Monday, 22 December 2008

Basshunter And Sash Albums PLATINUM

Both Basshunter's debut album "Now You're Gone" and Sash! 10th Anniversary album have gone PLATINUM in the UK! :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

War Child Heroes 16th Feb 2009, now features U2, The Clash, Elbow & Scissor Sisters!



War Child’s amazing new album “Heroes” will be released on February 16th 2009. The album concept is that the biggest legends in music history select their personal favourite song from their own song writing canon, and nominate an artist from the next generation to create a modern reworking of that classic song.

Many acts that were keen to join the project have now completed and delivered their tracks, and the album has been mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios.

The full track listing will be announced in January, but includes contributions from Scissor Sisters, Duffy, Elbow, Hot Chip, Beck, Rufus Wainwright and The Kooks.

U2 and The Clash join a stellar cast of legends including Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Brian Wilson, The Kinks and Joy Division.

EMI has made a substantial upfront payment to War Child, and will release the album on its Parlophone label.

Parlophone are donating all their profits to War Child’s work to protect the most marginalised children in war zones, who would otherwise be overlooked: street children, child soldiers and children in prison.

For more information please get in touch, or

For more information about WarChild visit their website;

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Archangel voted "Hot New One" on MTV Two!!

Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" has been voted MTV Two's "Hot New One" beating Coldplay's "Lovers iN Japan", The Fratellis "A Heady Tale" and The Ranconteurs "Old Enough"!!

To vote for Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" in the MTV Two MySpace chart click below!

 The Myspace Chart On MTV TWO

Kid Cudi on ElectroQueer

"And what do we have here? It's the Kid Cudi video to "Day 'N' Night" in HQ! This song is pretty's got that Fedde La Grande vibe to it which is cool. I love how the female cop just comes into the store and starts stripping off. You don't know how many times I've seen this happen in Soho. I'm not kidding either."

Click here to read Electroqueer

Digital Spy Interview Summer Heights High writer Chris Lilley

Digital Spy interview Chris Lilley - Summer Heights High is being repeated on BBC Three, the DVD is in shops now, and the soundtrack featuring the brilliant "Naughty Girl" is available to download now (click here)

Whether it was as the camp, ego-maniac, wannabe popstar Mr G, bitchy school bully Ja'mie or foul-mouthed, genital-drawing Tongan Jonah, Chris Lilley provided a large chunk of the funniest TV moments of 2008. We gave the Australian comic behind Summer Heights High and The Nominees a call to ask about the inspiration for his characters and find out what future projects he has in store.

Are you surprised that Summer Heights High translated so well to the UK and America?
"I'm so glad it has, but it was never the intention. It was always intended to be just a little Australian show. I'd done a show previously and I always thought, 'This will the show everyone hates'. I thought everyone would say, 'This isn't as good as the first one'. Somehow in Australia it just took off. It had twice as many people as watched the last one. It's been so big in Australia it's freaked me out."

Is it true you turned down the offer of an American remake?
"Oh yeah. They wanted to do that with the previous show as well. They were really persistent and really pushy about it and I couldn't think of anything worse. Not necessarily there being an American version, but just having someone else doing it and remaking it is a weird idea to me. It's not like there was just a script and then we made it. A lot of it was improvised and rewritten during the editing. It would be weird to copy that."

The characters are always so well developed, down to very small physical ticks. How long do you spend creating them?
"I spend a lot of time writing and I spend a lot of that time researching and getting out into the environment that the characters would be in. I spent a lot of time with Pacific Islander boys, just hanging with them in schools, to develop Jonah. I don’t really rehearse anything, so when it comes to playing them I try to make sure I know them well enough that it just happens. It's weird on the first day of shooting because they just come alive. Usually by the second day they are realistic."

Read the full interview here

BBC Chartblog review Basshunter's "I Miss You"

"Should an alien spaceship decide to land on Earth between now and Easter, and demand to know what this strange frequency-manipulated sound phenomena called 'popular music' is, and how it works, it might be worth playing them this song. And no, not because we want to start an inter-planetary war right away. We've got Rick Astley for that, after all.

