Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sun Online Exclusive of Sharam Ft Kid Cudi

NEVER be fooled by a pretty face. A stunning wench in KID CUDI's latest video turns out to be a gun-wielding cowgirl.

The Day N Nite star teams up with SHARAM. The new single from Grammy-winner Sharam features Kid Cudi on vocals with a sample of PATSY KLINE.

Kid Cudi, real name Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, said: "I was like wow, this is really, really innovative.

"I haven't heard anything like it... the Patsy Cline sample and how he blended it together and made it hip-hop too".

She Came Along hits shelves on October 5. Sharam's album Get Wild is released on October 12.

Read the feature on the Sun Online here

Basshunter featured in Mirror's 3am online

The Mirror pick up on the Digital Spy story;

"Swedish DJ Basshunter reckons he has loads in common with Robbie Williams.

He tells us: "We are both fans of aliens. I'm a science fiction geek and freak. And, girls, if you speak to Robbie, tell him from me, I even have two friends from Mars - they are two single-cell organisms called Blob and Gary."

Er, right..."

Click here to see the piece on the, or read the full interview on Digital Spy here

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Sun Online feature Sean Paul's Dutty Chronicles

"FOR those of you who can't wait for SEAN PAUL's new album, we've got a sneak preview of the tracks to come.
The Jamaican star has given Sun readers an exclusive 50 minute mixtape called The Dutty Chronicles to showcase what he's been working on.

Imperial Blaze will be Sean's fourth album and the follow up to Top 10 record The Trinity.

The Get Busy singer revealed the title means king's fire, saying: "I'm not the king. I'm the fire, I'm the flame, I'm the energy."

Imperial Blaze hits shelves on August 31st"

Click here to hear The Dutty Chronicles on The Sun Online

Digital Spy Interview Basshunter

"Basshunter has revealed that he wants to meet up with Robbie Williams to discuss their shared passion for aliens.

The Swedish dance musician, real name Jonas Altberg, admitted that he is a huge fan of the former Take That star and offered to take him on an alien-spying trip.

"The only reason that Robbie Williams may talk to me is that we are both fans of aliens," he told DS. "I'm a science fiction geek and freak. If there's anything containing a space ship, even if the budget for the movie is £5, I will watch it.

"I'm not usually out in the middle of the night looking for alien spacecrafts, but if I had time for it, I would probably go to Mexico or another good party location where I could secretly spy on alien space craft."

Williams has presented a documentary on Radio 4 about his passion for UFOs and there have been numerous tabloid stories about his interest in extra-terrestrial life forms.

Altberg added: "If you speak to Robbie, tell him from me, 'Hey Robbie, I know where to go! I know the place!' I was abducted when I was three years old and know everything about it. I even have two friends from Mars, they are two single cell organisms called Blob and Gary."

Basshunter returns with his new single 'Every Morning' on September 21. His follow-up to 2008's Now You're Gone LP follows one week later."

Click here to read the interview on Digital Spy

My Chemical Toilet : Basshunter

Basshunter (real name: Ian Basshunter) has produced a very odd piece of work here. Let’s overlook the fact that he commits a common lyrical crime in switching between “she” and “you” with abandon, and instead focus on a couple of things about the video.

Thing 1: He rolls with a crew who are so much bloody fun that he literally never gets five minutes alone with his missus to propose to her. There he is on a yacht, or a piece of reclining beach furniture, fumbling about in the pocket of his cargo shorts for the ring, when his “boys” come and grab him and drag him off for some laddish larks. You’d think Mr Basshunter might have enough cash these days to take his beloved off for a holiday sans his spitroast buddies, but apparently not.

Thing 2: I don’t want to ruin it for you, but you should really watch until the end. To say the video’s conclusion jars with the tone of the preceding footage - and indeed the euphoric eurospaff of the song in general - is an understatement. There is a “message” there, but it’s pretty unsubtly done unlike the rest of Mr Basshunter’s oeuvre.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Maxim "How To Make Sexy Promo Videos" with Basshunter

"DJ and composer of WKD-soaked anthemry 'Now You're Gone' and 'I Miss You', Sweden's Basshunter (aka Jonas Altberg) has orchestrated a flawless strategy for chart success: joyous Eurodance beats married to shirt-rippingly HOT music videos. For his last five promos, he's had a sultry Norwegian ex-pornstar named Aylar flaunting her bod. Fair play to the chap. No wonder he's full of some 'red hot tips' for Maxim...

