Friday, 27 June 2008

Padma "Moby without the self-satisfaction" IsThisMusic Review

IsThisMusic review Padma's "Spacefood And Balloons"

"Padma is about as far removed from British popular culture is it possible to be these days. Polar opposite to the fame-craving generation, Padma’s story is as bizarre and intriguing as his music.

After shunning a life as part of a Buddhist order, Padma took to the road, living wherever he arrived at, and mentally composed music as he moved from tree to field to kind strangers’ floor.

After suffering a near fatal brain-haemorrhage in 2005, he now lives in the Spanish Pyrenees when he isn’t touring.

Resembling Moby without the self-satisfaction, Padma writes philosophical, contended music. It’s the kind of folk-rock you’d stereotypically expect from the hitchhiker with a guitar on his back, but it is gentle, and completely at peace with itself. You feel he wouldn’t be too fussed if no-one ever heard this, which in itself is refreshing in an era where exposure is often a greater necessity than any notable musical ability.

This coupled with the world-weary lyrical musings of a rather off-the-wall character make this an altogether surreal listen."

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You Wot! Popjustice's Song Of The Day!

DJ Q Ft MC Bonez's "You Wot!" is today's Popjustice Song Of The Day!

"A bassline pop crossover electro type of affair... 'You Wot!' comes with a package of really brilliant remixes - the 7th Heaven one is great - but we have selected the Wideboys Electro mix as today's Song Of The Day because it has a bit of a Friday feel to it."

Click here for the full feature;

Basshunter "All I Ever Wanted" Passes 4 Million Views Mark On YouTube

Basshunter's "All I Ever Wanted" has passed the 4 million views mark - in 4 weeks!!!

The video is currently the most watched video this month on YouTube in the UK, and the second most watched music video this month IN THE WORLD.

"All I Ever Wanted" the follow up to the 5 weeks at number one "Now You're Gone" is available to download from Monday 30th June.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Padma "A Real Grower" All Gigs Review

‘Here’ isn’t instant. It’s a bit like a stranger :takes a bit of getting to know. You’ll either like it or not. There’s no halfway. I like it.

Mood will probably be the determining factor as to whether you’ll enjoy, or even listen to Padma’s Here.. bare with it though.
We all know, there’s a fine art in creating great melancholic music like Nick Drake, which he could be compared with.
Padma hasn’t totally cracked it as yet, but there are fleeting moments (not enough for my liking) on Here, so it’s worth persevering with, because the more rotation you give, the greater the effect. Interestingly enough, Padma means ‘lotus’, a plant that apparently works its way out of a muddy pond towards the sun light and opens its petals, as a kind of celebratory reaction. Remember that. There’s a great danger with this type of template: it can become totally self-indulgent not achieving its aim – to reach out and actually, touch somebody. Some, like Duffy write sad songs, but offer some kind of hope, whereas Amy Winehouse, as great a writer she is, offers little. It’s pretty obvious that bohemian Padma is a thoughtful and deeply spiritual and philosophical sort of guy, and there are, some profound reflective moments to relish. One major plus in his favour is there’s no pretentiousness, and he appears to be totally open about his thoughts and feelings in the Ray Lamontagne / Damien Rice mould.

The opening isn’t too promising though – Half A Person. The morbid organ and harmonica doesn’t exactly help either, though his rich voice and the duet (with whoever) lift the song from its drone like quality. Single Seafood and Balloons (released May 5) is a drastic shift with acoustic guitar and quirky spatial effects as the feature. Jewel on the album is the simple and gorgeous Song For An Entryphone, again, sometimes duetting. He gently picks at his acoustic, occasionally dropping in some electric chords. Not breaking sweat, he delivers a masterful beauty on I Don’t Think So, which right out of Drake’s songbook. It’s quite striking, even for its simplicity. Again it’s the simplicity of Waiting For Dolma that hits you – hushed voice, acoustic picks and spatial effects drifting in the distance make it entrancing. There’s a bit more pace on Dawn, but the format is as bare as you can get, with birds happily chirping in the background. True to his nomadic spirit (he’s slept on roadsides, woods and wherever), chirpy Firelight Dance has probably been knocked together on a lonely night in (or near) his tent. Surprisingly, he concludes with reggae stylings on the Devendra Banhart-ish communal chug of Buddha Energy.

Now back to the lotus, as an analogy. This Padma has only partially surfaced out of the murky depths and not quite turned his music into a celebration. He is getting there, so I wait for the next instalment while he writes more music in his yurt somewhere in the Spanish Pyrenees.

