Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Music News Review of Archangel

"Why Archangel (Nick Webber) decided to cover Steely Dan’s Do It Again isn’t entirely clear. Probably, because it’s a well known song, if not an out and out classic, so he’s not really going to offend too many people, if he plays around with it a bit. As it turns out, it’s a solid, if slightly bombastic version, but it does retain some of the soul of the original.

Odysseus gives us a better idea of what Archangel is really about. As he readily admits he’s influenced by a fairly wide range of artists, and on this track you’d be looking at Bowie, circa Scary Monsters, but there’s a trace of Visage lurking in there too. It may sound as if this little more than a patchwork of pinched new romantic ideas, but Archangel has crafted an off beat song that stands up to repeated plays."

See the review on Music News here

Average White Band!

Demon Digital is proud to announce the acquisition of the licence to issue the complete Average White Band catalogue of albums released from 1973 to 1982.

Eleven classic albums will be available digitally for the first time in the UK from Monday 27th April 2009.

As well as being available individually, Demon Digital will be issuing all eleven albums in four deluxe digital sets, which have all been overseen by Average White Band’s Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart and, Onnie McIntyre. The fully annotated special digital booklets will feature memorabilia from their own personal collections, including brand new interviews.

In addition to the eleven original albums being released Demon Digital will also be releasing a digital only Best Of Album “Let’s Go Round Again” and a special 5 track digital EP. The four deluxe digital (and deluxe 2CD sets)

Show Your Hand + How Sweet Can You Get + Average White Band [Digital: VEXEDSD2030 / 2CD: EDSD 2030]

Cut The Cake + Soul Searching + Benny & Us [Digital: VEXEDSD2031 / 2CD: EDSD 2031]

Person To Person + Warmer Communications [Digital: VEXEDSD2032 / 2CD: EDSD 2032]

Feel No Fret + Volume VIII + Shine + Cupid’s In Fashion [Digital: VEXEDSD2033 / 2CD: EDSD 2033]

Playing their own brand of soul, Scotland’s Average White Band rocketed to fame and fortune in late 1974 with their absolute classic eponymous second album, usually known as the 'White Album', and the accompanying single ‘Pick Up The Pieces’, an instantly recognizable and perennial classic, and a staple of ‘gold’ radio stations around the world. Both the album and single reached No. 1 on the US pop charts – in the UK, both reached No. 6.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

ScandiPop Feature Star Pilots

"Ahead of its May 18th release date, ‘In The Heat of The Night’ by Star Pilots has been given a brand new video treatment for the UK market. The Top Gun spoof theme that has become something of a signature for them is still there thankfully. Some will be displeased at the fact that the dancing boys have disappeared. But many others will be delighted that they’ve been replaced by scantily clad girls who then strip down to bikinis to soap up and scrub a plane clean!

It would have been nice to have Johan Becker and the full time dancers in the video though. It’s particularly odd because when Hard2Beat first announced their signing of Star Pilots, they proudly claimed that Star Pilots ”weren’t just another faceless dance act” - which is true. However, it seems they’ve changed their minds about that one. That’s a large oversight in our opinion. The last couple of years in the UK charts have proved that if a dance act is fronted by a consistent face, be it a group or a person, then they can transcend the usual dance genre trend of only releasing singles, and actually release an album that can go on to sell over 300,000 copies (Basshunter, Scooter, Sash, Cascada), or at the very least, take up a residency in the top 20 for a month or so (Darren Styles, Ultrabeat). Which is usually unheard of for a dance act.

Star Pilots could have been one of those acts too. They’ve already got two more tracks in their repertoire ready for release, and Johan Becker told us last month that they’re working on an album for release in Sweden.

Leaving all that aside though, the reaction to ‘In The Heat of the Night’ in the UK has been amazing so far. As we said last week, it’s been playlisted as a priority record at BBC Radio 1. And now Scott Mills has made it his ‘record of the week’"

Click here to see the feature on Scandipop

ElectroQueer Feature Star Pilots Video

"It's time for a little sunshine darling. It's a Swede-fest today on EQ. Star Pilotshave just unveiled their long-awaited Top Gun styled flesh-fest for the UK with "In The Heat Of The Night" which is just pure unadulterated fun and a total guilty pleasure. I just am in total love with the 80's feel to this track."

