Friday, 30 May 2008

The Sun Video Special : Basshunter "All I Ever Wanted"

The Sun Online are showing the brand new Basshunter video for the single "All I Ever Wanted", available to download 30th June, in shops from 7th July;

"HERE’S that BASSHUNTER babe back in X-rated action for their latest raunchy video.
Last week we gave you snaps of superbabe AYLAR LIE shedding her kit and now we've got the video to whet your appetite.
The stunner stripped for the dance act’s previous single Now You’re Gone, helping them top the UK charts for five weeks last year.
Now Basshunter, fronted by Swede JONAS ALTBERG, hope her bikini bod in new release All I Ever Wanted will deliver another hot, hot hit.
Ex-porn star Aylar is banned from her native Iran over her saucy past. But she’s most welcome here."

See the full feature & slideshow here

Here's the video on YouTube;

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Popjustice Homepage "Who's Been Down The Pound Shop?"

Popjustice receive their promo item for Alex Gaudino's "Watch Out";

"Alex Guadino has. He was momentarily distracted by the ten-packets-for-a-quid Polish Jaffa cakes and tempted to splash out on some shop-soiled tampons but in the end, and because his new pop video features some pretty ladies doing footbally things, he plumped for a job lot of table football sets. Once home he put some little stickers on them and sent them out. GOOOALLLLLL!!!!!!!! (?)."

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Basshunter The Sun & Sun Online!

Shots from the new Basshunter video for "All I Ever Wanted" feature both The Sun Online and in the paper today, a week ahead of the video being delivered!

"HERE’S that BASSHUNTER babe back in X-rated action for their latest raunchy video.
AYLAR LIE’s strip for the dance act’s previous single, Now You’re Gone, helped them top the UK charts for five weeks last year.
Now Basshunter, fronted by Swede JONAS ALTBERG, hope these bikini shots in the promo for new release All I Ever Wanted will deliver another hot, hot hit.

Ex-porn star Aylar is banned from her native Iran over her saucy past. But she’s most welcome here.

Click here to see the full feature, or pop out to the newsagent and get a copy of The Sun :)

Basshunter "Last Night..." On Bebo Homepage!

The latest webisode from Basshunter is featured on the Bebo Music Homepage!

"Last Night..." continues the story of the couple from the "Now You're Gone" video - and follows the first webisode "Three Weeks Later..."

"Last Night..." sees the couple packing and trying on outfits, spending their last night together before getting up at the crack of dawn and jetting off on their first holiday..

The first holiday will be the subject of the video to Basshunter's new single "All I Ever Wanted"

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Alex Gaudino On KISS FM Blog

"Bold, brassy, and using the infamous horn sample from Pig Bag's big afro hit, 'Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag', Alex Gaudino is back with the follow up to last year's massive hit 'Destination Calabria'.

'Watch Out' is the sound of party house music with a real summer vibe, expect to hear this tune in every pub/club in the country for the next three months.

Summer has well and truly landed"

Click here for the Kiss FM Blog

The Potbelleez featured on I Like Music

"Welcome The Potbelleez. It's a name you'll be unable to avoid very soon. "Don't Hold Back", the band's debut single is a track with radio written all over it, it's been added to the C List at Radio One. "

Click here for the full feature

Ricki Lee Popjustice Song Of The Day!

"U Wanna Little Of This" is today's song of the day on Popjustice;

"A massive stupid rave-up anthem which will appeal to fans of Booty Luv..

Donna Summer has a new album coming out on June 23. This is not a song from it but if Donna was 19 this year she might be turning in something a bit like 'U Wanna Little Of This', which benefits from:

1. Having a brilliant breakdown bit.

2. Sounding a bit like a remix of a Beyonce record.

3. Coming with a good chorus."

Click here to see the full feature!

The Postmarks Feature On TV HITS "Shiny & New"

"How cool are the Postmarks?! They sound like the soundtrack to some New Hollywood movie like I Heart Huckabees or Little Miss Sunshine. Feel good sugary music with integrity, the Postmarks are our new favourite band. We really hope they do as well as they deserve. Look out for the song 'Goodbye' which is the next single."

Click here to see the feature!

The Potbelleez featured on TV Hits!

"Trading in big sounds and bass-y dance music, The Potbelleez are from Australia and played for Sydney's last New Year celebrations. The Potbelleez are two Irish DJs and producers, Dave and Jonny along with vocalists. This is great dance music with mass appeal."

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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sonny J Handsfree Is Lucio's Record Of The Week On Capital!!

Lucio has picked "Handsfree" as his Record Of The Week on London's Capital 95.8fm!!