File under: A real grower, if you’ve got the time. Find it.

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28 Costumes "Fun, Angular Indie Pop" Room Thirteen

Great review from Room Thirteen

"28 Costumes are just one of the groups bolstering Liverpool's musical reputation in the year where the city has hosted a wealth of musical events as European Capital of Culture. Their angular indie with fierce vocal harmonies is catchy and sure to hit the kind of buttons that make the band radio friendly in the same vein as Bloc Party and Art Brut. The gruff, driven guitar tone of the chorus, matched with thick vocal harmonies give the tune an attractive edge, while later a slicing guitar solo picks up between the reflective verses, giving the tune everything a classic indie tune could desire. Of course this poses the question of whether 'Erika' is a unique song; it would be impossible to say that there aren't hints of generic indie about the track, but it remains interesting and bside 'Death Mask's sweet keyboard riffs, along with a forceful guitar pattern, make the tune stand out enough to say that 28 Costumes deserve to be the next Liverpudlian success. 28 Costumes' playful, arty indie is infinitely fun and sure to be equally as entertaining live."

Click here for the full feature

Cary Brothers On Room Thirteen

Room Thirteen review the four track album sampler for Cary's debut album "Who You Are"

"I was a little bewildered when first coming across Cary Brothers. For obvious reasons you may be dubbed into thinking this is a couple of family members playing music; much like Noel and Liam Gallagher, Jared and Shannon Leto or Gerard and Mikey Way, when actually this is one guy with an unfortunate confusing last name.

Cary Brothers is a singer songwriter and musician from Nashville, Tennessee who creates guitar friendly songs that drift though you like a warm breeze. Trained in both piano and guitar, settling on the latter, the songs this lad creates are influenced by a number of things from 1980s British New Wave to 1970s folk music.

Some of the songs you listen to by Brothers may sound awfully familiar. This is in due part to the method he has taken to promote his creations. Where most musicians look into radio airplay to promote their music, Brothers took a more visual approach and attacked television programmes, pushing to get his songs appear on Scrubs, Bones, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy and ER, and Zach Braff films such as the Last Kiss where the original version of ‘Ride’ was featured, and Garden State where ‘Blue Eyes’ was selected to feature.

The four snippets of musical magnitude on this sampler are beautiful expressions of love and relationships. The musical creations are at times semi acoustic while still grasping onto a hook and pulling you in with it. The melodies have a way of beginning as a patter before growing to well developed and creatively crafted musical memories. Whether you are looking for the loud indie rock ‘Who You Are’, the folksy guitars of ‘Ride’, the simplistic ‘Blue Eyes’ or the gracious ‘If You Were Here’, four tracks of pure, perfect and peaceful paradise music."

See the full review here

Plump DJ's "Create Chaos" Subba Cultcha Album Review

Subba Cultcha review the Plump DJ's "Headthrash" out now

"Andy Gardner and Lee Rous, the cutting edge production maestros behind the underground successes Plump Night Out and the 2007 Breakspoll Best Single of The Year ‘System Addict’, are set to wreck havoc with their electro-bass driven dirty beats through the release of their latest record Headthrash. Pulsatingly energetic the record, upon which the duo have collaborated with several international artists such as the UK singer-songwriter Niara, whose powerful yet melodic vocals add a slither of disco glam to the hectic summer anthem ‘Shifting Gears’, Headthrash is a definitive record for the London based pair. Yet more than this, the record leads listeners through a jagged and unpredictable labyrinth of innovative vortexes, the sensuously textured tone of tracks such as the disco laced ‘Theme X’, on which 80s inspired vocals writhe upon Balearic inspired grooves, creating a distinctive, even hybrid sound that place the Plump DJs at the helm of the clubbing scene."

See the review in all its Subba Cultcha glory here

Friday, 20 June 2008

Sonny J "You'd Need A Black Belt In Cynicism Not To Be Excited" Channel 4

Channel 4 Music review the debut album "Disastro" by Sonny J;

"Does anyone outside of art galleries still use the term 'turntablist' anymore? We don't know who to check with. But Liverpool's Sonny J is one of them. His debut album 'Disastro' (EMI) is a surprisingly welcome reminder of the first faltering steps of Big Beat: all stupidly massive drum samples, naggingly catchy steals from foreign pop finds and plenty of silly noises. You'd need a black belt in cynicism not to be excited by the 'hit' 'Can't Stop Moving' and while a few of the tracks veer off into wacky noodling, there's a gloriously infectious spirit at work. Let late night festival dancing commence."