No, the reason why this song could be in the running where a bigger (and, let's be frank, BETTER) one may lose out, is because of the way it manages to condense many different musical threads within a short space of time. It could act as a kind of contents page for contemporary music, so that our nine-fingered snot-beast guests will be able to identify which sound they identify with the best, and then music experts can go off and fetch more music which suits their purple palate.

Click here to read the review in full

Basshunter interviewed by Platform

Platform interview Basshunter!

"In Britain, Basshunter is bringing back the North/South divide like coal was back in fashion. His "Dance Nation" arena tour in April doesn't feature a single gig south of Birmingham. Not that he wants to talk about why his music doesn't transcend across the Midlands. He wants to talk about wanking in the shower and the golf ball trade. Fair enough.

Hi Jonas, How are you?
I'm just excellent, perfect, i can't complain about anything. I'm in a hotel in London with two really beautiful bar tenders serving me orange juice and I'm just watching my two computers, checking my Facebook and watching crazy crazy movies.

Why don't you make some more of your brilliant music?
I could actually record and produce a song in a hotel room. Yeah, you see this is the problem with me, I have this thing called goldfish memory. That's why I'm always carrying around my dictaphone. But the most ultimate of all is my moleskin, or is it molechine?

A moleskine diary?
Yeah, exactly. I'm on my third on right now, with these three books I'm going to conquer the world.

I mean if these books end up in the wrong hands, Jesus Christ.

Do they have the sound of 2009 contained within their pages?
These pages have the sound of 2015 my friend.

My god, can you give us a glimpse.
This is for young readers though yeah?"

Read the full interview here

Friday, 12 December 2008

Archangel No.9 On MTV Two MySpace Chart And MySpace Music Homepage!!

Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" enters the MTV Two MySpace Chart at number 9, one place behind the brand new Kaiser Chiefs track!

"How To Lose Your Best Friend" also features on the MySpace Music Homepage!

 The Myspace Chart On MTV TWO

Basshunter's Christmas Message!

Merry Christmas from Basshunter!!

ElectroQueer Interview Basshunter!

Raj from ElectroQueer finally got to interview Basshunter, here's an extract, click here to read the full & hilarious piece, and find out how he got to the following quote; "We were born without clothes, so well don't use clothes at home, be naked. Show your ass to the neighbors."

"Jonas Altberg aka Basshunter is one man that's hard to pin down. Ever since exploding onto the music scene with his international #1 hit for "Now You're Gone", Basshunter is one hot commodity that everyone wants a piece of. He's primarily responsible for bringing techno music back in the charts and whether you love or hate his music, what makes him so damn popular first and foremost - is his charisma. I had the best time chatting to him and it's been one of the funnest interviews I've ever had the pleasure of doing.

In this interview with Basshunter, we talk about life in the fast line, what a Basshunter show is like and what exactly goes into a successful house party at his house...There's also some wise words from "Mr. Basshunter" himself and bit of nakedness at the end.

Enjoy EQ's - this is one interview I hope you'll have a chuckle with.

Hello Jonas - how are you today?
Hello! I am absolutely perfect. I'm in the bar at the hotel with my laptop - scrambling through some pictures and scanning some new tracks sent to me and stuff like that.

You know, I've never been to a Basshunter show yet - tell me what it's like!
A Basshunter show is quite crazy. You know I've been trying to plan the show - like at this part of the show I'm gonna say "this" or do "that", but after five seconds on the stage I totally forget about everything and the whole show is just a big spontaneous thing. I like to entertain people. My goal with a Basshunter show is that people that are watching, they are gonna remember it. It's not gonna be like when they meet their friends or colleagues. That's not good enough. I want them to say "hey man, this guy is wicked, he's crazy, he's sick". It doesn't matter what they say, as long as they remember the Basshunter show.

So whose idea was it to have a series of short films for your videos for "Now You're Gone", "All I Ever Wanted", "Angel In The Night" and "I Miss You"? Are you planning a fifth installment in the video series soon?
Yeah of course, wait until I release single number sixty-three and we'll have "Basshunter: The Musical". The whole plan is to keep the storyline going and who knows, maybe in twenty years, we'll do all the videos again in one movie. That would be quite cool. It's like me and ABBA.

Kid Cudi featured on The Sun Online

The Sun Online feature Kid Cudi vs Crookers "Day 'N' Nite";

"BITCHY bosses, cocky colleagues and counting down the days till Christmas... sound familiar?
American rapper KID CUDI has captured the dreams of a disillusioned employee perfectly in his video for Day 'N' Nite.

