Friday, 29 February 2008

Utah Saints Tiscali Hot Shot

Utah Saints name checked on the Tiscali homepage today, as the video Hot Shot;

"Video for the Van She remix shows the origin of the Running Man dance move - in Cardiff circa 1989"

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Thursday, 28 February 2008

September "Cry For You" Popjustice's Song Of The Day!

"September is a Swedish pop act we've written about before on Popjustice but 'Cry For You' (or 'Cry For You (You'll Never See Me Again)' to give it its full slightly long-winded title) is coming out on Hard2Beat as a massive balls-out club anthem and we think it works rather well.

As you will be aware, Hard2Beat are the people who have recently brought us singles by Basshuter and H 'Two' 'So-Called' O, so they seem to know what they're doing."

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Utah Saints on InternetDJ Homepage

"Just when you thought Utah Saints went the way of the dodo, they turn out a smashing remix of their 1992 powerhouse single "Something Good". Like the original, "Something Good '08 (Van She Remix)" features that mind-drilling Kate Bush sample from "Cloudbusting". The music video features a hilarious video spoofing the origination of The Running Man dance made popular by MC Hammer. Those Welsh were way ahead of the game, it appears."

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Utah Saints on Room Thirteen!

Utah Saints get a homepage mention on Room Thirteen!
"With new material on the way, refresh your memory or discover for the first time as this classic is reworked."

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Video is also featured on the following sites;
Digital Spy, Clash Magazine, Female First, Male First, Teen First, Contact Music, Stereoboard

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club LIVE

What’s the best way to return? The S.C.C.C., have been mulling over this point in the last few months, and have come to the conclusion that all great returns couple something old with something new.

Therefore, they've recorded a little thing we call the May EP, May being the month when the regeneration of life starts to pick up pace. This, coupled with the album we recorded with Simon Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Enemy) will be their first proper step into the world, after a long and hard fought few years. Why the May EP? The Greek goddess of growth, Maia, lends her name to the month. In Germany, youths plant ‘Trees of May’ in front of their lover’s houses, to symbolise new life. It is Mental Health Awareness Month; the football season finishes. Towel Day is celebrated, in honour of Douglas Adams.

In the past few months they've been writing and recording furiously, as well as playing a few shows to keep sharp. After the implosion of Nomadic Records and our subsequent freedom, they thought that, rather than releasing our album into a vacuum, they'd prepare the ground by developing something completely new; the eponymous song on the EP is fresher than a Mint Julep after a swim in a mountain spring. Influenced by Neutral Milk Hotel, driving ranges, Spanish cooking, and watching live orchestral performances.

Along with the new material they are going to take the Seal Cub Clubbing Club Book Club (or just SCCCBC) to a new level with the introduction of stamped return-by notices, which will entitle those who return the books to us at a gig when they next pass by their city to free merchandise, other books, and maybe a poem or something.

The album is done and artworked; They are honed live and livid with energy, and wetting their fingers and lifting them to the breeze to see if a kind wind blows. The Seal Cub Clubbing Club are coming back.

8 Million Views For Basshunter

Basshunter's "Now You're Gone" has passed the 8 million views mark on YouTube, and is currently the 30th most viewed video, of any category, of ALL TIME.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Chart News!

H'two'O Ft Platnum climbed to number 2 in the singles chart last week, Duffy was just ahead, to retain the number one spot she took from Basshunter the week before.. "Now You're Gone" fell to number 4 this week, Utah Saints entered at number 21 - two weeks before the digital release comes out - fans are downloading the track from the Hed Kandi Presents compilation, the demand has forced Data Records to bring the release date forward! Out Of Office's excellent "Break Of Dawn" narrowly missed the 40, entering at 41.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

H'two'O Featured On The Hook Up & Bebo

H'two'O feature on the Hook Up's MySpace homepage and Annie Mac's BBC Switch Bebo Page!

H'two'O Headed For No. 1 : RWD Homepage

H'two'O feature on the RWD homepage;

"It's been a brilliant few months for bassline, with T2 hitting the No. 2 last December.

