brought you those trance hits Saltwater and Halcyon that ruled the Ibiza skylines.

Nick Bracegirdle describes this as "related but evolved to the older albums". And so with Summer almost over, we wondered if this album would ignite the dancefloors once more.

Opening track Barefoot seems to pick up where things left off. Its a great synth instrumental that bubbles over your subconsciousness. And Adam Young's voice is a fresh breeze on Middledistancerunner. Come Back, a reworking of Paul Young's Come Back And Stay is reborn as a techno piece that seems to have a slightly Bloodhound Gang Discovery Channel feel to it. It seems to work well enough. There's more vocoder distorted voices on What Am I Doing Here Part 1which has us guessing who it might be.

A real highlight is Poppiholla 5am, an update of a reworking of Sigur Ros'Hoppipolla. Its lighter, more effervescent and as it suggests, a song to spin at the crack of dawn, a sleeper anthem for the Summer Sun. Elsewhere there's more trance anthems with Where Do I Start and From Where I Stand (could that be I Blame Coco ?). There's some old school classic synth dance stuff with Hiding All Stars (which features part time live vocalist Tash Andrews).

Lemar's distorted vocals glide over What Am I Doing Here Part 2 and its still typical Chicane. Very airy, breathy and atmospheric. A rework ofMiddledistancerunner closes the album in the same emphatic way it started. With some great synth pervading the track and a great dance beat.

This is a welcome return for Chicane. Certainly his sound has evolved a bit but its still essentially the same and Mr. Bracegirdle excels at providing us with Summer anthems to greet the dawn with and Giants is right up there to help deliver him to the top once more."

Click here to see the feature on Entertainment Focus

Friday, 6 August 2010

Example Featured on NME Homepage

"Check out the video Fulham rapper Example's song 'Last Ones Standing', the fourth single from his album 'Won't Go Quietly' (out now)."

Click here to see the feature on

Chicane's 4 out 5 Review On Music News

"Chicane have always nudged the edge of fame with their fairly unique brand of synth pop-dance crossover music. They released a 'Best Of' a couple of years ago which did highlight some of their best moments, including 'Offshore', 'Don't Give Up' which featured Bryan Adams and 'Stoned in Love' with Tom Jones.

Two years later, and Chicane are back with 'Giants' although not too much has changed since their 'Best Of'. 'Giants' kicks off gently with Barefoot before the current single 'Middledistancerunner' cuts in. This features Adam Young from Owl City, and is a perfect guest, with his own music being quite similar to Chicane's in places. This really is a great single, with quite a powerful beat still allowing Adam Young’s vocals to drift over the top.

Next follows a much more upbeat track in 'Come Back'. This track heavily samples Paul Young's 80's hit - 'Come Back and Stay', and is another fast paced track, although perhaps a couple of minutes too long as it does get a little repetitive towards the end.

Elsewhere on 'Giants' there are a few more guest vocalists, although not all are named. Lemar features on 'What Am I Doing Here Part 2' and again suits the track perfectly. Part 1 is sung by an un-named female although I'm sure I recognise the vocal! 'Where Do I Start?' also features a female vocalists, but again I can't place the sound. This one is a top, top track so might yet make a single release? Talking of single 'Pippiholla' is on here as well, with a new (but not that noticeable) remix.

The 80’s are obviously a strong influence, as 'Hiding All The Stars' also features an 80's sample, this time from Gary Numan's 'Cars', again with mystery vocalist. This time for me the sample could be used more - some people just can't be pleased!!

'Giants' is a great release; brings next to nothing new to the table, but as a collection of 13 songs is great chill-out relaxation music, with the odd burst of energy to keep the clubbers happy as well!!"

Click here to see the review on Music News

Example Featured On 4Music

"It's always very satisfying when artists release the best song on their album as a single.

When we reviewed Example's Won't Go Quietly album back in May, we immediately picked Last Ones Standing as the stand-out track, calling it 'a feel-good party track' with a 'thumping dance beat'. We stand by our original description, but the track gets a whole new lease of life in video form.

A parody of 80s cop shows, the video sees Example chasing after criminals responsible for bootlegging his albums. Keep watching to see if he manages to catch the bad guys..."

Click here to see the feature on 4Music

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Example Last Ones Standing Featured On Digital Spy

"Example has unveiled the music video for his new single 'Last Ones Standing'.

The rapper, whose real name is Elliot Gleave, plays a policeman in 80s-style clip who discovers a gang selling counterfeit copies of his album. He told The Sun: "It was an 18-hour day, but lots of fun. I thought I dislocated my shoulder in one scene when I jumped on a crash mat and headbutted my bandmate."

He continued: "I always wanted to be an actor, but couldn't be bothered with auditions. I just saw all the idiots on TV and in theatre, just a bunch of posh tw*ts from the BRIT School. Everyone at that school is a w**ker. It shouldn't need to be part of your biography to have gone there. It doesn't mean you're good. I used to lie to my mum when she asked how the audition went, I just couldn't wait in the corridors with those tossers."

Click here to see the feature

Sugarscape "Is it possible for Example to make a boring video?"

"No, would be the answer to the question.

Oh Mr Example how we love you. Not only did you bring us Kickstarts, a song that has been replaying in our heads since May, you also cer-rack us up with your cool and funny videos. So if you like laughing, as we’re sure many of you do, then we reckon you should love the his latest video, Last Ones Standing. Take a look at this vintage cop show themed vid, it makes us want to buy brick mobile phones.

You like?

We thought the song was OKish at first, but when the chorus kicked in we were won over. The Last Ones Standing is out on September 12th and is from the album Won’t Go Quietly"

Click here to see the feature on Sugarscape