"Lucio loves new music and we've decided it's time to bring Record of the Week back so Lucio can bring you a new song he's really loving.

This week it's 'Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)' by Sonny J.
Sonny J is a man of mystery. Preferring to keep his identity secret, we've never seen his face but we do know that he's from Whitstable and makes good music! You might have heard his Michael Jackson-esque Can't Stop Moving last year, but Handsfree was the real standout track from the album sampler we received last year.
Sampling an old soul track by Donna Hightower, it's got a really retro and summery feel to it. It reminds us of the Kill Bill soundtrack and in particular the vibe of Nancy Sinatra's 'Bang Bang'.
'Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand) is out on 9 June and the album 'Disastro' will follow a week later
Watch the video and let us know what you think"

Click here for the full feature!!

Sonny J Handsfree Is Record Of The Day!

"Sonny J's next single from forthcoming album Disastro mixes Northern Soul and Country and comes up with a great pop song. This unpredictable and hugely fun track is backed by a brilliant video too. It's also smart use of a great sample, lifted from 1950's Decca and RPM artist Donna Hightower's If You Hold My Hand. It entered the TV airplay charts this week with support from The Box, Smash Hits and The Hits amongst others. Radio support has come from both Pete Tong and Annie Mac's shows on Radio 1, 6 Music made it record of the week last week and a live session for XFM is also lined up. A recent Popjustice song of the day, we think this sounds like a summer hit waiting to happen and deserves wider radio support." Click here for the full feature!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Alex Gaudino Sun Exclusive!

Alex Gaudino's "Watch Out" video debuts exclusively on The Sun Online and gets a mention in today's paper!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: VIDEO featuring sexy athletic women will cheer up our fans!

BRITISH football fans finally have something to look forward to this summer.
With the national teams so noticeably absent from Euro 2008, this scorching music video featuring a bunch of athletic women footballers kitted out and ready for action is a sure-fire winner.

Mastermined by ALEX GAUDINO, the man behind No.4 smash hit Destination Calabria, Watch Out looks set to be one of the club anthems of the year.

I doubt it's going to be sung from the stands, but the video's catchy beats and scantily clad girls will certainly leave you dribbling

It's just a shame they don't swap shirts at the end.

Watch Out is available to download from June 2.

See the full feature, watch the video and see the slideshow here

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sonny J Popjustice Homepage Feature

"Sonny J's New Video Is Very Good Indeed"

"We've been big fans of Sonny J's 'Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)' since early copies of the album arrived last year, but it's one of those songs that seems to get better every time we hear it.

One of the factors boosting the song's power over the last week is the brilliant video which features a lady with bandages on her eyes and mysterious powers causing havoc in a trailer park, and an excellent choreographed dance bit.

We suppose the video is what you'd get if you went to a director and said, "hello - can you do me a cross between 'Heroes' and 'Thriller' for about twenty grand? Cheers".

Read the full feature here!

Archangel "Twisted Little Genius Of A Band" The Beat Surrender

Great review for "Not The Man You Think I Am" on The Beat Surrender;

"Not The Man You Think I Am is a strange little ditty, one that gets under your skin instantly with it’s tale of doomed love being built around the catchiest piano sound this side of Ben Folds, marvellous Underground. It’s one of those songs that could come back to haunt me in later months and years when they decide to go all mainstream on us.

I hope that doesn’t happen though, because they do have a pop element to them already the harmonies are Beach Boys esque and you could see this getting airplay, the fact that they are supporting The Shortwave Set at The Soho Revue Bar on 15th April makes me think that they could be a twisted little genius of a band that are well worth looking out for!"

Click here for the full review!

Sonny J Popjustice Song Of The Day!

Sonny J's new single "Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)" is Popjustice's Song Of The Day today!

"We first featured this as Song Of The Day last December. Here is what we wrote then:

"Sonny J's single 'Can't Stop Moving' was, for one reason or another, not the enormous hit single such music publications as the popular website Popjustice were hoping it would be.

However, the Sonny J single was not a one off – there is an entire Sonny J album on the way and it is a little bit amazing.

Here is one such little bit of amazingness from it. It would seem that Sonny J are applying an 'if it isn’t broke don't fix it' policy to their music, would it not."

How right we were."

See the full feature here

Thursday, 1 May 2008

James On BBC Music Homepage

"Reforming in 2007 to play a reunion tour that sold out in 45 minutes, James are back in the frame with their 10th studio album Hey Ma. Key players in the ‘Madchester’ scene of the early 90s, they scored hits ‘Sit Down’, and ‘She’s A Star’ before eventually disbanding in 2001. Anthemic and wonderful as ever."

Click here to see the full feature, and watch Tim Booth talking about appearing on Later With Jools