Even better news this week, as H'two'O, featuring Platnum are already No.2 in the midweeks - meaning, if we all go out and buy it, we could push them to No.1! This would not only be brilliant for bassline, but for the UK urban scene in general - let's show label bosses and FM radio and advertising companies that we do support!

For those that want a little more information on the two groups, check out our cover story, from the new issue out today...

Congratulations to H'two'0 and Platnum!"

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Out Of Office : MusicOMH Review

MusicOMH have reviewed Out Of Office's Break Of Dawn 2008 (out now)
Dance music has an uncanny knack of falling into one of two categories - in one camp, the producers doing something genuinely innovative with their electronic tools, and in the other those who seek to endlessly regurgitate house music anthems.
Step forward Out Of Office, with their terrible name that promises a faceless message to anyone attempting to contact them, revisiting Rhythm On The Loose and the fabulous Break Of Dawn.

Yet here's the rub - it's actually rather well done for a change, the immortal piano riff and vocal snippet "I'm surprised to see your suitcase at the door" left well alone, and a sweeping backdrop of warm Balearic chords applied at choice moments. About as necessary as that drink at the end of the night when you really should be thinking of going home, but as enjoyable nonetheless."

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Monday, 18 February 2008

Future Loop Foundation : Sunshine Philosophy & The Fading Room

Future Loop Foundation came to life with its debut album release in 1996, and two other albums have followed since, as well as an impressive run of remixes, soundtracks and live appearances.

After a stunning set from Future Loop Foundation at last year’s Big Chill festival, Just Music and Mark Barrott started discussing the obvious synergy between the philosophy of the label and the sound and style of Future Loop Foundation.

Just Music are now thrilled to announce the release of The Fading Room: Memories and Remixes, a beautiful album constructed from recordings of family interviews that have laid dormant in an attic somewhere in the north of England for almost a quarter of a century.

Mark Barrott has assembled a highly personal and organic album around these speech samples, using electronic and acoustic instruments as one to present an album that sparkles with originality and wit. It achieves an intriguing balance between conjuring up snapshots of a nostalgic past, whilst being wholly contemporary in musical vision.

This beautifully packaged release comes together with an accompanying album of remixes of key tracks by Rob Da Bank & Chris Coco, Tunng, Beauty Room, The Go! Team, Jon Kennedy and Padded Cell amongst others.

Out Of Office : BBC Radio 1 Chart Blog

"Break Of Dawn 2008" from Out Of Office as featured on the BBC Radio 1 Chart Blog;

"OK, dance records are notoriously tricky beggars to review. Most of the sonic revelation happens quite early on, there's often not that much of a chorus to speak of, and it's really all about how it affects the parts of your body which are untouched by words (clue: feet, spine, arse). So instead of listing every synth-swirl and breakdown, I am going to tell you a story about how such a song came into being.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin... " Click here for the full piece!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Bebo Homepage : Basshunter Thanks His Fans

Jonas, aka Basshunter, is featured on Bebo's homepage, thanking his Bebo fans for all their support in getting him to number one for an amazing 5 weeks - click here to see the video or click here for Basshunter's Bebo profile

To put this into perspective, only 10 other records in the last 10 years have managed 5 weeks or more at the top spot, check this list out, it might be handy for a pop quiz (oh, we love a good pop quiz)

1. Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love", 7 weeks 2007
2. Rihanna "Umbrella", 10 weeks 2007
3. Mika "Grace Kelly", 5 weeks 2007
4. Gnarls Barkley "Crazy", 9 weeks 2006
5. James Blunt "You're Beautiful", 5 weeks 2005
6. Tony Christie & Peter Kay "Is This The Way To Amarillo", 7 weeks 2005
7. Black Eyed Peas "Where Is The Love" 6 weeks in 2003
8. Cher "I Believe" 7 weeks in 1998
9. Run DMC vs Jason Nevins "Its Like That" 6 weeks in 1998
10. Elton John "Candle In The Wind 97" 5 weeks in 1997

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Meck Ft Dino "So Strong"

After the international success of 'Feels Like Home' Meck & Dino return with their much anticipated follow up 'So Strong'. Continuing the story where Feels Like Home left off, already described as 'Epic' and with a host of remixes to follow watch this one blow. Can anyone guess the classic element that the guys have utilised by the way?