Hi Jonas.

Hey Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

Can you let us in on your secret for making really sexy music videos?


Fire away...

TIP 1) You need lots of sexy girls wearing bikinis or very, very few clothes.

TIP 2) You need lots of arse: a lot of slow zooming shots into nice arse cheeks. And stuff like that.


TIP 3) You've got to forget about using guys who haven't left the gym for 10 years and who've got perfect suntans. You want to put these sexy girls with normal guys like me, so it's easy for people to think 'woaahhh, this shit could happen to me'! And then you film it in someone's backyard or bedroom to make it look even more normal. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

Um, but you're a popstar...

(pauses). Well. Except that.

Okay, carry on...

TIP 4) You've gotta tease the viewer. A great sexy video should show glimpses of something naughty so that the viewer suddenly thinks 'hang on, was that what I thought it was'. Then they'll rewind it to check. Like a shot of a nipple.

You have nipples in your videos?

In 'Every Morning' there are two nipples for a quarter of a second. And you can see my nipples as well!

Your nipples don't count.

No, but you can see still them."

Read the full feature on Maxim here

Friday, 21 August 2009

Example "Watch The Sun Come Up"

Another brilliant video from Henry Schofield, who directed both Archangel's "Do It Again" and the forthcoming single "Loud And Clear"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Digital Spy : Booty Luv Say It Review

Fantastic review from Digital Spy for Cherise & Nadia's new single "Say It"

"Are Booty Luv ever going to stop confounding our expectations? First they dodged the one hit wonder trap; then they released a dance album that was actually enjoyable from start to finish; and then it turned out that the single they wrote - 'Some Kinda Rush'- was the best of the lot.

Now, 18 months since they last bothered the charts, they've come back with another cracker. 'Say It' works more of an electro sound on its verses, but the surging chorus and sassy lyrics are business as usual for the dance-pop duo. "If you've got something to say, just say it, say it," Nadia and Cherise command on that chorus. Well, if you insist girls: "Booty Luv, we bloody love your new single."

Click here to read the full review

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Gurrumul : Featured on MusicOMH

"Once upon a time the UK charts consisted of a top 40 list for albums and singles. It's been getting ever more complicated down the years since, though; with the addition of downloads, airplay and genre charts, there are more chances than ever for PRs to legitimately claim their artist has enjoyed a UK Number 1.

We caught blind aboriginal superstar-in-the-making Gurrumul, or Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu to give him his full name, at Brighton's Great Escape festival back in May. Finally his heartfelt acoustic debut album has been released to Blighty's denizens, long after his countrymen had already decided he'd be a huge crossover hit and showered him with awards accordingly. That slowburning critical success has now been followed up with sales data which declares the Australian's album to be the first ever UK World Music Chart Number 1.

This has been possible since The Official Charts Company, the custodian of many a PR's hopes and dreams, launched two new charts this month. While Gurrumul tops the new Official UK World Music Album Chart, a second list is comprised of world music compilations and goes by the snappy title of the Official UK World Music Compilation Album Chart.

Some shy away from the nebulous term 'world music'. It's as though everything sung in a language other than English should be banished to a corner, away from 'proper music', lest Anglophonic peoples raise their gaze to the horizon and discover with shock that there's a world out there, and in it people play music."

Click here to read the full article on World Music on Music OMH

Basshunter "Every Morning" Featured on MSN Homepage

Basshunter's new video "Every Morning" makes the homepage of MSN, and is currently the 3rd most viewed!

"The world’s most in-demand dance artist Basshunter is back with a bang. After selling 1.2 million records in the UK, which included a Number 1 single and album, Basshunter is returning with his hotly anticipated new single Every Morning released 21 September, and a brand new album Bass Generation released 28 September"

Basshunter - Every Morning
Basshunter - Every Morning

Gurrumul : Beat Surrender Review

4 out of 5 review from Kev at Beat Surrender!

"The Aboriginal people of Australia haven’t been treated the best (that’s probably an understatement) in their native land, so it’s good to see an artist from that background be embraced so well by the Australian public. Having said that when you hear his background story and then follow that up by listening to his beautiful music you don’t really have a lot of choice but to take him to your heart.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was born blind you see, but rather than standing in his way he has battled on, learnt guitar and uses that fantastically well to compliment one of the most gorgeous vocals i’ve ever heard, you really do have to listen to him to understand just how sweet it is.