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Monday, 20 April 2009

PopJustice Homepage Feature for Star Pilots!

"The problem with Top Gun was that it wasn't quite camp enough

One June day last year our Song Of The Day was 'In The Heat Of The Night' by Star Pilots; the Swedish track has now been picked up in the UK by Hard2Beat and will be out next month. We defy you not to love this video*.

That was simltaneously the most gay and the most straight thing we've ever seen.

We'll tell you another thing too - The Saturdays could learn a thing or two about proper dance routines from this video. It's not all bending over a bit then standing up again but actually includes the waving around of arms too. (Amazing.)

Here's 'Higher' (hiya!!!), another song from Star Pilots, from when they wanted to represent Sweden at this year's Eurovision but they didn't get through.

That is everything 'It's My Time To Shine I've Come Such A Long Way On My Journey To This Moment In Time' (or whatever that Jade Ewen song is called) is not.

* Offer not open to feminists or anyone who has ever questioned the objectification of women in popular music videos."

See the full feature here

Friday, 17 April 2009

Chicane Popjustice Song Of The Day

Popjustice make Chicane's "House Arrest" today's Song Of The Day;

"Chicane is a man with a ludicrous real name who in the late 1990s did an amazing song called 'Offshore', and then he did another one in the 2000s and then it all went tits up and he released an album 'under his own steam' which may have involved him remortgaging his house, or something. We might actually be thinking of somebody totally different.

We almost certainly had a conversation with a publicist a couple of years ago which involved them pitching some sort of idea along the lines of "he's sold all his cars to fund this album campaign". Was it Chicane? It was someone like that.

Anyway that album was rubbish so he's probably living in a caravan now but 'House Arrest', which is a brilliant stadium rave rework of Krush's late-80s pop tune 'House Arrest' (hence the name) is incredible and will perhaps turn around Lord Nigel Bricegarland III's fortunes or at least allow for the purchase of a new Calor gas stove."

Click here to read the feature and hear the brand new track below!

Star Pilots : The Sun Online World Exclusive!

The Sun Online get the World exclusive of "In The Heat Of The Night" by Star Pilots, coming out on Hard2Beat records in May;

"GLAMOUR girl Louise Glover gets hot, wet and wild in the Star Pilots’ new video. The former Playboy's Model of the Year strips off her skin-tight jumpsuit to reveal a stars and stripes bikini before covering herself in water and soap suds in the promo for In the Heat of the Night. And she reveals slightly more than intended when the skimpy top slips sideways.

The Top Gun parody includes five sexy dancers showing off their rear gunners in skimpy grey shorts suits.
The three Swedish guys are already making it big in the clubs with their eighties inspired pop anthem, which will be released as their debut single in the UK on May 18. It's sure to zoom to the top of the charts."

Click here to see the feature on The Sun Online

Popjustice Homepage Feature on Chicane USB Stick!

"Now we're not ones to pass quick and easy judgement on promotional items but this one requires some special attention: a USB stick / keyring which somehow pulls off the feat of being the least practical keyring on the face of Planet Earth while also being the most stupidly unattractive USB stick ever invented. Either factor would be notable of course but put them both together and you've got something very special indeed. Chicane, whose new single is a dodgy and amazing rework of Krush's 'House Arrest' and also happens to be today's Popjustice Song Of The Day: we salute you."

See the feature here

Digital Spy : Red Blooded Women 4 out of 5 Review

"Honestly, you wait years for a girl group to cover a Depeche Mode classic and then two have a crack within a matter of months! But if The Saturdays' Comic Relief take on 'Just Can't Get Enough' was a frothy cappucino of a cover version, this is more of a strong black americano.

