Friday, 20 August 2010

Roll Deep featured in The Sun and The Sun Online!

"EARLIER this year ROLL DEEP secured their first No1 single with Good Times. A few months on and the Grime crew are on course to repeat that success with its follow-up Green Light. The banger has already hit No1 in the iTunes charts and is racing ahead of EMINEM in the midweeks. Crew member TARGET rang me for a natter and told me about the group's chart battle with FLO RIDA. He also revealed that, despite SKEPTA'S recent collaboration with DIDDY, the lads are intent on supporting UK talent.
He said: "We haven't got any American artists working with us on the album, we're trying to use as much of the UK talent as we can at the moment because there's so much of it. We've been working with ELIZA DOOLITTLE and getting in some of the up and coming UK talent is something we're definitely keen on. People like JODIE CONNOR, CHERRI V and TANIA FOSTER who hopefully are to go on to get big careers of their own. At the moment the UK, our thing, is wiping the floor with American artists and we just wanna keep representing that and helping everyone to get a chance to do their thing as well."

Click here to read the FULL (this is just an extract) Roll Deep interview on The Sun Online.

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