Monday, 22 February 2010

Bertie Blackman "Secrets And Lies" Battery In Your Leg Review

"Hot on the heels of my introducing post comes my album review. It’s not often an artist gets a two for the price of one from me. Bertie Blackman is well worth keeping in the front of your mind. The album is pretty close to the top of my pile of promo’s this month. Had it not been for the excellent releases by both Husky rescue and the Communion Club Compilation, Bertie would of been top of the pile.

Described as Australia’s Florence Welch, you can draw the parallels for sure from the opener “Town Of Sorrow”. I bought into the package. I often read the PR hype only to feel cheated by the physical package. With Bertie you can almost taste the blood, sweat and tears that drip in equal measure! Tracks like “Thump” and “Black Cats” show a radio-friendly pop sensibility. Moving through this record you gain a deeper respect for Bertie’s undoubted songwriting abilities. “Come To Bed” is just downright sexy (if that’s politically correct. I dunno in 2010).

There is a certain depth and texture throughout the album that just feels right. “Valentine” is just an amazing vocal delivery that’s every bit as powerful and moving as Florence. This is basically one hell of an album period, gets a 9/10 from me full stop. You have a little while to wait on this one as the UK release date is May 1st on Forum5."

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