In fact, London electropop trio Red Blooded Women have tackled 'Enjoy The Silence' - a top ten hit for The Mode back in 1990 - in reverential but spirited fashion. The production is suitably grandiose, there's lots of portentous piano and the girls' angelic backing vocals add to the hymn-like quality of the song. The cherry on top of the icing? Some of the self-written tunes on the group's MySpace page are pretty ace too."

Click here to see the feature on Digital Spy

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Archangel featured on Winston's Zen

Winston's Zen feature an interview with Archangel's Nick Webber;

Zen regulars might remember Archangel. The one man indie-pop une factory supplied the frankly awesome title track from debut album How To Lose Your Best Friend on the ZenList Vol 2 way back in December. The last few months have been good ones for the Londoner, that debut album saw the light of day at the end of January and pulled a pile of praise from some pretty influential sources. On top of that, a featured spot on YouTube for the excellent Do It Again in March will have done Archangels profile no harm at all.

Nick Webber, the man behind the music provides the A's';

What's the least accurate description of your music that you've ever seen or heard in the media?
Grace Jones does indie funk

Set the record straight. How should journalists be describing Archangel?
What pop should be all about: melody, lyric, sound. Pointedness, abstraction, humour. A nod to the old with the desire to be new. Up, down, flying around. Trying to avoid cliche and failing miserably but being forgiven for it... We're all human and full of faults but no harm in trying.

What has being in Archangel given you that you wouldn't otherwise have?

If Archangel had a motto what would it be?
Arduus Ad Solem

What's an Archangel gig like?
Just getting good. Always getting better. Full of passion and hopefully a bit of fun.

Tell us how you got together with Medical Imprint.
I started the label myself.

I sneak a look through your mobile while you nip to the bar. What's the most famous name I find in the phonebook?
The Boy Least Likely To

Read the full interview on Winston's Zen here

Guilfest 2009 : Pendulum, Joe Bonamassa, DJ Yoda and The BossHoss join the line up!

Friday 10th July 2009

Saturday 11th July 2009

Sunday 12th July 2009

Joe Bonamassa, Pendulum, DJ Yoda and The BossHoss are added to this years GuilFest line up.

They Join the already announced star studded list of Motorhead, Brian Wilson (legend of The Beach Boys), Happy Mondays, The Wailers, Will Young, The Charlatans, Athlete, The Stranglers, Nouvelle Vague, Imelda May, The King Blues and Eat Static.

Fresh from a fantastic appearance on “Later… with Jools Holland”, blues-rock guitar virtuoso, vocalist and songwriter Joe Bonamassa will be headlining GuilFest’s Ents24 Stage on Saturday 11th July. Joe is widely renowned everywhere for his insanely fluid phrasing and post-modern fusion of electric British blues, traditional Delta blues and rock ‘n roll chops. Proclaimed "The New King of Blues" by Guitarist Magazine, by the time he was twelve Joe was touring with blues legend B.B King, which led to opening slots for many other stars including Buddy Guy, Foreigner, George Thorogood, Robert Cray, Stephen Stills, Joe Cocker and Gregg Allman. Beatles promoter Sam Leach compared the first time he saw Joe to his initial glimpse of the Fab Four at the Cavern Club – “I got that same feeling of excitement…Joe is the premiere Blues/Rock artist on the planet.”

All of Joe’s albums have either hit No 1 or gone Top 10 on the Billboard blues Chart, and Joe’s new album, “The Ballad Of John Henry” will coincide with his twentieth year as a professional musician and what promises to be an awe inspiring performance at GuilFest.

Australian Drum and Bass Kings Pendulum will be headlining the Funky End Dance Tent, playing a DJ set with MC Jakes on Saturday 11th July. Pendulum have taken the world by storm since they appeared in 2002, touring the world with their instantly recognisable sound, meanwhile releasing two critically acclaimed albums – the first, “Hold Your Colour” achieving double gold status and the second “In Silico” achieving gold status and hitting the number 2 spot in the UK album charts. Pendulum will definitely have The Funky End rocking on Saturday night at GuilFest 2009.

