Monday, 4 August 2008

Just Music Café Acoustic Beats review on Subba Cultcha

Great review for "Acoustic And Beats" on Subba Cultcha;

"The label Just Music seeks to go back to basics and in this case brings the listener some of the best chilled out music on offer from artists such as Honey Root, Padma and Jon Hopkins. It was sequenced and mixed by Big Chill DJ Ben Mynott.

Disc one gives us acoustic sounds but has its electric moments too. Highlights include digitonal’s ‘Gone,’ which sounds like your granddad talking over some beautiful instrumentation. It is followed by the epic downbeat of Future Loop foundation’s ‘Everything As It Should Be.’ Laroca’s ‘Pastoral’ does exactly what is says on the tin. While listening you feel like you are wandering through an enchanted forest. The next track ‘Fairytale,’ is ambience personified while the clarity of the vocal on Arborise’s ‘Take Heart In Your Hope/Paths’ is a joy to behold.

Disc two is dominated by beats but starts with the gently strummed guitar which features on Future loop Foundation’s ‘Sunshine Philosophy.’ Accompanying tracks include the chilled beats of Honeyroot and the delicate guitar embellishments of Leo Abrahams.

If you need to de stress, run a hot bath and put this album on. I think you’ll find it is quite the most relaxing thing you’ve ever heard."