Utah Saints Video Featured On Popjustice

Popjustice have featured the new Utah Saints video to "Something Good 08" on their homepage

"Because the Welsh never mind people poking fun at them in the media and always take such popcultural moments with good humour we are sure there will be no moaning about the Utah Saints taking a 90s-influenced dig at Welsh nightlife in their new 'Something Good' video. See if you can spot the gratuitous 'bird waving tits around' shots.

NB: If you have bothered watching it to the end you will have been rewarded with an amusing 'payoff' and will probably now be having a little chuckle."

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Basshunter 5 Weeks At Number 1!

Basshunter remains the UK number one for a fifth week - equaling the Eric Prydz's reign with "Call On Me"!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

H'two'O Bebo Homepage!

The Behind The Scenes video for H 'two' O's "Who's It Gonna Be" is currently one of the featured videos on Bebo's homepage! Click here

Sonny J MySpace Music Homepage

Sonny J are featured on this weeks MySpace Music Homepage, alongside Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Billy Bragg & The Black Kids - click here

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Sun : Utah Saints Video World Exclusive

The Sun have got the world exclusive first plays of the hilarious Utah Saints video for "Something Good 08" - ahead of any TV play!

"UTAH SAINTS are back – and this is the only place on the planet you can see their new video.
The promo to Something Good 08 is a rib-tickling effort and cannot be seen anywhere else on the internet or on the television.

Saints TIM GARBUTT and JEZ WILLIS ruled the dance music scene in the nineties but went into self-imposed exile for the past decade – but now they’re back with a club-mangling remix of their signature tune.

Reclusive songbird KATE BUSH provides the vocals.

The clip, meanwhile, recreates Cardiff on St. David’s Day in 1989 when a fashionable young man walks into his local boozer and sparks off a new dance craze.

Watch it all the way through to see the hilarious finale where a megastar crushes the dancing man's dreams underfoot."

IDJ : Win A Set At A Freak Power Reunion Gig!

IDJ are running the remix "Tune In, Turn On, Cop Out" competition!

"That's right ladies and gentlemen, Freak Power are back for two exclusive shows this month…

Just in case you were too young at the time, or can't remember that far back, Freak Power, led by the charismatic baldy Ashley Slater, cruised the crest of the acid jazz-tinged pop wave in the early 90s with cuts such as 'Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out' and ‘Drive-Thru Booty’. Their rise to fame was also assisted by a band member who went under the name of Norman Cook. We wonder what happened to him…?

These hotly–tipped reunion shows will take place on Wednesday February 20 at Brighton's Concorde 2 and London's Jazz Cafe on February 22, and while Norman won't be in attendance, Ashley et al promise us they'll leave a spare guitar backstage just in case he pops by.


Not only are they reuniting for your party pleasure, but Freak Power are also offering one lucky DJ the chance to perform a 30 minute set at one of their after parties… They're the band that just keep on giving!

All you need to do is…

Download Ashley's freshly recorded acapella from here

Create a winning remix

Then send it, via Yousendit to by Saturday February 16. The mixes will be judged by a panel of Freaks and the winner will be notified by Monday February 18.

Participants must be over 18 and must be able to get themselves to and from the venue.

Good luck!"

Read the full piece here

Sonny J's New Single & Video "Enfant Terrible"

‘Enfant Terrible’ is the second single from Sonny J, the musical man of mystery set to take over the airwaves in 2008.

‘Enfant Terrible’ follows the critically-acclaimed debut single ‘Can’t Stop Moving’ and sees this dexterous shadowy figure of the musical world showing another side. It sounds like an international girl-group smash powered by monolithic guitars, rapping French schoolchildren, crowd power and sassy-sweet vocals.