To find out more, go to the GuilFest 2009 website here

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sky News Business : ‘Lessons Learnt From Easter Staycation’

Our latest blog for Sky News is featured on the Business homepage!

"At the beginning of the year we resigned ourselves to the fact that we won't be having a foreign family holiday again this summer.

A deliberate decision, (although the thought of a sunny lazy day on a golden Greek beach is very much desired) a foreign holiday is now regarded as a bit of a luxury, not a right.

A lot of Britons have come to the same decision as more and more of us are taking what is being called 'staycation' holidays. Traditional destinations, especially those in euro currency countries are being abandoned in favour of self-catering and camping holidays - in fact the Camping and Caravan Club has reported a 25% increase in advance bookings on its 109 UK sites since last year!"

To read the full feature on Sky News click here!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Popjustice "Booty Luv's comeback single is VERY INCREDIBLE"

Popjustice feature a one second preview of the new single!

"Remember Booty Luv? Pull yourselves together, 2008 wasn't that long ago: they released a load of great singles, chucked out a really quite above average LP then pissed off for a bit.

Well now the ladies are back (back back etc) with a new track - it's called 'Say It'.

1. 'Say It' does not sound like any previous Booty Luv single.
2. 'Say It' is really amazing.
3. 'Say It' has a BRILLIANT and BIG (and a little bit stupid) siren noise before the second chorus.
4. 'Say It' includes the line "if you want buff body come get it" (steady on love).
5. 'Say It' - or one second of 'Say It' - (Click here to hear it!)
6. 'Say It' will be played on Radio One by Scott Mills, and will be the Popjustice Song Of The Day... Tomorrrow.

See the full feature on Popjustice here

Monday, 6 April 2009

Alela Diane : YouTube Music Homepage!

Alela Diane's excellent "White As Diamonds" is featured on the Music Homepage! The second YouTube homepage we've had in two weeks!

"She wowed SXSW, is now in the midst of a UK tour and is tailor-made for these troubled times: a bell-clear Folk voice for The Lovers."

Sky News Business : ‘Bankers, Can You Just Feel The Love?’

Our latest Sky News piece, featured on the Business homepage;

"We had a bit of stick over our blog last week, that we were in fact helping the doom and gloom by talking about depressing statistics. Quite lengthy and interesting discussions took place, and a few pointed out some of the many confusing issues generated by the economic downturn, the situation facing other small businesses and who was to blame for causing all this.

President Obama was asked this question - he's in London to attend the G20, aka emergency board meeting of the World Inc, and he quoted one of his old law professors, saying that "Some are to blame, but all are responsible" for the crisis. He also admitted that the US had "some accounting to do with respect to a regulatory system that was inadequate" and that the UK, continental Europe and the rest of the world also had "mismatches" in regulatory regimes.

Hmmm. So there are people whose responsibility it is to keep the banks in order, and to stop this situation happening. But we're all to blame. When Nick Leeson brought down Berings bank, he got eight years in prison. In France, a young trader is awaiting trail for the same thing. Is anyone being prosecuted over this crisis - other than Bernard Madoff? Has Fred "The Shred" done anything different to Nick Leeson? He also appeared to be raking in handsome profits for his bank, and nobody questioned his methods, and rather than a jail term, he's enjoying a £7m pension. What about all the other bankers that made huge profits for their companies based on hot air, aren't they guilty of fraud? What were the regulators doing, other than sitting back and rubbing their hands with glee, the amount of money everyone was making was fabulous - why would they want it to stop?

It's this reason the average person is so angry with the system. We had Sky News on in the office for most of the day, watching the protesters in the City of London marching and trying to make their voices heard. The banks have been saved by the taxpayer, the interest rates slashed, but the banks are not passing this on and are not lending money at a fair and manageable rate. Why not? Don't we own some of these banks now, and why aren't they helping kick start the economy and help small firms?"

