Tuesday, 26 August 2008

City Reverb 'City of Lights' video featured on YouTube

City Reverb are Chris Coco, Micky Bucherri, Nick Cornu, Adam Barry and Lew West. The band are poised to release their second single ‘City of Lights on 8th September, the video is currently featured on YouTube. The track has been lifted from their debut album, ‘Lost City Folk’, which will be released on 22nd September. Each track on the album gives the listener a snap shot of city life and ‘City of Lights’, with it’s underlying melancholy, is no exception.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Skepta MySpace Homepage Double!

The behind the scenes video of Skepta's Rolex Sweep is featured on MySpace's homepage today, as well as Skepta being a featured artist this week - click here to see the feature, or watch the video below

Behind The Scenes of The Rolex Sweep Video

Red Blooded Women On MySpace Music Homepage!

Red Blooded Women are featured on the Myspace Music Homepage - click here to see the feature and click here for the girls profile

Red Blooded Women On Bebo Music Homepage AGAIN!

The Red Blooded Women feature on the Bebo Music homepage for the second week in a row, with a video exclusive of a rehearsal of "Colour Me Dirty"

Click here to see the feature!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Travis "Something Anything" Video Exclusive On The Sun Online

The Sun Online have the online video exclusive for "Something Anything" from Travis's new studio album "Ode To J Smith"

"TRAVIS try to tower over the opposition in the video for their new single.

The indie veterans are back with a scuzzy new single called Something Anything, and the video for it features guitarist ANDY DUNLOP growing into a giant.

The Scots strummers have tried for a BLUR-style reinvention with the song, taken from forthcoming album Ode To J Smith.

And while it’s not quite as breathtaking as Blur’s famous Song 2 comeback moment, Something Anything still has a raw feel about it that reminds you of Travis’ Britpop heyday.

The single Something Anything is out on Sep 15."

Click here to see the feature, and to watch the video

Friday, 8 August 2008

Eric Prydz "Pjanoo" - Official Video

Here it is - the official Pjanoo video! Amazing deal on the pre-order through 7digital - only 50p!

Basshunter : Hitwise : Top European Music Online Search In August!

Amazing news from HitWise!

Here are this month’s lists of the top 20 band / artist searches sending traffic to social networking sites (e.g. MySpace, YouTube, Last.fm, etc.) and the most popular music blogs for the 4 weeks ending August 2nd. First up social networks, and the top 2 entries, Basshunter and Biffy Clyro, have both had successful summers in the charts and have been in our top 20 for a number of months. The release of High School Musical 3 has led to a surge on interest in the Disney film / stage show, while Mamma Mia has also helped Abba enter the list at number 19. More evidence of the benefit of cross media promotion is the appearance of Hamfatter, the band that recently secured funding on the BBC show Dragons’ Den, at number 20.

1. Basshunter (6)
2. Biffy Clyro (14)
3. High School Musical (New)
4. Jordin Sparks (New)
5. Gabriella Cilmi (8)
6. Noah and the Whale (New)
7. Jonas Brothers (2)
8. Kid Rock (New)
9. Mcfly (New)
10. Slipknot (New)

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Eric Prydz "Pjanoo" - Sun Online Music Homepage Lead

The Sun Online have got the WORLD exclusive on the Eric Prydz Video, and its the headlines of the music homepage;

"SUPERSTAR DJ ERIC PRYDZ has ditched his leotard lovelies in favour of an arty video - but we reckon mini Red Indians can be just as sexy. And you can tell us what you think by checking out our video special of Pjanoo.

The Call On Me star has penned another cracking tune - which will no doubt be the soundtrack to the summer and one of the biggest dance tunes this year.

Following the release of old tune Proper Education, a remixed version of PINK FLOYD's Another Brick in the Wall, Eric has secured himself a Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording.

It looks like a battle of the Scandanavians is about to commence, with Eric and BASSHUNTER, real name Jonas Altberg, fighting it out to be the most notorious Swede in the UK charts.

Pjanoo is available from download on August 25 and hits shops on September 1"

Click here to see the feature and watch the video

Red Blooded Women On Bebo Music Homepage!

Red Blooded Women's video for "You Made Your Bed" features on the Bebo Music Homepage - with their YouTube video!!

Red Blooded Women Featured On The BBC News Website!!

Red Blooded Women feature on the BBC News Website!!

They are the only unsigned act to appear in the feature about new boy & girl bands, which includes The Saturdays, Avenue,

Is The World Ready For A New Wave Of Girl & Boy Bands?

"Carly, Candy and Liz are set to be unleashed by small, hip independent dance label Planet Clique.
Their sound is a familiar but catchy robopop and they play on their feisty image. They are billed as "three powerful confident young women more likely to listen to Kraftwerk than Atomic Kitten"."

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Digitonal "Almost Too Good" Room Thirteen Review

Another great review for Digitional's album "Save Your Light For Darker Days" this time from Room Thirteen;

"Digitonal are an odd mix of one classically trained mix-master by the name of Andy Dobson and one Egyptian session player, Samy Bishai and several other, equally bizzare performers who contribute to this rather strange and mysterious sound. Now I'm a big fan of chill-out music and similar such sounds, especially after a heavy session of metal. This album seems to blend electronic and classical instruments together in just such a way as to make you feel comfortable and almost unaware of the music at a conscious level.

Dark harps and moody synth open up the album for us, quickly followed by a string section and more bassy tones, creating a sense of drama and relaxation at the same time. "Silver Poetry" combines some excellent violin work with a slight hint of a drum and bass rhythm sneaking in.

