Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jet's Nic Cester Released From Hospital

"JET’s Nic Cester was released late last night from University College Hospital Euston London, after being admitted for dehydration and severe low blood pressure which caused him to collapse on stage at Q The Music Club Live At Hard Rock Cafe on Monday 10th August. The singer was treated by Professor of Medicine Doctor S. Wright at University College London Hospital, during his two day stay and has been ordered to rest.

The band are due to perform an intimate acoustic set later tonight at Parker McMillan for London’s This Feelings Club Night. Against strict advice from doctors, Nic Cester has said that he will go on and JET will perform as planned despite speculation to the contrary.

The Aussie rockers are in London on a whirlwind promotional tour ahead of their third studio album Shaka Rock and lead single She’s A Genius. The band have completed two around the world trips in support of the upcoming release and will continue on to Europe this week for a further three festival appearances. They return to the UK for 2 V Festival performances on August 22 and 23.

As previously stated, Nic Cester was set to take the stage for an exclusive Q Magazine gig on Monday but had become unwell during the day. The singer insisted on performing and not letting fans down but collapsed after the second song leaving band mates to carry on for a further three tracks without him. Nic was rushed to hospital in an ambulance where he underwent various tests and was monitored closely during his two day stay.

Josh Klemme from Tenth Street Entertainment, the band’s management company in New York says,
“JET are just completing their second trip around the world in support of the upcoming release of Shaka Rock. Hopping from airplane to airplane, city to city and country to country could compromise anyone’s health. Nic’s drive to give it his all and get up on stage to perform despite feeling ill is a testament to how strongly he and the band feel about “She’s A Genius” as a single and Shaka Rock as an album.”

JET are currently promoting their third studio album SHAKA ROCK which is out in the UK on September 7th with a national UK tour.

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