Read the full feature here

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Alela Diane : MusicOMH 4.5 out of 5 Live Review

Alela Diane @ St Giles-in-the-fields, London, 30 March 2009

"Tonight's gig takes place in St Giles-in-the-fields, a striking Palladian style church that dates back to 1734 and now hides in the shadow of the seemingly omnipresent eyesore that is the Centre Point tower.

The finely crafted, elaborately decorated venue forms an ideal venue for Alela Diane Menig's heartfelt and fragile folk songs.

But first up is support act William E Whitmore. This bearded Iowan begins with an affecting a capella which sets out his stall of rough-edged blues immediately.

His voice is raw yet rich and booms around the church to such an extent you fear for the stained glass windows. The power of Whitmore's voicebox is undeniable as he runs through tales of hard times, woe and "Desperation, death and despair" as he himself sings on final track Old Devils. But while it's impassioned, soulful stuff it proves a little dark and depressing by the set's end. Hardly uplifting, but sometimes that's the blues for you.

When Alela Diane takes to the stage she announces that this is the last show to be held in this striking venue, certainly another loss for London's live music circuit. She then fills it with stirring arpeggiated guitar before inviting her father Tom to join her for a duet.

As each track passes, more elements are added to the band. Alina Hardin creates sweetly struck harmonies with Alela, who herself provides an enchanting mixture of fragility and strength, beauty and heartache. But this fine balance is somewhat upset when the rest of band, a bassist and drummer, take to the stage.

This altered dynamic is all good and well for the initial country-flavoured twang, but their presence is less welcome when they apply the same heavy-handed bass and beats to White As Diamonds. The 25-year-old Californian's soaring voice is backed by fantastic vocal harmonies but is forced to compete with the same, now misplaced, stomping drums.

This becomes something of a theme with almost military-style beats underpinning each track thereafter, including a cover of Fleetwood Mac's Gold Dust Woman and the otherwise subtle Every Path. Ominous tribal war drums are then bashed to introduce The Ocean and it comes as a relief when the drummer and bass player are ditched for Tired Feet.

The touching Oh! My Mama then allows the purity of Alela's voice and emotional lyrics to return to the fore. A solo effort forms the start of the encore before the complete band return for Fairport Convention's folk standard Matty Groves and some more overweight drumbeats.

When accompanied by just Hardin and her father (he took the photo on this page, too), Alela Diane's way of crafting bittersweet modern folk songs is fantastically, upliftingly clear. But just as St Giles stands within the ugly shadow of Centre Point, the aural beauty of her compositions was overshadowed by ham-fisted drum pounding and superfluous bass plucking. A night of various mesmerising moments, tainted by the nagging disappointment of what might have been."

See the full review on MusicOMH here

Guilfest 2009 : Athlete, Imelda May & The Wailers!

More line up news from GuilFest '09

"One of the most laid-back and genuinely friendly festivals of the year" The Independent

GuilFest 2009’s already incredible lineup for July 10/11/12 continues to grow with the announcement that The Wailers, Athlete, Nouvelle Vague, Imelda May and Eat Static have now been confirmed to join the (previously announced) line-up of Motorhead, Brian Wilson (of The Beach Boys), Happy Mondays and The Charlatans.

Friday 10th July 2009

Saturday 11th July 2009

Sunday 12th July 2009

The award winning family-friendly, relaxed vibe and atmosphere by which other festivals have come to be judged will, as usual, be a major focus of this year’s GuilFest.

Tickets are now on sale and are available on-line at or by calling Ticketline on 0871 424 0050.