The tone of the album seems generally upbeat, with a few haunting, off-beat sections. It feels as if my head is being wrapped in a snug, audio blanket. I do feel that there is a certain modern feeling that isn't present in this album, which a band such as Royksopp might be considered to have. It's quite hard to put my finger on exactly what this might be. Perhaps a certain difference in the mix of synth and real instruments?

This continues with "93 years on", where there is a significant amount of woodwind that fits very well with the bird like samples and deep bass. "Nothing Left to Say" contains more synth and floats a little more. There are slight hints of a more oriental feel here and there with the strings dominating. There is perhaps a little too much of the synthesized xylophone throughout most of the songs, giving it a general faerie sound and feel to the tune that I'm not sure I like too much. But there are some pretty acoustic guitars thrown in during the later tracks that liven things up a bit.

Perhaps this band does their job too well? Im not hearing a particular theme or style or definitive progression here. I don't believe that this is particularly ground-breaking either but I do feel more relaxed and less conscious of the act of listening, which is precisely what you want from such an album.

There is a slight modern feeling missing and although this album is very relaxing, it certainly isn't catchy or definitive in anyway. It doesn't stand out. That, however, is a strength and a weakness."

See the full piece here

Just Music Café Acoustic Beats review on ilikemusic

Great review for this double CD on ilikemusic

"The Just Music Café double album Acoustic & Beats 01 extends over two separate CD albums the musical boundaries of acoustic guitar into symphonic composition, modern jazz, classically inspired mood music, folksy whimsy, textural ambience and muscular electronica. This beautifully packaged and boxed double album is the first of a series and uniquely features only artists from the Just Music label - including Jon Hopkins, Honeyroot, Future Loop Foundation, Dan Arborise, and many more - whose artist albums are all beautifully illustrated in the accompanying 24 page booklet. Both the Acoustic CD1 and the Beats CD2 are lovingly sequenced and mixed by DJ Ben Mynott to create an exquisite and total Just Music listening experience.

"The mix is further evidence that right now, this label is probably the most on the ball - not just musically but emotionally - on the entire planet." Pete Lawrence (Big Chill founder)

Just Music artists all have exceptional artistic and musical ability. From the ambient mastery of Jon Hopkins ("musical genius" IDJ) through the chilled beats of Honeyroot, ("one of the best albums of the year." Future Music), the composition of Future Loop Foundation ( "epic downbeat"" DJ Magazine)to the acoustic beauty of Dan Arborise , ("beguiling acoustic guitar" UNCUT) all of Just Music's artist roster share a depth to their music - whether they draw on their background in classical or electronica or from their all encompassing roots level musical lifestyle.

This compilation succinctly expresses what Just Music stands for as a label, and how the artists form the label as a whole.

"the understated irony of the label's name is the essence of its appeal…at the end of the day, it may just be music, but in this case with a rare power to quietly shake the soul." Pete Lawrence (Big Chill founder)

This double CD album stands as an artifact of true quality at a time when music is re-assessing its own value…

"Anyone open to quality music should turn to Just Music, and if you're reading this, then hopefully you already have. Spread the word and support the album" DJ Ben Mynott"

See the full piece here

Red Blooded Women - Record Of The Day!

"Boutique electro label Planet Clique release the taster EP of new girlband Red Blooded Women. The trio is already picking up early coverage from the likes of Popjustice and getting a good reaction at club level, as well as some major label interest. The strong electro influences makes them one of the more interesting girlband prospects of recent times. Red Blooded Women are available for publishing and records. Catch them at Water Rats tonight. JF
London gig: August 4, Water Rats WC1 8pm"

Monday, 4 August 2008

Just Music Café Acoustic Beats review on Subba Cultcha

Great review for "Acoustic And Beats" on Subba Cultcha;

"The label Just Music seeks to go back to basics and in this case brings the listener some of the best chilled out music on offer from artists such as Honey Root, Padma and Jon Hopkins. It was sequenced and mixed by Big Chill DJ Ben Mynott.

Disc one gives us acoustic sounds but has its electric moments too. Highlights include digitonal’s ‘Gone,’ which sounds like your granddad talking over some beautiful instrumentation. It is followed by the epic downbeat of Future Loop foundation’s ‘Everything As It Should Be.’ Laroca’s ‘Pastoral’ does exactly what is says on the tin. While listening you feel like you are wandering through an enchanted forest. The next track ‘Fairytale,’ is ambience personified while the clarity of the vocal on Arborise’s ‘Take Heart In Your Hope/Paths’ is a joy to behold.

Disc two is dominated by beats but starts with the gently strummed guitar which features on Future loop Foundation’s ‘Sunshine Philosophy.’ Accompanying tracks include the chilled beats of Honeyroot and the delicate guitar embellishments of Leo Abrahams.

If you need to de stress, run a hot bath and put this album on. I think you’ll find it is quite the most relaxing thing you’ve ever heard."

Sonny J "Can't Stop Moving" Mirwais Mix, Record Of The Day!

Sonny J's remixed "Can't Stop Moving" is today's Record Of The Day!

"Can't Stop Moving is a track we first featured when , Sonny J was unsigned back in May last year. Since then, album 'Disastro' on Stateside has picked up critical praise and now Can't Stop Moving gets a full release. French producer Mirwais' subtle but effective remix of the song has given it momentum at radio that the track hasn't enjoyed previously. R1 have added this version to their Upfront list 6 weeks before release, which is the first time they've playlisted Sonny J. It's also a Greg James Record of the Week at R1 and is on the Kiss upfront list. The video has been added to Box and Bubble Hits among others. A deserved rejuvenation for an irresistible dance pop track."

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