Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Dirty Disco featured on "We Are Not A Rock Band"

"It’s not very often that you see things in these times that are literally shocking. In the world we live in today, everybody is a film star/ghetto fabulous diva/superstar dj. So, perhaps it’s no wonder then that from this mangled post MTV hype zeitgeist, a creature has spawned so bizarre and so colourful that all who encounter shim (this beast has more genders than a budget tranny convention), can’t fight the urge to rush out and paint the town yellow in a haze of sequins, glitter and dodgy mascara. I’m talking about The Dirty Disco of course, a new chapter in the melting pot of modern pop culture. Drawing influences from pretty much everywhere, the basis of their sound is dance fueled pop rock with a refreshingly authentic ‘Don’t give a fuck’ attitude that seems to seep from every pore.

Their latest track ‘Sista!’ went on sale on iTunes last Sunday and is already closing in on the top 20 in the dance chart. It’s a heady mix of FX processed vocals, funky guitar licks and 80’s synth madness that has the capacity to rock stadiums, dance floors and every platform in between. As with all great crossover acts the single release is part of an e.p. of remixes by the prolific Joystick Disco and the talented Nathan C (who is currently smashing up beatport), both of which are definitely worth a listen.

The Dirty Disco have a couple of shows coming up which I highly recommend going to if you are into their sound as that is in my mind the best way to experience what they’re about. Check the myspace for details. The pretense is real – Viva La Revolution!!!"

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