The album Gurrumul, is sung in the dialect of the Yolunga people which means lyrically it won’t mean a lot to you, but they are lyrics that have touched the hearts of many once translated. He pours such emotions into his vocals though, that even without the translation you do get a feel for what he is singing about and how personal it is to him.

A truly brilliant album that is quickly crossing over wherever it is heard and is rapidly climbing the charts, don’t let that put you off though, it really is good, soothing and as original sounding as you could wish to hear."

Click here to see the post and read The Beat Surrender

Friday, 14 August 2009

Digital Spy : Basshunter Is Back!

"To be honest, we weren't the biggest fans of Basshunter's Now You're Gone album. However, the "world's most in demand dance artist" still managed to charm us with his frank and explicit interviews about performing "helicopters" and the like. The Swede launches his second onslaught on the UK charts next month with his Bass Generation LP and the video for lead single 'Every Morning' just arrived in our inbox.

Well, Jonas Altberg has got himself a smart new haircut and there's a jaunty Kooks-esque guitar intro, but these minor points aside, it's business as usual for Mr B. Press play below for lots of skinny-dipping, girls dancing on yachts in bikini and a woman, apparently Norway's answer to Katie Price, taking her top off in Jonas's bedroom. Oh, and if you last right through to the end, you'll be rewarded with some the hammiest acting we've witnessed since Eldorado was taken off air!"

Click here to read the feature on Digital Spy!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Basshunter "Every Morning" World Exclusive on The Sun Online!

The Sun Online get the World Exclusive of Basshunter's brand new video "Every Morning" and have featured it on both the main homepage, and bizarre homepage;

"It's tough being a pop star if our world exclusive BASSHUNTER video is anything to go by. The Swedish dance artist spent weeks frolicking in the surf in Majorca with gorgeous bikini-clad girls for the latest promo of Every Morning.

And once more he got to snuggle up to gorgeous model AYLAR LIE, who has starred in his previous videos in an ongoing love story between the pair.

Two weeks ago we promised to bring you the finished product - Aylar and all - and judging by the cliffhanger at the end, their story isn't over yet.

Every Morning is the first single from the hit artist's second album Bass Generation.

Last year, Basshunter exploded onto the dance scene with his debut single Now You're Gone, which became the most played record online of 2008 and the most watched video on YouTube UK of all time."

Click here to see the feature in its full glory on the Sun Online

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Popjustice "A Love Letter To Fred Falke" re Example

Click here to see the PS on Popjustice

Jet's Nic Cester Released From Hospital

"JET’s Nic Cester was released late last night from University College Hospital Euston London, after being admitted for dehydration and severe low blood pressure which caused him to collapse on stage at Q The Music Club Live At Hard Rock Cafe on Monday 10th August. The singer was treated by Professor of Medicine Doctor S. Wright at University College London Hospital, during his two day stay and has been ordered to rest.

The band are due to perform an intimate acoustic set later tonight at Parker McMillan for London’s This Feelings Club Night. Against strict advice from doctors, Nic Cester has said that he will go on and JET will perform as planned despite speculation to the contrary.

The Aussie rockers are in London on a whirlwind promotional tour ahead of their third studio album Shaka Rock and lead single She’s A Genius. The band have completed two around the world trips in support of the upcoming release and will continue on to Europe this week for a further three festival appearances. They return to the UK for 2 V Festival performances on August 22 and 23.

As previously stated, Nic Cester was set to take the stage for an exclusive Q Magazine gig on Monday but had become unwell during the day. The singer insisted on performing and not letting fans down but collapsed after the second song leaving band mates to carry on for a further three tracks without him. Nic was rushed to hospital in an ambulance where he underwent various tests and was monitored closely during his two day stay.

Josh Klemme from Tenth Street Entertainment, the band’s management company in New York says,
“JET are just completing their second trip around the world in support of the upcoming release of Shaka Rock. Hopping from airplane to airplane, city to city and country to country could compromise anyone’s health. Nic’s drive to give it his all and get up on stage to perform despite feeling ill is a testament to how strongly he and the band feel about “She’s A Genius” as a single and Shaka Rock as an album.”

JET are currently promoting their third studio album SHAKA ROCK which is out in the UK on September 7th with a national UK tour.