Kid Cudi, real name Scott Mescudi, is already a star across the pond and is hoping to cement his success on UK shores.

The video is set against the backdrop of a convenience store, where boredom is traded in for an overactive imagination spurned on by hot girls dancing provocatively in the shop.

At just 23-years-old he has distinguished himself with a genre-bending fusion of alternative rock, hip-hop and RnB, blended with emotionally charged songwriting based on his own experiences.

Even KANYE WEST has taken a shine to the aspiring musician, collaborating with him in the studio and performing together onstage around the globe.

The remix of Day ‘N’ Nite is released on January 12"

Click here to see the feature, click below to watch the brilliant video!

Ruarri Joseph featured on Get Closer

Ruarri Joseph features on HMV's social network Get Closer as "One To Watch In 2009"

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Archangel MTV Two MySpace Chart "Hot New One"

Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" has been picked as one of five "Hot New Ones" on the MTV2 MySpace Chart, alongside Coldplay, The Fratellis, Official Secrets Act and The Racontuers. Click here to vote!

The Orange Lights "Life Is Still Beautiful" is today's Record Of The Day

"We've long been fans of The Orange Lights at RotD, giving them their first piece of press when we featured the excellent Click Your Heels (which is currently on an international mobile phone TV ad). This next single, the title track of their album, is a fine uplifting rock track with an appropriately positive message for these gloomy times. It's out next month on Blackbird Records, the label owned by band member Paul Tucker (ex Lighthouse Family) and funded by Ingenious Media. It has had recent spot plays on R1 from Pete Tong (Alan Braxe remix) and Annie Nightingale. R2 support has come from Janice Long and XFM Manchester head up a host of regional playlist adds. Now mixed by producer Cenzo Townshend (Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party), the album is released on January 26th 2009"

Click here to see the feature

Monday, 8 December 2008

Basshunter on MSN Music Homepage!

MSN will feature "Ask Basshunter" all this week on the Music Homepage, inviting MSN users to post questions to Jonas! They are also featuring all four videos from the album!

"Basshunter, aka 23-year-old Swede Jonas Erik Altberg, has been one of the surprise packages of the year.
A minor star in Europe, particularly his native Scandinavia, following a string of eurodance hits back in 2006, he only broke through in the UK after one of them (Boten Anna) was given an English makeover and re-released as Now You're Gone at the end of 2007.

It stayed at number one for five weeks, before being knocked off the top spot by Duffy's huge hit, Mercy.
Follow-up single All I Ever Wanted narrowly missed repeating the trick, getting to number two. Like its predecessor, it was an English language remake of a previous Basshunter track.

Bashunter's new single I Miss You, released on December 15, is a modified cover of the 1999 Westlife album track and features vocals from Lauren Dyson. Oh, and like all his previous releases, it's got a video with lots of scantily-clad models in it. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We're meeting Mr Altberg for a chat soon and we want questions from you to ask him. So if you're dying to know his thoughts on the global economic crisis or the objectification of women in popular culture, you've come to the right place.
Or you can just ask him his favourite colour, we're not bothered."

Click here to see the full feature, click here to post a question!

Archangel Featured on Click Music

ClickMusic feature Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" on their homepage today, alongside Lily Allen!

"Archangel, aka Nick Webber, is releasing the title track to his debut album 'How To Lose Your Best Friend'. The video was shot on location in Guatemala, and can be seen below"

Click here to see the feature

Basshunter Video Megamix On MSN Music Homepage

Basshunter's video megamix, featuring all the videos from his debut album "Now You're Gone" is featured on the MSN Music Homepage today! Click here

Archangel featured on Get Closer

Archangel's upcoming Water Rats show is featured on the events homepage for HMV's Get Closer website - click here

"Wistful, angry and melancholic, driven by hard pianos and unrelenting synth bass. Catch him while you can!"

Friday, 5 December 2008

Dance Nation 2009

Live Nation & Hard2Beat announce a rather special tour for April 2009!

"London, Thursday 4th December 2008 - Hard2Beat Records, the dance phenomenon of 2008 are taking the biggest dance acts, the largest anthems and the hottest dancers across the land on a mammoth 6 date UK arena tour this coming Easter 2009. This is absolutely massive... This is Dance Nation Live!