See the full feature here

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Red Blooded Women Popjustice's Song Of The Day! Again!

"Keep Up The Attraction" is Popjustice's Song Of The Day;

"When they're not busy trying to Hoover up influences from everything Popjustice has written about in the last three years, Red Blooded Women cast their minds back to simpler, more happy times and examine the Bobby 'O' / early-PWL 'songbook'.

One of the resuts it this literally v good homage to amazing electronic pop sounds of yesteryear.

In other news the band have put together a megamix for Popjustice readers to download - this will be online at 3pm today. Amazing."

Great reaction from the Popjustice Forum too.

Sonny J "Handsfree" Video Featured On Bebo Music Homepage!

Sonny J's "Handsfree" is featured on the Bebo Music Homepage! Sonny J's debut album, Disastro is out now, click here to preview or download from iTunes

Monday, 16 June 2008

Ritch Running British 10k London, Sunday 6th July

Ritch is running in the British 10k around streets in central London on Sunday 6th July in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust - please take a couple of minutes to sponsor him, by clicking here Sonny J "This is that rarest of musical creatures; a debut album full of promise"

GREAT review for Sonny J on the BBC's website!

"Disastro has to be the most misleading misnomer of the year: Sonny J's debut is messy with styles, overcrowded with samples and almost overbalances with the respect it pays to different genres, times and places. Yet it never approaches even the outskirts of disaster. The album takes a bucket of ideas and shakes them up in a ragbag of influences. What comes out is as sweet and surprising as a birthday cake.

There's more to this collection though, than just a collection of warmed-over riffs and recycled vocals; Sorrow could easily be the lead track from a Chris Martin solo project, and it works perfectly as a standalone island of high quality, old-school music for musicians.

If you've ever worshipped at the temple of DJ Shadow or bowed before Beck, you'll find more than enough eclecticism here to whet your aural appetite. If you remember the early days of Big Beat, when the likes of Fatboy Slim and Bentley Rhythm Ace were at their most inspired, you'll adore the quirky blending of arcade-game sound effects, heavy metal guitar and francophone girlie-pop which kicks off the set.

And if you can remember back to the time of the Banana Splits TV show, during the golden age of Detroit pop at Hitsville USA, you'll recognise the skills employed on Can’t Stop Moving. It's surely no coincidence that master label EMI have released this gorgeous piece of work on old the $tateside imprint, one time home to Motown's output in the UK.
This is that rarest of musical creatures; a debut album full of promise."

Read the full review here!!

28 Costumes review on MusicOMH

"You can't move at the moment without reading, seeing or hearing about Liverpool being the Capital Of Culture, and beneath the cheap jokes are signs that the city's rich musical history is in safe hands.

28 Costumes have already had a minor degree of success a few years back, but Erika sounds like a band revitalized. A passionate, energetic belter of a guitar song, with a beat seemingly designed to fill up an indie dancefloor at a moment's notice. Like their most obvious comparisons, Maximo Park or The Futureheads, there's a nice undercurrent of melancholy and regret that works extremely well.

Fellow Scousers such as The Zutons or The Rascals may receive more publicity in 2008, but 28 Costumes are well worth keeping your eye on."

Read the full feature here

Alex Gaudino "Watch Out" MySpace Homepage!

Alex Gaundino's "Watch Out", a new entry in the charts this week at number 16, is featured on the homepage of MySpace

Friday, 13 June 2008

Bob Sinclar "Turns Up The Heat" Sun Online

The Sun Online feature Bob Sinclar's Fireball "What I Want" video;

"WITH the sun going in and the girls covering up again - we've got some sizzling snaps to brighten up your day.
BOB SINCLAR presenting FIREBALL have given us a look at their new sexy video, starring a bunch of plain janes who turn into super hotties at a desert boot camp.

What I Want - already a massive hit across Europe - will be released on Hard2Beat, the same prestigious label as BASSHUNTER and SEPTEMBER. And what better way to kick off the UK release than with a play from PETE TONG at the beginning of his legendary Radio 1 Miami pool party. And if you think he sounds familiar, Parisian DJ Chris Lefriant’s alter-ego Bob Sinclar also enjoyed UK chart success with I Feel For You and Love Generation.

What I Want is released digitally on July 28 and hits the shops from August 4"

Click here to see the full feature & slideshow

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sonny J "Handsfree" Video Featured On MySpace Homepage!

Sonny J's excellent "Handsfree" video is featured on the MySpace homepage today, only one of four videos on the page that users log in!

