Thursday, 9 April 2009

Popjustice "Booty Luv's comeback single is VERY INCREDIBLE"

Popjustice feature a one second preview of the new single!

"Remember Booty Luv? Pull yourselves together, 2008 wasn't that long ago: they released a load of great singles, chucked out a really quite above average LP then pissed off for a bit.

Well now the ladies are back (back back etc) with a new track - it's called 'Say It'.

1. 'Say It' does not sound like any previous Booty Luv single.
2. 'Say It' is really amazing.
3. 'Say It' has a BRILLIANT and BIG (and a little bit stupid) siren noise before the second chorus.
4. 'Say It' includes the line "if you want buff body come get it" (steady on love).
5. 'Say It' - or one second of 'Say It' - (Click here to hear it!)
6. 'Say It' will be played on Radio One by Scott Mills, and will be the Popjustice Song Of The Day... Tomorrrow.

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