For global release and tour dates, please go to for more

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alela Diane : Line Of Best Fit EP Review

"Nevada City is a township of just over 3,000 in rural Northern California but one that has been populated by artists, hippies, Senators, actors, poets and writers. It also was the home of the first Californian Gold Rush where a huge seam of gold was discovered by prospectors, “found by the old buzzards who roamed the hills” like those in Central City from On The Road.
Alela Diane is one of the souls that inhabit Nevada City. This is important because Diane’s music is rooted in traditional forms of American music. Her ouevre is an evocation of pine covered mountainsides, miners shacks, campfires with beans and franks cooking, plateaus and plains. The Sierra Nevada is deep in Steinbeck country, so these associations aren’t unwarranted and Diane certainly draws upon the topography of California. There is something so evocative for a non-American of these paradigms of Americana that is hard to keep from being swept along by utterances such as “California hills could surely welcome us back home”.

‘To Be Still’ is the title track from Diane’s sophomore album and is a meditative and lyrical evocation of folk pastoralism. This isn’t to say that Diane is a revivalist concerned only with antiquity and content to trade on folkisms or archetypes. Instead Diane uses the frameworks of folk and blues without becoming reverential, yielding poignant narratives all told by that beautiful, plaintive voice. ‘Fat Mama’ sketches a tale of a housewife in a faded backwoods town – “she cooks and she washes and carries on all day long” and acts as a companion piece to ‘The Ocean’ from To Be Still. There is a similar honesty and depth of interpretation at its heart."

Read the review in full on The Line Of Best Fit here

Gurrumul Tops Inaugural World Music Chart : BBC News

"The firm behind the UK's official pop singles and albums charts has launched two new monthly world music countdowns.
The Official Charts Company (OCC) revealed its first world music album and world music compilation album charts on Monday.
The inaugural number one in the new album chart was Australian aboriginal singer/songwriter Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu with his album Gurrumul."

Read the full piece on the BBC here

Jet's Nic Cester Still In Hospital Being Evaluated After On Stage Collapse

JET’s Nic Cester is currently undergoing further tests and evaluations after his on stage collapse at Q The Music Club Live At Hard Rock Cafe last night. The Aussie rocker is suffering from dehydration and severe low blood pressure and is being held in hospital for a second day awaiting test results.

Josh Klemme from Tenth Street Entertainment, the band’s management company in New York says,
“JET are just completing their second trip around the world in support of the upcoming release of "Shaka Rock". Hopping from airplane to airplane, city to city and country to country could compromise anyone’s health. Nic’s drive to give it his all and get up on stage to perform despite feeling ill is a testament to how strongly he and the band feel about “She’s A Genius” as a single and Shaka Rock as an album.”

JET are currently promoting their third studio album Shaka Rock which is out in the UK on September 7th with a national UK tour.

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Friday, 7 August 2009

Digital Spy : September Album Review

"Pop in 2009 isn't all about the girls - Tinchy, Dizzee and Calvin are doing quite nicely, thank you very much - but it's got a definite feminine bent. Lady GaGa and La Roux's Elly Jackson are the year's biggest new stars, Florence and the Machine has the fastest-selling debut album, and hits by everyone from Pixie Lott to Agnes are dominating the airwaves. Few would claim that this is a bad thing, especially given the music industry's notoriously sexist past, but it hasn't worked out swimmingly for everyone. One victim of the trend is Swedish dance-popper September, who was recently denied a spot on the Radio 1 playlist, insider rumours would have us believe, because there was too much "lady-pop" on there already.

Such is the influence of The Nation's Favourite Radio Station that the single in question was promptly cancelled and September's UK debut has been reduced to a download-only release. This is a real shame, because Cry For You - The Album turns out to be an unexpected gem. September - Petra Marklund to her mother - has been knocking out hits in her homeland for half a decade now, and most of them appear here in what is essentially a greatest hits collection with two footnotes. One, she's recorded a couple of newbies especially for us Brits; two, most of her old Swedish singles have been scrubbed up for 2009, gaining a somewhat ironic "UK radio edit" tag in the process."

Read the full 4 out of 5 review on Digital Spy here

Electroqueer "THE song of the summer..?"

"Grab a can of spray paint and smear on the glitter, it's the video premiere to the more hot than hot new single from Cicada named "Psycho Thrills".

I lurrve this tune so much - I remember hearing it randomly on my iPod and when I went to find out who sang it (I honestly thought it was a Luciana tune) the darned thing crashed and I couldn't call it back up. So you can imagine my thrill when I found this video in my inbox today!

Team Cicada would like to offer EQ readers a free download of the Dyeboxremix that you can get right here, right now. Go grab it my lovelies.

Cicada's "Psycho Thrills" - THE song of the summer?... Definitely a true contender."

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