28 Costumes YouTube Homepage!

28 Costumes's "Erika" video is featured on the UK homepage of YouTube today!!

The Potbelleez featured on Bebo Music Homepage!

The Potbelleez's "Don't Hold Back" is out digitally this week, and the band filmed themselves over the weekend performing the single, and giving an insight to live at a festival - this is now featured on the Bebo Music Homepage in the UK, Ireland & Australia!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Jon Hopkins & Coldplay

JON HOPKINS TO SUPPORT COLDPLAY, Brixton Academy Monday 16 June 2008

On Monday 16 June 2008 Jon Hopkins, one of the principle musical collaborators on the new Coldplay album 'Viva La Vida', is to support Coldplay at their Brixton Academy show.

Personally invited by Coldplay to support them, Jon will also support the band at their forthcoming Barcelona and New York Madison Square Garden shows on 17 and 23 June where, as with his Brixton set, he will play over the backdrop of a re-mix of short animated films by legendary San Francisco based animator Vince Collins. In addition to these dates, Jon will also be DJing for Coldplay on the 14 - 30 July 2008 leg of their world tour.

A musical shapeshifter; a composer, musician and studio wizard, Jon Hopkins' two previous albums have seen him labelled by the likes of Brian Eno (who introduced Coldplay to Jon) as an electronic innovator, whilst an impressive sweep of artists from Herbie Hancock, David Holmes, Massive Attack, King Creosote and The Fence Collective to Coldplay, not to mention Wayne McGregor, have all called upon the 28 year old's skills as producer, composer and musician.

Now putting the finishing touches to his third album 'Insides', which includes the sublime 'Light Through The Veins' (a track which Coldplay were so taken with that they used a reworked version to bookend 'Viva La Vida') and is due for a September 2008 release via Just Music, Jon will also play live at this year's Bestival and on the main stage on Saturday night at The Big Chill as well as a DJ set at The Green Man Festival, whilst his scored music for Wayne McGregor's Random Dance makes it's way across Europe with the dance company this Summer.

To find out more about Jon Hopkins, click here

Plump DJs MySpace Music Homepage

The Plump DJ's are featured on the MySpace Music Homepage this week, alongside Coldplay, and their album exclusive!

Plump DJ's 4 out 5 Music News Album Review

Plump DJ's "Headthrash" gets a 4 out 5 album review on Music News!

"It’s no wonder that the Plump DJs have stacked up a pile of awards from the genres annual Breakspoll awards. Whether it be their own studio productions or their remix work, they always deliver jacking breakbeat of the highest order.

When the first track on this finger lickin release 'Best Believe Us’ begins you would be forgiven if you thought you were listening to Orbital live at Glastonbury as the old skool synth pads float over the roar of the crowd. The slightly slower start is just a smokescreen as the award winning 'System Addict’ kicks in with it’s familiar growling bassline. There are also shades of funk here with 'shifting gears’ and 'lost in space’ the two vocal tracks on the album.

The relentless 'Snake Eyes’ has the energy of a two year old chimp fed on a diet of red bull and blue smarties, absolutely unstoppable. 'Intermission’, 'Beat Myself Up’ and 'Theme X’ are the type of tracks Daft Punk would have been making had they been raised in the grimy east end of London as opposed to the tree lined streets of Paris. But with tracks such as 'Disco Unusual’ with it’s lush breakdowns and the stabbing sounds of 'Rocket Soul’ that the boys come into their own.

This is a fine collection of tracks with varying tempos and styles but all built around the breakbeat core that the Plumps have always believed in."

See the review here

Monday, 9 June 2008

28 Costumes "Great Stuff"

Subba Cultcha enjoy the arts council funded release from 28 Costumes, "Erika" out 16th June;

"Stirring Indie rock, tender guitar wonkiness bleeds into call n response verses - those driving snares giving it the ragged edge of Springsteen, minus the must n bluster - great stuff!"

Click here for more

The Postmarks, Goodbye" Dreamy melancholic pop"

Subba Cultcha's take on The Postmarks debut single "Goodbye";

"Dreamy melancholic pop with the charm of St Etienne..." click here

The Postmarks God Is In The TV 4 out of 5 Album Review

"South Floridians The Postmarks have no shame in being influenced by the summery shimmer of Brian Wilson's production technique, but fortunately they've got the chops to at least bring their own invention to the table. Opener 'Goodbye' is a delightfully shiny twinkly pop tune that craftily marries quite bittersweet lyrics to a buoyant tune, the defiant march of somebody walking out on a bad relationship.

