Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Maxim Album Of The Week Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008

Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008 is Maxim's Album Of The Week.

"Album of the Week - Gorge yourself on mighty Hard2Beat anthems and accompanying sexy girls vid!
There's nothing subtle about this 2-disc compilation: it's ballsy, foot-stompery dance anthem lunacy, designed for dancefloors reeking of sweat and WKD. It's got some nifty tunes though - by the likes of Sash!, Basshunter and Utah Saints - not that your neighbours will necessarily agree!"

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Friday, 25 April 2008

Dimitri From Paris Return To The Playboy Mansion Maxim's Album Of The Week

"The suave DJ legend returns to the Playboy Mansion for some chic sensual groovin'. While the first disc is an eclectic mix of swanky disco chic, the second disc - by Dimitri's own admission - is designed for lovemaking. It's got Barry White and Marvi Gaye on it, for Eros' sake. And ogling the Playboy beauty on the cover can only heighten the mood."

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Thursday, 24 April 2008

September "Cry For You" Featured On MSN!

September's "Cry For You" is featured on MSN's music player, alongside Kylie, Duffy and The Last Of The Shadow Puppets!

Basshunter "3 Weeks Later..." YouTube

Following on from the Bebo exclusive, "3 Weeks Later..." is flying on YouTube, with receiving two honours overnight!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Basshunter "3 Weeks Later.." on Bebo Homepage

"3 Weeks Later..." is short film showing what happened after the couple in the "Now You're Gone" video left the club - it shows them planning a holiday away together, as well as a snippet of the new Basshunter single "Please Don't Go" - this video is currently on the Bebo Music Homepage!

Part two of the story will follow in early May, ahead of the official video towards the end of May.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008 MySpace Homepage

Hard2Beat's Club Anthems 2008 gets a slot on the MySpace homepage the day it gets released! Click here to view

September "Cry For You" Number 5!

September's "Cry For You" entered the UK chart at number 5 this weekend, giving Hard2Beat its 3rd Top 5 single in a row!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Good Week For Tomorrow Never Knows...

Good, even a great week for Tomorrow Never Knows... homepage feature on MySpace for James, homepage feature on Bebo for September, music homepage and main feature on The Sun Online for September, Artist Spotlight on the Music Homepage on YouTube for Archangel, as well as featuring on the Music Week homepage for their laptop filmed rehearsal.

Chart wise, James's album "Hey Ma" entered the chart at 10, and we're working with 5 records in this week's top 40, September entered the chart at 9 from digital downloads alone, this is higher than label mates Basshunter & H'two'O, Utah Saints at 17, H'two'O at 21, Basshunter at 25 and Cahill Ft Nikki Belle's "Trippin On You" in at 36

Friday, 11 April 2008

Archangel Music Week Featured Video!

Archangel's "Not The Man You Think I Am" live session video has caught the attention of industry bible Music Week, who have the video on their homepage!

"Stealing Portishead's spot on the YouTube Music homepage, here is the band's session at the Palace Studios - they play Soho Revue on Tuesday 15 April. Check them out."

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Archangel YouTube Artist Spotlight!

Archangel are currently featured on the YouTube Music Homepage as their Artist Spotlight, where all 4 of the bands videos are featured!

"They're animators, make films, and still find the time to be in a band: meet Archangel, DIY rockers overflowing with artistic attitude."

September Sun Exclusive & Music Homepage!

The behind the scenes for September's "Cry For You" is today's headlines on the Sun Online's Music Homepage!

"MUSIC industry cutbacks are starting to bite – the foxy models on SEPTEMBER’s latest video shoot only had one latex body suit to share between them all. I’ve got my hands on some backstage footage of the steamy promo and am happy to share it with you.
And brave dancer STEPHANIE, whose red bra and knicker-clad form featured heavily in HTWOO’s latest clip, had to suffer for her art. With only one suit available she had the unenviable task of stepping into the sweat-drenched item after pretty frontwoman September had finished her scenes. "Cry For You" has been a massive hit all over Europe and is set to be a big smash when its released here.

