Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Beat Surrender review Melody Gardot

"Melody Gardot burst onto the scene with her brilliant debut album My Worrisome Heart, an album that immediately captured the attentrion of jazz and blues fans around the world as her silky, sophisticated vocal matched the perfect arrangements.

It may be easy listening in many respects but on her second album My One And Only Thrill, her lyrics are anything but, they are far more emotive than the debut album and in that sense she has certainly progressed. The one area that has stagnated a little is the production and composition of the music itself, aside from a clever reworking of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, there are very few risks or challenges.

Despite what i’ve just said it’s still a good album, a mood album that you can slip on in the background and immerse yourself in the lyrics, a talented lady who still has a lot more to come yet."

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