Headlined by the king of dance, Basshunter, this extravaganza will be the live event of 2009. Having stormed to No.1 and now gone platinum with his debut album ‘Now You’re Gone’ that includes a string of smash hit singles including the No.1‘Now You’re Gone’, No.2 ‘All I Ever Wanted’, ‘Angel In The Night’ and ‘I Miss You’ the ultimate Bass Creator is guaranteed to tear up the floor with his first tour of the UK."

Confirmed Artists include Basshunter, Sash!, September, Booty Luv, Platnum, Stunt, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl (Anna Grace), Angel City, Jenny Jones, MC Storm, DJ Dougal, Bass Slammers, Lauren Dyson


For more information please get in touch, or click here to read more about it on Tiscali - for early bird tickets click here

The Rat Pack Christmas Album featured on Tiscali

Tiscali are featuring the Rat Pack Christmas Album! Click here to see the feature

The Rat Pack Christmas Album

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Are you looking for a soundtrack for this Christmas that isn't rubbish after the first three tracks? Well, there are two timeless classics you should get, one of them is the The Rat Pack Christmas album.

Frank Sinatra was joined by his Rat Pack buddies Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr - they got together to serve up some fine fare guaranteed to raise festive spirits, including White Christmas, Silent Night and Jingle Bells, and makes for essential listening this Christmas . The album features 20 tracks by this legendary trio, and is out now digitally through Demon Music Group - its also flying up the download chart! Click here to get your copy!

The other classic Christmas album? A Christmas Gift To You by Phil Spector

Kid Cudi in the BBC Sound Poll 2009!

Kid Cudi is in the long list for the BBC Sound Poll of 2009!

The poll works by taking the opinions of more than 130 of the UK's top music critics and broadcasters - from magazine editors and music writers through to DJs and producers.

They were asked to name their three favourite new music acts, which could be from any country and any genre, but must not have already had a UK top 20 single or album.

The 15 that make the grade are The Big Pink, Dan Black, VV Brown, Empire Of The Sun, Florence And The Machine, Frankmusik, La Roux, Lady Gaga, Little Boots, Master Shortie, Mumford & Sons, Passion Pit, The Temper Trap, White Lies and Kid Cudi.

Click here to see the full feature on the BBC, click here to find out more about the Poll, and how it is compiled.

Basshunter : The Sun Online

The Sun Online interviewed Basshunter recently to talk about his amazing year - this interview is now live on the Bizarre homepage along with an exclusive behind the scenes video;

"Sexy ex-porn star AYLAR LIE is back for more barmy antics with bonkers boy BASSHUNTER. This time the duo are frolicking in the winter weather for new Christmas single I Miss You.

The Eurotrasher, real name Jonas Altberg, finally revealed his true feelings for the foxy temptress. He said: "The story of me and Aylar is that she is an actor and I am an artist, but we're very good friends.

"We get along great - but she has a boyfriend. That's the problem." Jonas added: "I'm not saying yes or no. I can't say I'm not interested, but at the moment it's not possible."

But high school crushes aside, he has promised to celebrate in style if the tune rockets to No1. And he is no stranger of embarking on outrageous missions when he tops the charts. Basshunter donned a Borat-style mankini when Now You're Gone reached dizzying heights and threatened to bunjee-jump in a pink bunny suit if All I Ever Wanted matched his former success. Jonas said: "I'll give you an exclusive to cover the event. I'll wear a Santa Claus outfit and go to Blackpool to ride the rollercoasters. "I think it will be more fun to do it in July as I don't want to get stuck at the top of a ride if the ice interferes with the machinery.

"I'll still wear the full Santa costume in the summer though."

Read the full piece here

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

iDrum on DanceNova

DanceNova report on the iDrum - Ministry Of Sound's iPhone app for Anthems II;

"Ministry of Sound and iZotope today announced that, in a groundbreaking collaboration for iPhone and iPod touch, fans can now buy the iDrum: Ministry of Sound Anthems album from the iTunes Store and also purchase a companion application from the Apple App Store that lets them create original music.

“This is a truly unique experience where some of the best known dance music sounds of the last two decades are now available to be recreated on iPhone at the touch of a button.” said Van Uong, licensing account manager at Ministry of Sound.