A truly eclectic artist, Sonny J doesn’t see music in terms of genres, in terms of old or new, but simply as music, music as something big and beautiful. No pigeonholing, just a love of music and what it can do.

‘Enfant Terrible’ is a musical joyride. It burns though the maze-like streets of music landscape in early 2008. Its exhilarating, a crystal clear snapshot into what makes Sonny J so special, bringing together a dizzying array of influences to create a pop gem.

‘Enfant Terrible’ comes backed with a brilliant remix package. Riton, The Losers and Shortwave Set have all taken the original and given it their own unique twist.

The single’s B-side is Sonny’s remarkable take on The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” , as featured on the “Liverpool – The No.1’s” album.

H 'two' O : Kiss Online Video Of The Week

Kiss Online have added H'two'O's "What's It Gonna Be" as their Video Of The Week, on the Kiss Homepage - see the piece & video here

News : Freak Power Reunion 2008

Freak Power reunion news stories appearing on Subba Cultcha & DanceNova today:

"Freak Power were formed in 1993 by Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), and Ashley Slater (legendary singer and trombonist with Loose Tubes, Microgroove and many others) and Jesse “The Bass Cadet’ Graham.

Their nearly global smash hit “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out” was used in the famous and controversial ‘Taxi Trannie’ Levis ad in 1995, and became many people’s soundtrack for the summer.

Those people are either, a : Dead, or b : Comfortably Off Professionals now, and either way, should be gagging to come and party with us. Relive the carefree, heady days before kids and mortgages changed it all, come back and feel the love!

Reforming especially for the Jazz Café London & Brighton’s Concorde 2 shows, they can’t wait to get back into the swing.

The reunion come to fruition when frontman Ashley Slater posted an announcement on Facebook, telling fans he was trying to get the original band together. Jim Carmichael, Jesse Graham and Eddie Stevens all signed up.

Unfortunately Norman hasn’t turned up for rehearsals for the last seven years, so reluctantly the band have let him go. But they will make sure that there is a guitar ready for him when the play at the Concorde in Brighton, just in case he is passing by.

And if you can remember going to Freak Power gigs in the 90’s, you weren’t there!

The line up:
Ashley Slater – Vocals / Trombone
James Carmichael Jr the 3rd – Drums
Jesse ‘Bass Cadet’ Graham – Bass
Paul Tweddle – Guitar
The Freakettes – Backing Vocals
Lord Large – Keyboards

The Concorde 2
Wed 20th February
Doors 7.00 pm
£15 advance

The Jazz Café
Friday 22nd February
Doors 7.00 pm
£15 advance

The Sun : Freak Power Reunion

"FATBOY SLIM has snubbed his former bandmates by refusing to take part in the upcoming FREAK POWER reunion.
The colourful rockers, who were responsible for 1995’s inescapable Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out, will play a pair of shows in London and Brighton next month, but Fatboy, aka NORMAN COOK has ignored their advances.

Frontman ASHLEY SLATER brought his band back together by posting an announcement on Facebook and now they’ll play Brighton’s Concorde on February 20 and London’s Jazz Café on February 22, without their iconic band mate."

Read the full piece here

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Monday, 4 February 2008

Electroqueer : Basshunter Still At Number One...

"Basshunter warned us that he would get all nude again if he remained at Number One in the UK for a second week with 'Now You're Gone'.

Well he's still Number One and as you can see, he stays true to his word - Borat style!




We're quite curious as to what he will promise if he's Number One for another week..."

Read the full piece and see the photo here!

Basshunter In Borat Mankini (The Sun)

Well, he said he'd do it if he made it to number one for a fourth week.. click here for the Mankini photo

"BASSHUNTER vowed to pose in a BORAT-style mankini if he was at No1 for a fourth week.
Well, his trance rubbish is still on top and, strike me down with an Ikea flatpack – he’s gone and done it.
JONAS ALTBERG has now totally won me over. For this work of eccentricity alone, I’ll buy his album."
Gordon Smart, Bizarre, The Sun, see the full piece here

Sunday, 3 February 2008