Monday, 24 August 2009

Maxim "How To Make Sexy Promo Videos" with Basshunter

"DJ and composer of WKD-soaked anthemry 'Now You're Gone' and 'I Miss You', Sweden's Basshunter (aka Jonas Altberg) has orchestrated a flawless strategy for chart success: joyous Eurodance beats married to shirt-rippingly HOT music videos. For his last five promos, he's had a sultry Norwegian ex-pornstar named Aylar flaunting her bod. Fair play to the chap. No wonder he's full of some 'red hot tips' for Maxim...

Hi Jonas.

Hey Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

Can you let us in on your secret for making really sexy music videos?


Fire away...

TIP 1) You need lots of sexy girls wearing bikinis or very, very few clothes.

TIP 2) You need lots of arse: a lot of slow zooming shots into nice arse cheeks. And stuff like that.


TIP 3) You've got to forget about using guys who haven't left the gym for 10 years and who've got perfect suntans. You want to put these sexy girls with normal guys like me, so it's easy for people to think 'woaahhh, this shit could happen to me'! And then you film it in someone's backyard or bedroom to make it look even more normal. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

Um, but you're a popstar...

(pauses). Well. Except that.

Okay, carry on...

TIP 4) You've gotta tease the viewer. A great sexy video should show glimpses of something naughty so that the viewer suddenly thinks 'hang on, was that what I thought it was'. Then they'll rewind it to check. Like a shot of a nipple.

You have nipples in your videos?

In 'Every Morning' there are two nipples for a quarter of a second. And you can see my nipples as well!

Your nipples don't count.

No, but you can see still them."

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