Digital Spy : Basshunter Walk On Water Review

"In a recent interview with DS, Basshunter revealed that Now You're Gone - The Album had taken him a grand total of two-and-a-half weeks to record. Whether that's testament to the disc's overall quality or not, it certainly struck a chord with the public, shooting straight to number one and selling over 300,000 copies. Clearly not one to avoid flogging a dead donkey, the Swedish DJ is now extracting its fifth single.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 'Walk On Water' features exactly the same Eurodance sound as its predecessors. The melody and lyrics, meanwhile, err on the simple and effective side, with Basshunter trilling a "la la la" hook over his customary throbbing beats. It's about as original as Kerry Katona's latest OK! magazine exclusive and as musically exciting as Daphne & Celeste's reunion plans. Still, 'Walk On Water' ticks all the right boxes to become a weekend anthem for many an alcopop-loving clubber - and where's the harm in that"

See the review on Digital Spy here

Basshunter "Talks Romance" with Orange

"Swedish party boy Basshunter has revealed his tactics for charming the ladies. In an exclusive interview with Orange, the DJ was quick to share his secrets for wooing the opposite sex. He jokingly told us: "I use a bait - most of the time it's a gin and tonic.

"I'm just standing there and I'm saying, 'Hey, my name is Jonas, I'm a computer nerd. I'm probably one of the most most honest guys around.'"

The chart-topper also told us about the girl he'd most like to try his tricks on. He revealed: "I really want to go hunting after Katy Perry because I find her really, really attractive."

To watch the interview on Orange's Music Show, click here

The Londonist review Alela Diane Live

"It's a brisk night on Tottenham Court Road, Crossrail's white hoarding and the ghost of the Astoria squatting grimly on the roadside. The house of God isn't everyone's cup of tea when urban life is rubbish, but tonight St Giles in the Field plays host to Alela Diane Menig and her band and is thus a perfect vessel in which to locate some meaning on a Monday.

Alela is small with a sweet mouth that belies its strength and ability to move from melodious haunt to childlike glycerine to warm stone with an easy grace. Unlike other singer-songwriters whose clich├ęd visitations into the musical and lyrical will pass in time like the quick trickle of sand through a well-worn egg-timer, Menig's creations carry more weight and conjure up a worthy sense of longevity. Singing about mothers, grandmothers and future children, along with the presence of her father in the band, her songs span the tattered lace of history and family, and the collective memory (and future) of these subjects. Additionally she traces a strong path through the Appachalian and folk traditions, evoked through unaccompanied acoustic jewels and alt-country numbers with help from the rest of the band.

Read the rest of the review on The Londonist here

CMU Daily : Steve Angello & Paris Hilton Bust Up

CMU Daily featured the spat between Paris Hilton and Steve Angello, who's track "Show Me Love" is climbing the midweek charts!


Swedish DJ/producer Steve Angello, at number 12 in the singles chart this week with his track with Laidback Luke, 'Show Me Love', reportedly had a bit of a run in with Paris Hilton's security at a recent party at Miami club LIV.

The famous, erm, did we ever establish what Hilton's famous for? Well, anyway, it seems she got annoyed when Angello wouldn't change his DJ set according to her musical whims - she wanted some hip hop - and she sent over her security man to sort things out, leading to a bit of a DJ booth scuffle.

A source told CMU: "Steve plays dance music, he just doesn't play hip hop. He politely refused Hilton's requests but she got more and more agitated, and it escalated pretty quickly. Out of nowhere one of her security guards smacked Steve in the face. Steve had to act in self defence and fought back. He started pounding on the guy and it suddenly turned into a full scale fight in the DJ booth".

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Melody Gardot AllGigs 4 out 5 Review

"I keep saying it - the best new music sounds like old music - old is the new new - and Philadelphia-born Melody Gardot's second album My One and Only Thrill is a perfect example. Sophisticated, evocative of a glorious period of quality and poise, this album is as light and delicate and as welcome as a warming, bright Spring morning.