The same cutesy-sombre sound bleeds through the album, lead singer Tim Yehezkely has a strange kind of processed sounding voice - or perhaps its just been a touch over-produced - but she manages to convey both a sense of passion and distance in a kind of twee-robot way. It contrasts nicely with the rich instrumentation on display here; impressively arranged by the band's remaining members - Jon Wilkins and Christopher Moll.

Despite the obvious 'Beach Boys' influence and sunshine coast upbringing there's something pleasingly rain-soaked about the tunes here, as if staring out the window at the coast as the storm clouds spit down on your holiday plans. This is a refreshing touch in a time when too many bands are striving, struggling and failing to capture that sun-kissed sixties sound. This is not a great album, it suffers from being a touch too slumberous, but it's a dreamy, lucid record that stands out amongst the rather lazy pop that swamps the airwaves in the late-spring / early-summer."

Click here for the full review

Alex Gaudino "Watch Out" Added to Virgin Media

Alex Gaudino ft Shena's "Watch Out" in shops today has been added to Virgin Media's top videos - click here

Total Fitness Music Feature in the Mirror

Total Fitness Music's "Ultimate Bikini Body Workout Mix" features in today's Mirror!

"You know how it is, you've finally dragged yourself to the gym and just climbed on the treadmill for a gentle warm up when a speedy dance track comes on.

Suddenly you feel as if you should be going faster, and before the chorus is out you're bright red and puffing.

Try the Ultimate Bikini Body Workout Mix, £7.99 to help you pace yourself. It's a 90 minute collection of hits by bands like Girls Aloud and Scissor Sisters and comes with a workout programme.

It starts with a 15 minute warm up section to get your heart going, followed by an hour of tunes to keep your momentum going. A 15 minute wind down section lets you get your breath back.

Available on the internet from June 22nd - log on to

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ejectorseat "Not My Girl" All Gigs Review 2 (!)

The second review for Ejectorseat from All Gigs!

"Oodles of friendly melody is piled on top of reflective lyrics, delivered by wiry vocals that rise like inflation, only this time it’s a hold that you won’t mind hanging over you. Dance floor inducers, Ejectorseat shoot out a zap of the White Rose Movement, bringing energy and inhibition releasing tendencies out, through their electro flair. Then the tenderness of the Delays rests underneath, giving ‘Not My Girl’ almost a celebration of dejection.

Front man, Pete Backler flits his range around like a tequila guzzling raven, but his elasticity reaches a peak in ‘To Be More Animal’. Whereby, he teases through a stammering cry to then delve deep inside, finding the James Dean Bradfield in himself (there’s some of him in us all, don’t you think?), to give off searching bemusement. Percussive prominence is provided courtesy of Hurricane Andrew Foster, to dominate the spindling ‘Hopeless And Emotional’. This effectively renders a good start to this series of three track EPs that will well and truly, announce the landing of this restless outfit."

Read the full review here

Ejectorseat "Not My Girl" All Gigs Review 1 (!)

The first of two reviews for Ejectorseat on All Gigs;

"Like the perfect guest at a drag themed house party, ‘Not My Girl’ is cheerful, glittery and doesn’t outstay its welcome. Opening with “I know I’m weak, but I’m all you’ve got,” over stripped down guitars, it takes twenty-five seconds before the band add a dose of electro-synth sparkle. The chorus of “She’s not my girl any more” is simple enough to stay in your head and sit there smugly, refusing to move for days.

‘To be more animal’ dispenses with the guitar-band deception of ‘Not my Girl’s opening, diving straight into a keyboard riff underwritten by stomping drums (kudos to the drummer for a great snare sound). There are echoes of Panic at the Disco! in the minor key melodies the are bought to mind again in ‘Hopeless and emotionless’ with its driving 4\4 lyrics setting the rhythm.
Altogether, an impressive EP. Ejectorseat are doing something different and if their live performances have the energy of this offering they will be well worth tracking down on their next tour."

See the full feature here

The Just Music Cafe Album 'Acoustic And Beats' Sleeve

Forthcoming compilation from Just Music - we love this sleeve!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sonny J Megamix On Popjustice

Sonny J's album megamix is available as a free download from Popjustice today;

"If you haven't yet realised that Sonny J's 'Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)' is one of the songs of the summer you're a fool to yourself but that's not what we're here today to discuss.

On today's agenda: the fact that Sonny J has knocked together a megamix of songs from his album, 'Disastro', for Popjustice viewers to download.

