Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Dirty Disco featured on "We Are Not A Rock Band"

"It’s not very often that you see things in these times that are literally shocking. In the world we live in today, everybody is a film star/ghetto fabulous diva/superstar dj. So, perhaps it’s no wonder then that from this mangled post MTV hype zeitgeist, a creature has spawned so bizarre and so colourful that all who encounter shim (this beast has more genders than a budget tranny convention), can’t fight the urge to rush out and paint the town yellow in a haze of sequins, glitter and dodgy mascara. I’m talking about The Dirty Disco of course, a new chapter in the melting pot of modern pop culture. Drawing influences from pretty much everywhere, the basis of their sound is dance fueled pop rock with a refreshingly authentic ‘Don’t give a fuck’ attitude that seems to seep from every pore.

Their latest track ‘Sista!’ went on sale on iTunes last Sunday and is already closing in on the top 20 in the dance chart. It’s a heady mix of FX processed vocals, funky guitar licks and 80’s synth madness that has the capacity to rock stadiums, dance floors and every platform in between. As with all great crossover acts the single release is part of an e.p. of remixes by the prolific Joystick Disco and the talented Nathan C (who is currently smashing up beatport), both of which are definitely worth a listen.

The Dirty Disco have a couple of shows coming up which I highly recommend going to if you are into their sound as that is in my mind the best way to experience what they’re about. Check the myspace for details. The pretense is real – Viva La Revolution!!!"

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The Dirty Disco featured on Boom Boom Chik

"So we had talked about The Dirty Disco a little while back. Their glam, electro-pop reminded us a lot of Lady Gaga if she had decided to strap a guitar to her body instead of Kermit the Frog. Anyway, the first single, “Sista”!, was finally released on iTunes for the world to enjoy today, so I suggest you do the same as well. As a free goodie we have a remix by The Dirty Disco for Aussie star Bertie Blackman’s track “Black Cats” for download. Check it out below. enjoy!"

Bertie Blackman "Black Cats" (The Dirty Disco Remix) by Tomorrow Never Knows

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All Gigs Review Of Bertie Blackman's "Black Cats"

"Australian singer-songwriter Bertie Blackman has taken her native Australia by storm and is now ready and hoping to do the same with the UK. Will 'Black Cats' be the song to help her achieve her goal?

The song is very well set up for chart success, with its edgy electronic synch backbeats lushly grabbing in the listener from the off and she has a perfect voice for her brand of club dance-lite pop. In ways it holds good company with La Roux but maybe without the full on attitude. With a few of those dreaded remixes it will certainly become a club favourite over the year and if her forthcoming album 'Secrets And Lies' lives up or even builds upon the foundations set by this solid single then Bertie Blackman will be a name you will hear a lot this year, especially if you like your bopping done in a club. And I mean the dance kind of bopping, not the punching kind."

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Monday, 22 February 2010

Bertie Blackman "Secrets And Lies" Battery In Your Leg Review

"Hot on the heels of my introducing post comes my album review. It’s not often an artist gets a two for the price of one from me. Bertie Blackman is well worth keeping in the front of your mind. The album is pretty close to the top of my pile of promo’s this month. Had it not been for the excellent releases by both Husky rescue and the Communion Club Compilation, Bertie would of been top of the pile.

Described as Australia’s Florence Welch, you can draw the parallels for sure from the opener “Town Of Sorrow”. I bought into the package. I often read the PR hype only to feel cheated by the physical package. With Bertie you can almost taste the blood, sweat and tears that drip in equal measure! Tracks like “Thump” and “Black Cats” show a radio-friendly pop sensibility. Moving through this record you gain a deeper respect for Bertie’s undoubted songwriting abilities. “Come To Bed” is just downright sexy (if that’s politically correct. I dunno in 2010).

There is a certain depth and texture throughout the album that just feels right. “Valentine” is just an amazing vocal delivery that’s every bit as powerful and moving as Florence. This is basically one hell of an album period, gets a 9/10 from me full stop. You have a little while to wait on this one as the UK release date is May 1st on Forum5."

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bertie Blackman "Secrets And Lies" ...And Everyone's A DJ Review

"I spent that long writing my Top Albums Of The Year bit, that when I found something that would upset the balance, I kind of ignored more.

But about 4 days after I published said list, Florence & The Machine's Lungs found it's way unto my desk and I have to say it blew me away. I'm not sure it was the best of the year, but should really have been in my albums of 2009.

Anyway it isn't and we all get on with our brilliant lifes, but if someone gives me a tip on a new artist describing them as 'An Australian Florence" I'm certainly a lot more susceptible to their charms than I would have been 6 months ago.