Click here to see the full feature, and to watch the behind the scenes!

September "Cry For You" Featured Video on Bebo Music Homepage!

September launches her new Bebo profile in style with a Bebo Music homepage feature! "Cry For You" is out digitally this week, as has jumped into the iTunes dance chart at 1, and the main chart at 4!

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Ejectorseat "Not My Girl" Subba Cultcha Review

"Effervescent Indie pop with an electro-like shimmer, ES are like a modern Bis, lets just hope their sell by date isn’t as short…"

More on Ejectorseat here

James MySpace Homepage!

James, whose new album "Hey Ma" is out this week, are featured on the MySpace homepage, with a video recorded last week at the bands rehearsal studios! They've also uploaded an exclusive interview, where the band interview themselves - more tracks will follow!

Click here to see the MySpace homepage, "Hey Ma" video and interview are below;

Hey Ma - Live at The Premises Rehearsal Studio

James Interview

Archangel In Session

Archangel have recorded a 5 track live session at the bands Palace Studios whilst rehearsing for the Shortwave Set support on Tuesday at the Soho Revue Bar - this is "Not The Man You Think I Am" Live.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Dimitri From Paris BBC Album Review

Dimitri from Paris - "Return To The Playboy Mansion" reviewed on the Music site;

"The sequel to Dmitri's 2000 album, A Night At The Playboy Mansion, suggests, quite literally, that there are two sides to this Parisian playboy DJ – the 'Party' side, and the 'Sexy' side. Don't call him shallow, though: These two discs – the first concentrating on upbeat grooves, lush disco and jazz-funk, the second a more sensual, downtempo collection – suggest Dmitri has developed quite a skill for pushing his listener's buttons."

Read the full album review here

James MusicOMH Album Review

Another great album review from MusicOMH;

"This wasn't supposed to happen. But then with all the band reunions taking place over the last couple of years, the reigniting of the James fires had a certain inevitability.
The group's critics will, of course, be totally unmoved at the prospect of a rejuvenated Tim Booth crusading at their ears once again, but for others such as yours truly who regard the band's work with Brian Eno as verging on the masterly, it's a privilege we didn't expect.

It's clear this isn't a return with an eye on the cash till either - James are back because they have fire in their belly and music to stoke it with, and it shows in the depth of emotion unleashed by this album. They just happen to be best making it together. Booth leads the charge, going for broke against a whole range of issues, but in doing so sounding more at peace than he has for a while."

Read the full article here

James Album Review

Great album review on the BBC's Music pages;

"Back in 1991, there wasn't a sixth form disco dance floor in the country that didn't fill to bursting point whenever James's anthem, Sit Down, was played. After an early career plodding away worthily in the indie backwaters, Tim Booth and his chums suddenly realised that an unsubtle combination of baggy beats and a football chant chorus could catapult them to stardom and lo and behold, they had a number two hit.
James remained a big-selling act throughout the ensuing decade and now, after a seven year hiatus, they're back in the studio with comeback album, Hey Ma. Like most other bands that reappear after a long absence, they've smartly decided to ensure they satisfy their old fan base by making minimal changes to their sound, although Hey Ma is closer in style to Laid than the Gold Mother-era crowd pleasing that spawned Sit Down."

Read the full review here - James's "Hey Ma" is out now

The Energies "Beyond The End"

The award winning "Beyond The End" video by The Energies continues to rack up views, passing the 150k mark over the weekend!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

MySpace Homepage : Win VIP Tickets To Dimitri From Paris Album Launch Party!

Dimitri from Paris is launching his album 'Return to the Playboy Mansion' at a VIP party at Ministry of Sound this weekend. Be the first to hear an exclusive set featuring some of the best tracks from the album, which is out on 21st April 2008.

Click here to enter!

Archangel Still Featured On MySpace Music Homepage

Archangel are still featured on the MySpace Music Homepage, with their self made video for "Not The Man You Think I Am" - Nick & the band have also been busy rehearsing for their upcoming support to The Shortwave Set on the 15th April.

