Wednesday, 24 February 2010

All Gigs Review Of Bertie Blackman's "Black Cats"

"Australian singer-songwriter Bertie Blackman has taken her native Australia by storm and is now ready and hoping to do the same with the UK. Will 'Black Cats' be the song to help her achieve her goal?

The song is very well set up for chart success, with its edgy electronic synch backbeats lushly grabbing in the listener from the off and she has a perfect voice for her brand of club dance-lite pop. In ways it holds good company with La Roux but maybe without the full on attitude. With a few of those dreaded remixes it will certainly become a club favourite over the year and if her forthcoming album 'Secrets And Lies' lives up or even builds upon the foundations set by this solid single then Bertie Blackman will be a name you will hear a lot this year, especially if you like your bopping done in a club. And I mean the dance kind of bopping, not the punching kind."

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