So this is a remix of Bertie Blackman's single, it's rather good, but I've listened to the album and that's much betterer. I always find it a bit odd when a new artist comes on the scene and they are already proper famous and no-ones ever heard of them, I mean fuckin' hell, surely the UK is the very center of the musical world, isn't it?

Anyway I dunno if anyone from Austrailand reads this, could they please let me know if this Florence is much cop or not?"

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Bertie Blackman "Black Cats" (The Dirty Disco Remix) by Tomorrow Never Knows

Friday, 19 February 2010

The Dirty Disco featured on ElectroQueer

"In case you haven't heard, EQ Live is tonight and The Dirty Disco have planned a mighty set for all of you in which they will be performing their punchy new single "Sista!". The band recently put together a little documentary about their life on the road which sees the band performing with I Blame Coco and shows their funny banter with each other - it's a great little clip for those of you whose curiosities have been peaked with The Dirty Disco.

The Dirty Disco have also recently remixed "Black Cats" by EQ fave Bertie Blackman and you can listen to their stunning re-working of the track above. We'll definitely be spinning this one tonight.

Bertie Blackman "Black Cats" (The Dirty Disco Remix) by Tomorrow Never Knows

So last reminder - If you are free tonight and out-and-about in Londontown, then come on over to Shoreditch for EQ Live. It's a FREE show featuring the best new artists in pop & electronica. If you like discovering new music (and who doesn't really), then EQ Live is your best bet for tonight. See you there."

Click here to visit ElectroQueer and see the feature, click here to read about ElectroQueer Live with The Dirty Disco, Red Blooded Women, Mr Fogg and more!

Bertie Blackman "Black Cats"

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Guilfest 2010 Announcement

N-DUBZ and JUST JACK confirmed for GuilFest 2010!!!!

GuilFest 2010’s already fantastic line up for July 16/17/18 continues to amaze with these two incredible new confirmations, set to appear on the Main Stage at Stoke Park on Saturday 17th July 2010.

With over 500,000 albums sold, 3 MOBO awards, a sold out UK tour, six top40 UK hits and a Number One UK single, N-DUBZ strike a more than impressive profile. Championed by NME magazine as “The Voice of Youth”; the trio have taken the world by storm - brilliantly balancing street smart with broad appeal. Collaborations with Tynchy Stryder, Mr Hudson, Chipmunk, Wiley and Gary Barlow under their belt, N-DUBZ have continued their prolific rise to superstardom throughout the past year. Organisers are delighted to welcome the band to the Main Stage at GuilFest for the first time this July.

Best known for his hit songs, Writers Block, The Day I Died and Starz in There Eyes (the latter reaching Number 2 in the UK singles charts) JUST JACK has become a prominent name in the music world, with his unique blend of Dance, pop, hip hop and garage music. A collaboration with none other than Kylie Minogue, and performances on Later.. with Jools Holland, at Glastonbury, V Festival and T4 on the Beach have been just some of the highlights of his career so far. You can catch Just Jack on the Main Stage at GuilFest on Saturday 17th July.

N-Dubz and Just Jack join the already announced headliners for this year’s festival Orbital, The Human League and Status Quo, appearing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

In this, its 19th year, GuilFest 2010 will once again see the best in live music, comedy and theatre spread over 3 days of sun-drenched cultural brilliance. The line up will continue to grow over the coming weeks, and you can expect to see over 200 acts performing at the now famous venues throughout the site, including The Rock Cave, Dance Tent, Live Club Stages, Theatre Tent, Acoustic Lounge and Comedy Zone.

For late night fun, GuilFest 2010 will see the return of our hugely popular 70s disco, Farmer Giles Barn Dance, and The Rock Disco.

New for 2010! Ceroc dancing at GuilFest! The fusion of jive and salsa that is currently sweeping the nation will be given its own area at GuilFest 2010. So come and experience this exciting craze at this year’s festival!

For a full line up of bands, attractions and facilities please visit our website

GuilFest 2010 looks set to be the most successful to date and tickets are selling fast so get your tickets quick!

Tickets are on sale now, available on-line at or by calling Seetickets on 0871 230 1106

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bertie Blackman Film & Live London Dates

Here's a brilliant short film about Bertie Blackman to kick start your day, in which she talks about her background and influences whilst creating one of her unique and highly sort after paintings.

Bertie is on tour in the UK next week - if you'd like to come along, or have time for an interview, please let me know;

February 2010 – Black Cats Tour Dates (more dates tbc)
Tuesday 16th - The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London
Wednesday 17th - The Flowerpot, Kentish Town, London
Thursday 18th - Go West at Madame Jo Jo's, Soho, London
Friday 19th - Club NME at Koko, Camden, London
Monday 22nd - Curious Generation, Hoxton Bar & Grill, London
Saturday 27th - The Barfly, Camden, London