“With the combination of iDrum’s simple Multi-Touch user interface and Ministry of Sound’s incredible sample content, you can create your own club anthems right in the palm of your hand,” said Nick Dika, content manager at iZotope:

iDrum: Ministry of Sound Anthems lets iPhone and iPod touch owners recreate their favourite club tracks of yesterday and today. This special edition of iDrum is the perfect companion to Ministry of Sound’s newest album representing clubbing history, “Anthems II.” Starting with professionally produced iDrum kits that emulate the greatest anthems in clubbing history, users can customize the included beats any way they like or mix and match over 300 original samples to make their own epic tracks. iDrum’s simple interface lets even novice users build beats layer by layer by tapping the touch screen or create music with simple shapes and color combinations that let anyone visualize the rhythm."

See the full feature here

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Basshunter : What Happens Next... You Decide!

Hard2Beat & Basshunter are running a great new competition..

"Love The Basshunter Story? How would you like to write the next chapter?!

If 'Walk On Water' was the next single where would you take the story next?

Enter your video ideas in the comments section on the Hard2Beat website here

The winning idea will be featured on the site and receive feedback from Basshunter himself!"

Kid Cudi Vs Crookers "Day 'N' Nite" Hit40UK

Hit40UK include Day 'N' Nite in their Hot New Hits section;

"We think Kid Cudi is going be huge in the coming months so, we though we'd give you a little bit of info on the American rapper and singer from Cleveland, Ohio.

His real name is Scott Mescudi but you can call him Kid Cudi, that's pronounced "Cud-e" and not "Coo-di".

Kid Cudi's debut single 'Day N' Nite' has been given the remix treatment by production duo Crookers and the remix is already a massive club track.

He's already caught the attention of Kanye West, who's label he is now signed to.

He's recently been in the studio with Kanye working with him on Kanye's forthcoming album '808s & Heartbreaks' as well as working on his own debut album 'Man on the Moon', which we can expect sometime next year.

If you can't wait until then, 'Day N' Nite' is released on January 12th"

Read the full feature here

Summer Heights High - The Soundtrack

For the first time ever the Summer Heights High Soundtrack will be available digitally in the UK. Demon Music Group will releasing the Soundtrack to Award-winning Australian television mockumentary, series Summer Heights High written by and starring comedian Chris Lilley.

Up until now the Soundtrack has only been available in Australia through ABC Shops and the Australian iTunes Store. The album contains audio extracts from songs in the series including Mr. G's "My Name is Mr G","Bummer Heights High", "Naughty Girl", "She's A Slut", Jonah's "Being A Poly", and the Summer Heights High theme.

The show first aired in the UK on BBC Three in June 2008 and due to its success, the series is now repeated on BBC 3 on Monday nights.

Summer Heights High explores what happens over one school term in an average Australian high school. Playing all three main characters, Lilley brings to life Jonah Takalua, a mischievous schoolboy from Tonga with the odds stacked against him; Mr G, an ego-driven drama teacher with delusional showbiz dreams; and Ja'mie King, a bitchy private schoolgirl on a student exchange, set to make her mark on Summer Heights High.

Shocking, absurd and often dark, Chris Lilley's uncanny insight into human behaviour reveals a world where small issues become huge, social groups are important, careers are built, young minds are moulded, hopes are shattered and dreams are realised.

Lucy Lumsden, Controller, BBC Comedy Commissioning, says: "Summer Heights High is a fantastic addition to the BBC Three comedy line-up for 2008 – with a truly brilliant central performance from Chris Lilley."

Summer Heights High was shot on location at a working high school over 11 weeks. A co-production between ABC TV and Princess Pictures, the series was produced by Laura Waters (We Can Be Heroes, Kath & Kim).

Summer Heights High is the winner of two Australian Logie Awards (Most Popular Actor and Most Outstanding Comedy) and a Chicago Hugo Award for Best Comedy Series – and it is the best-selling TV series DVD in Australian history. The DVD release was released in October this year in the UK and has been extremely successful.

Sash's Bebo Reign Ends

The Story Of Sash ends its amazing back to back 7 week run on the Bebo Music homepage - replaced by Basshunter's "I Miss You"