The opening Baby I'm A Fool is a torch song blessed with sumptuous string orchestration draped around Gardot's delicate vocal, intimately suggesting there is no-one in the world but she and you, talking to you alone, confidentially, with perfect, clear diction, her voice way more mature than her 20-something years. If the Stars Were Mine, in spirit if not in specifics, is close family to Tom Jobim's Corcovado, its lazy feel and carioca guitar comfortably at-home on Ipanema's Rua Vinicius de Morais, the birthplace of bossa nova. Who Will Comfort Me develops from slow beginnings into a cool and hot swinging blues, the band's individual and ensemble playing stellar. Your Heart Is As Black As The Night is the yellowed, well-thumbed pages of a Raymond Chandler pulp thriller come to life in a sleazy wrong-side-of-the-tracks clip joint that you've wandered into and don't expect to leave alive. With half-closed eyes, the beautifully restrained Our Love Is Easy is somehow reminiscent of a dreamy vaguely-remembered late-1950s movie and Les Etoiles is a thrilling Blue Note bohemian jazzy night looking skywards outside Le Caveau de la Huchette in the Latin Quarter of Paris. A brooding atmospheric piece of late-night stillness, The Rain, is wrapped in a blissful Eric Satie tranquility, whilst the title track My One and Only Thrill can only come from the heart of someone truly sick and dizzy with love. The token commercial track here is the perennial Over the Rainbow, given a Hispanic make-over for easy assimilation - it will be all over the airwaves before you can say "a star is born."

If comparisons must be drawn to Gardot's smooth and seemingly effortless vocal, no current artist makes the cut and it's the classy, sad voices of Julie London and Peggy Lee that echo through the years. The vocal-to-instrumentation audio dynamic is perfect throughout, a testament to the subtle talent of producer Larry Klein. This album is an absolute triumph."

Read the full review on All Gigs here

The Beat Surrender review Melody Gardot

"Melody Gardot burst onto the scene with her brilliant debut album My Worrisome Heart, an album that immediately captured the attentrion of jazz and blues fans around the world as her silky, sophisticated vocal matched the perfect arrangements.

It may be easy listening in many respects but on her second album My One And Only Thrill, her lyrics are anything but, they are far more emotive than the debut album and in that sense she has certainly progressed. The one area that has stagnated a little is the production and composition of the music itself, aside from a clever reworking of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, there are very few risks or challenges.

Despite what i’ve just said it’s still a good album, a mood album that you can slip on in the background and immerse yourself in the lyrics, a talented lady who still has a lot more to come yet."

See the full review on The Beat Surrender here

The Londonist interview Red Blooded Women

We've banged on a bit before about how much we like new pop group Red Blooded Women. Smart and sassy with killer tunes, they know exactly how to make a dancefloor move and have good fun doing it. Their new single, a bleeping cover of Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence' is out in April so we caught up with these good time girls in the middle of their recording.

Hello Red Blooded Women. Who are you and what are you upto?

Liz: Hello Londonist, We are Liz, Candy & Carly AKA Red Blooded Women, a hot new electro-fabulous girlband and we're bringing back the 80s with our own little twist. We're just about to release our reworking of "Enjoy the Silence" originally by our favourite DM boys :) So times are very exciting for the 3 of us!!

Whereabouts in London are you based? What's brilliant and what's totally horrible about it?

Liz: I'm the only one actually based in London, and I’m a Richmond SW kinda girl :) I love living here it's so pretty and green - there's nothing better then a beer by the river on a sunny day. Candy and Carly live just outside London in Essex and Reading, but we do most of our writing, recording and partying in London. We love the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly and Soho at night, and you can usually find us in some bar in East London at the weekend.

Where are you from originally, what does London do better?

Candy - I was born in Essex and still reside here, although my family are all East Londoners. Carly is our little Welsh lovely, and Liz is from the darkest depths of Swindon! As for what London does better, I’d say late nights - we’re party girls through and through!

Read the full interview on The Londonist here

AOL 7 out of 10 review of Ruarri Joseph's "Both Sides Of The Coin"

"2009 may not seem like the ideal time to become the next James Blunt or Paolo Nutini - the predominant sound of the moment being far too female and electronic to serve those ends. But there is something about Joseph that pitches his acoustic yarns beyond such modest aims. On the surface, gentle ruminations such as One For the Aether and There We'll Be, are unassumingly straightforward but there is something winning and soulful about his voice that recalls Evan Dando's underrated solo career. A grower."

See the review on AOL here