Monday, 20 October 2008

"Dream On" featured on Perez!

Dream On is featured on Perez!

"She's been so prolific lately!

Another new video from Robyn - such a treat!

CLICK HERE to check out the just released video for Robyn's Dream On, which is currently racing up the charts in the UK!"

"Dream On" featured on Arjan Writes

"Robyn is back!

The Swedish songstress lends her vocals to "Dream On," a track from Swedish pop producer Christian Falk. Atmospheric and grand, Robyn and Christian hit all the right notes on this emotive pop tune that makes me weak in the knees a little.

The song is actually a re-release of a 2006 version that also features the vocals of Swedish pop rocker Ola Salo of The Ark. This re-release will be released as a single in the U.K. on November 24."

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"Dream On" featured on Electroqueer

"What's worth a break from our little Aussie adventure? A possible blog first! Our very much loved Robyn has been dreaming up a new vid for the gorgeous and shimmering electronica track "Dream On" by Christian Falk. I was totally taken in by the what-you-see-is-not-what-you-get plot. Clever! The song will be available for download on 17th November and in stores on the 24th."

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"Dream On" featured on Digital Spy Homepage

"She's been keeping herself busy on Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' of late, but Robyn is now gearing up to release a new single. It's called 'Dream On' and it's a collaboration with Swedish producer Christian Falk that originally came out in Sweden back in 2006.

The label describes it as an "eerily poignant social commentary on today's broken Britain", and to that end Robyn sings about "thieves and muggers, tricks and hustlers, cheats and traitors, scum and low-lives". OK, so it isn't a barrel of laughs lyrically, but 'Dream On' is a lovely, melancholy piece of electropop that maintains the high standards Robyn set with 'Be Mine', 'Who's That Girl' and 'With Every Heartbeat'.

The suitably evocative video, which features Robyn in New York, appears for your viewing pleasure below"

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Sunday, 19 October 2008

"Dream On" Featured on Stereogum Homepage

"With "Dream On," Swedish producer/composer Christian Falk sets a nighttime backdrop for Swedish Robyn to do her thing, singing about pimps, punks, lifers, and snitchers. Now it's time to do the math. Originally, it wasn't just Robyn on the track: The faint shadow of a male singer on the original, which first appeared on Falk's 2006 second collection People Say, was the Ark's Swedish vocalist Ola Salo. Ola also didn't appear on the version of "Dream On" that showed up on the North American release of Robyn's self-titled fourth album. If that weren't enough, there was also a few remixes and edits and now this shimmery 2008 take. Which is why it got a shimmery new video treatment. (Yes, there was a video for the 2006 Ola version starring teenagers.) Why all the hubbub? Get inspired"

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The video is also featured on Popdirt, click here

"Dream On" Featured on Pitchfork

"The endless succession of new and alternate Robyn videos would be easier to resist (so don't get any ideas) if she didn't have so many clever, spirited, and-- sigh-- yes, replayable songs. The Swedish pop superwoman safeguards our bodies and souls with the Ark's Ola Salo as her harmonizing sidekick on Christian Falk's "Dream On", an electropop anthem that's been re-recorded for the U.S. release of Robyn's self-titled album. The track made our top 10 of 2006; the original video didn't even show the singers, focusing on two Stockholm teenagers instead. In the new video, Robyn is front and center, calling on us to get through our troubles through her power of song. It's like something out of that WFMU "Peanuts" strip."

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Christian Falk Ft Robyn "Dream On" The Sun Online

The Sun Online run the exclusive "Dream On" video ahead of TV;

"PINT-SIZED popstar ROBYN is back with another infectious tune that eerliy reflects today's Broken Britain.
The platinum-blonde Swede features on the new single from fellow Scandanavian CHRISTIAN FALK.

Dream On is a haunting track with all too poignant lyrics about street crime and drug dependency.
Robyn sings:

Thugs and bad men/ Punks and liars/ F***ed up interns/ Pigs and snitches...
You won't be strip-searched, torn up tonight/ You won't be cut up, bleeding tonight...
You won't be strung out, cold, shaking to your bones/ Wishing you were anywhere else but right here/ So dream on...

Dream On can be downloaded from November 17 and hits shops on November 24"

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Platnum Bebo Music Homepage

Platnum's "Love Shy" features on the Bebo Music Homepage for a second week, as the track climbs to number 12 in the official singles chart

Delinquent Ft KCat featured on Bebo Homepage

Delinquent Ft KCAT are featured on the Bebo Music Homepage for the second week this week, and its this YouTube video too :)

Evolution Of Trance

Celebrating 10 years of Sash ahead of his greatest hits being released on Hard2Beat

Sonny J / Archangel - 25% OFF tickets

Monday 20th October, Sonny J's first proper fully live show in London, support comes from Archangel, all happening at 229 The Venue, 229 Gt Portland St, London - click here to get 25% OFF the advance ticket price!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

9 out of 13 for Red Blooded Women on Room Thirteen

Room Thirteen review Red Blooded Women's "You Made Your Bed EP"

"Girl-group pop, hardest game in the world mate. I was in an all female girl group for a few years man and boy, I tell you. Hmmm, he was an excellent and under-rated Fast Show character wasn’t it?

Anyways, girl groups, perhaps the record companies have seen the end of Girls Aloud and Sugababes as there appears to be a glut of girl groups being pushed back on to unsuspecting young girls and gay men. Most record label money appears to have been dumped on The Saturdays and with two ex S Club Juniors and a Sienna Miller lookalike in the line-up, you know’ll they’ll be appealing to more than the standard market, its just a shame they forget to include a tune with their debut single.

So, not holding out much hope for them, who else is there? Red Blooded Women (yeah, its like that Kylie track but there's three of them) claim to be different. So far so like everyone else but the track ‘You Made Your Bed’ takes from 80s synth pop and delivers something slightly better than to be expected. The vocals are short of breath, there are stop start moments and the lyrical wordplay is kept simple so they’ve followed the template pretty well but it just doesn’t feel collectively right. The remix that tries to steal the bass from ‘I Feel Love’ is probably the best of the bunch but come 2009, you wont be hearing this too much on the sticky and grubby dance floors that lovers of this type of music usually find themselves in.

If you really want to do yourself a favour, get your hands on the work of Little Boots if you really need a poppy girl to bop along to, a little bit harder is Ladyhawke who also gets the thumbs up but if you want the best advice, sit back for a few weeks and get the Annie record. Or better yet, go and get her ‘Anniemal’ album and enjoy ‘Chewing Gum’ or ‘Me Plus One.’ Saying that, Red Blooded Women appear to be better than the rest of their newly launched rivals but how much of a compliment you view this as is entirely up to you!"

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Delinquent Ft KCat featured on Sun Online

Delinquent Ft KCat feature on The Sun Online, with news and the video for the new single "I Got U"

"FOR those old enough to remember TOM HANKS flick Big, DELINQUENT's new video is a perfect nostalgic trip down memory lane.
The infectious track I Got U follows a group of kids who are too small to go on the rides at their local fairground.

But after drinking a magic potion, they grow overnight and wake up the size of adults.

To see the video, watch below:

Delinquent have struggled to release the follow up to My Destiny, after a near death experience on the M25 whilst travelling back from a gig.

But they've triumphed with the new single, which features sexy songstress KCAT, as it has enjoyed huge summer success in Ibiza, Ayia Napa, Malia, Zante and Kos.

So hopefully it will keep us feeling hot despite the winter blues"

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