Trippin' On You is today's Record Of The Day!

Cahill ft Nikki Belle's "Trippin' On You" is today's Record Of The Day - perfect timing for the Radio 1 playlist meeting! The track has also moved up to number 4 on the Shazam chart.

"3 Beat Blue, a label from the Liverpool record shop 3 Beat, establish their crossover merits with this instant and euphoric house number, which grew from their popular promo in northern clubs. Cahill are Liverpool's DJ Anton Powers and Tim Condran with Cheshire producer Scott Rosser. The vocal comes from Nikki Belle, who provided vocals on Mousse T's 'Horny'. The impressive achievements for this record continue to pile up. It is playlisted at R1 (where it was a Greg James Record of the Week) and at Capital, Kiss FM as well as the A-list at Galaxy. It's also No2 on the Shazam pre-release charts."

Visit Record Of The Day here

Liverpool's Modern Music Scene, 28 Costumes & Seal Cubs feature

Drowned In Sound focus on Liverpool's wealth of talent, including The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, 28 Costumes, Hot Club de Paris, The Wombats, goFASTER>>.

"Nik Glover, frontman of The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, prog-pop masters who are one of Merseyside's most original acts of the moment, leads a band that like The Coral comes from 'over the water' on the Wirral peninsula. They still class themselves as a 'Liverpool band'. But, he also thinks that the 'friendly' scene in the city can also have the air of an exclusive club about it sometimes, for those outside this tight-knit circle:

"There's the whole lifestyle thing about Liverpool," says Nik. "I've got no problem with that, I wouldn't mind being part of that if they actually had a good venue to play at. But we're actually quite choosy about the venues that we play at, because we want really, really good sound. But we can't be part of that scene whether we want to be or not, but I don't think we really sit in with any of the Liverpool groups. We're not weird enough to play at Class A Audio (more of them later) and we're not cool enough to play at Korova really."

Read the full feature here

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, Drowned In Sound Review

Drowned In Sound review The Seal Cub Clubbing Club's May EP - (out now on Boon(e) Recordings)

"Shriek-along indie-rock played fast and tight, but weirdly lacking anything nearing a catchy hook, this comeback EP (of sorts) by the still-excellently-named The Seal Cub Clubbing Club fizzes and spits colours of fun without really encouraging its audience to join in the party the band’s so obviously having. That’s the title track, anyway; ‘Tin Drum’ is a change of pace and mood comparable slightly with this week’s overall winner, albeit without the glossy production. So, something lovely, something peculiarly listless: a package to take a chance on if you’ve pocket change to spare."

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Future Loop Foundation : Drowned In Sound Review

Future Loop Foundation's "Sunshine Philosophy EP" released by Just Music, is reviewed on Drowned In Sound;

"Led by Rob da Bank and Chris Coco’s remix of the titular track, this brief EP presents three songs as a taster of Future Loop Foundation’s forthcoming The Fading Room album. It’s a patchwork of vocal samples, acoustic guitar pickings and woozy Orb-like beats. Pleasant, easy going, nice. Could do with a cool cocktail and a sun-kissed balcony to make it that bit more special, mind. The album could be one to treasure."

See the full piece here!

September "Cry For You" On Digital Spy

"From the people who brought us Basshunter and H 'two' O featuring Platnum comes another unstoppable club tune with chart crossover potential. Wait… come back! 'Cry For You (You'll Never See Me Again)' - the third single released by newly-formed label for "dance fanatics" Hard2Beat - is actually a pretty decent record.

Already a hit in September's native Sweden and on the US dance chart, it's a surprisingly affecting Eurodance number, a record that's both relentlessly danceable and desperately sad. Will it cause that other Swedish pop blonde any sleepless nights? Nah, it's not original enough for that. Will it give Robyn a few "large ones" if she's out and on the sambuca over the next few weeks? You betcha."

Read the full article here.

September is currently number one on Shazam!