Not a 'mixtape'.

Not a 'sampler'.

A megamix.


We've chucked it on ZShare do you can download the MP3. Caution: it's literally quite good. Click here to download it now (or just give it a quick listen online)."

See the full feature here

Alex Gaudino Behind The Scenes & Interview Sun Online

Alex Gaudino talks to The Sun Online about his single "Watch Out" and about Euro 2008..

"It doesn't get much better than scantily clad hotties with plenty of ball control dancing around in the latest ALEX GAUDINO video.
So we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the girls in action, with video assistants drooling over them and a generous helping of bum-skimming shorts. But the loyal footie fan DJ reckons he'd pick a night on the tiles with MARADONA over a date with one of the buxom babes. Chart-topping Alex said: "I love AC Milan. I'm a superfan. I can't wait to watch Euro 2008. I'll be supporting Italy. "But I'd have to pick a night out with Maradona over the sexy girls."

Read the full piece and watch the behind the scenes video here

Alex Gaudino Interview on I Like Music

Alex Gaudino talks about his new single "Watch Out" out this week to download

"Alessandro (Alex) Fortunato Gaudino is an Italian DJ best known for his massive hit Destination Calabria. An established act in the music industry, Alex Gaudino founded RISE records in 1998, which became one of the biggest European record labels. Alex is both producer and DJ, having mixed some big names such as Pete Tong and Chris Cox.

Alex is a successful DJ, having played across the globe. This summer you will find him predominantly upon the sunny Ibiza shores, as he takes up a residency in one of the party island's most famous clubs - Eden. ilikemusic caught up with Alex while he was in London to chat about the release of his latest single Watch Out, being on tour and making tunes.

"I Like Music because… it is my life" ALEX GAUDINO

ILM: Your new single Watch Out is out now. Can you give us your own personal description of the track?

Alex: We were looking for an idea, so we could get the same vibe as Destination Calabria. When you are looking for a new idea you need to find inspiration. We found that in the sample we used, which was the horns from Pig Bag's hit, 'Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag'

ILM: You've got a big international tour coming up - How do you prepare for your DJ sets and what do you look forward to the most?

Alex: I look forward to DJing. It is what it is about. My first love is DJing. I just try to get records that I like and that I think will be suitable for my DJ set. I try to find tracks that will work. It depends on how I am feeling and where I am playing. The biggest gig I have ever played was in Brazil to 65,000 people which was amazing!"

Read the full interview here

Basshunter "All I Ever Wanted" on Bebo Homepage!

Basshunter's new video for "All I Ever Wanted" features on the Bebo Music Homepage today!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Padma MusicOMH Album Review

Great album review for Padma on MusicOMH! Padma's debut album "Here" is out today

"'Here' is as musically straightforward as its title suggests. For Padma is a man of few airs and graces, with no false gestures or emotions on show at any point in this record.
Emotional depth is here in abundance, however, and there is a deep seated blend of melancholy and contentment running through both music and lyrics. The contentment seems to come from the author's survival of a brain haemorrhage three years ago, though he maintains in his blog this hasn't changed his overall view of life.

This album could well have been called 'Home', were it not for Padma's frequent travelling and nomadic lifestyle. So home is where he is at the moment, and when you listen to the record it feels like he's in the same room with you.

The lyrics are well-crafted, wry, and at times deeply affecting, spun over a simple accompaniment that often comprises just the guitar, with occasional backing vocals and spatial effects. It deviates little from this format, but given the approach doesn't need to. Only in Buddha Energy is there a real group of people present, the final chorus given a communal feel.

Single Spacefood And Balloons is lyrically entertaining, though there are gems elsewhere. "If the world was a nicer place, well I'd throw my drugs away", he sings. Or, on Pilot, comes the sort of lyric that makes you reach for the rewind function, when he sings "didn't you notice, I've been lying here with high heeled sneakers on". More profound is the opening Half A Person, a softly spoken memorial that observes, "when you were here I thought I was so strong, now you're's so wrong."

The album works on two levels - first as very pleasant, calming background music to start or finish the day two - or second as a set of well-versed observations on life and its emotions. If you can make the time for it, the rewards are plenty."

Read the full feature here

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Basshunter Fever On YouTube!

Basshunter's new single "All I Ever Wanted" was added to YouTube exactly 48hours ago.. in that short space of time, its had 131,000 views, 452 ratings, 556 comments and has been favourited 711 times.. most amazing of all - it currently has 67 honours, ranking at number 1 in many, figures coming in from all over the globe!