Thursday, 30 August 2007

Deborah Harry God Is In The TV Review

Review from the cool zine God Is In The TV for Deborah Harry

Unlike Madonna, Debbie Harry still has life pumping through her veins. Her first solo outing for fourteen years, “Necessary Evil” is a strategic tour de force, incorporating elements of almost of her musical excursions, while keeping the style relatively close to the band that propelled her to superstardom, Blondie.

While this is only a five track sampler, it’s certainly obvious that “Necessary Evil” is a veritable platter of influences, with each track taking a different approach musically, yet all remain stamped with her idiosyncratic vocal stylings. As the album progresses, the songs become more experimental, with “Charm Alarm” and the obscurely delivered “Whiteout” being the most abstract, with a Kate Nash, or even Lilly Allen brat-like nuance. However, each chorus the album offers is jam packed with the anthemic guitars, straight ahead drums, and elegant cool that graced the best of Blondie’s material.
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Honeyroot Where I Belong Review on MusicOMH

Another brilliant review for Honeyroot, this from MusicOMH

Where I Belong is taken from the new Honeyroot album The Sun Will Come, and while the full package is a slow burner, the single is one of its more immediately sun-kissed moments.
A playful Ska beat over summery pop melodies, helped along by the tones of country chanteuse Kim Richey, combines to make a near-perfect tune that's arrived conveniently and concurrently with decent bank holiday weather.
Imagine it shimmering out from a beachfront boombox, warm beer in one hand and the sand between your toes. This isn't the most obvious outcome you might guess could emerge from a union of Glenn Gregory and a Nashville lovely, but there are no complaints from here.

Great Freaks The Creeps Review on MusicOMH

Brilliant review for Freaks "The Creeps" on MusicOMH
I'm not a big pop fan. There, I've said it. I don't really do clubs (not since that incident that I can't really talk about). I most certainly don't dance; as one great man said "real men don't dance; they sit, sweat and curse."
Still, every so often a single comes along that makes me question my judgement. This is one of those singles. You've probably heard it already seeing as it's been all over the radio since forever. In fact, listening to it now I'm almost filled with nostalgia.
Taking the idea that all you need is one good hook; The Creeps is ridiculously catchy and addictive. Sounding like an unlikely pairing of Peaches and Sugababes, the vocals are immaculate, suggestive and filthy. The bass line is equally dirty, squelching away like a swamp at the bottom of a sewer overflow pipe. But the real hit obviously comes at the chorus which feels less like a catchy line and more like an order "now that you got it, get on the dancefloor."
All of a sudden I've bought myself a sailor suit, a feather boa, I'm polishing the soles of my shoes and heading to the club. Sometimes there's only so much sitting, sweating and cursing you can do.
Be warned: this tune might do strange things to you.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Reading Festival 2007

Nursing sore feet, throat and head after Reading - weather held out and was excellent, as were most of the bands on the NME Radio One Stage I was stage managing - personal highlights, The Foo Fighters planning a secret gig, The Foo Fighters cancelling their secret gig, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Ash, Enter Shikari (thoroughly nice blokes), The Enemy, The View & Aiden, the latter for his attempts to start a riot by inviting the audience on the stage, those that would make it would get £10. Thankfully, Rab & Co in the pit kept this fee down to just £30 and the lucky three watched the rest of the set from the viewing platform..

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sonny J "Can't Stop Moving"

Sonny J's excellent "Can't Stop Moving" is getting its full release in late September / early October on $tateside Records, part of EMI - to be shortly followed by the debut album "Disastro".. here's the video on Sonny J TV:

Friday, 10 August 2007


We're patting ourselves on the back today at Tomorrow Never Knows.. Booty Luv's "Don't Mess With My Man" is a video exclusive on the Mirror, from the homepage, and gets a mention in the 3am column in the paperOut Of Office's "Hands Up" is a video exclusive on The Sun, linked from the homepage AND Honeyroot's excellent album "The Sun Will Come" gets a 4 out of 5 review online and in the paper!

Booty Luv "Don't Mess With My Man" Mirror Video Exclusive
"They've come a long way since their Big Brovaz days... here's Cherise & Nadia in new duo Booty Luv - performing their latest single "Don't Mess With My Man" out next month. It follows their hit Boogie 2Nite which sold 200,000 copies!"
Out Of Office "Hands Up" The Sun Video Exclusive "Hands Up For A Steamy Video - he tune, which is set to be massive, has already been doing the rounds in Ibiza clubs and has received words of praise from ROGER SANCHEZ and PETE TONG." Read the full feature here

Honeyroot "The Sun Will Come" Album Review "This is a blissful album which is a masterpiece of precise musicianship" Read the full review here

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Popjustice "Proof That The Booty Luv Album Is Amazing"

Popjustice Daily Pop Briefing:
"Most of our copies of the Booty Luv album sampler have, mysteriously, vanished from the Popjustice offices. We have no idea where they went but we can only assume that the cleaner is having a gay old time listening to them all at her house.

All is not lost however, since Booty Luv (or the people employed to act as Booty Luv in an online capacity) have put a megamix of the album sampler on the Booty Luv MySpace page. Even though 'Don't Mess With My Man' is good, you need to know that it is the second track that you need to pay attention too – 'Some Kinda Rush' is possibly the best Booty Luv track to date and it is not a cover version." More here!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Archangel - A Subba Cultcha Single Of The Month

Another great review for Archangel's "Physical Energy" :

"Bewitchingly catchy at their best, Archangel take the very essence of a balmy summer afternoon and instil it through some jumpy indie rock curves that are impossible to dodge. Never in your face, the songs allure is purely charm based, and one you wont want to resist"
a Subba Cultcha Single Of The Month