Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Honeyroot's "Where I Belong" is Record Of The Day!

A great start to the day, we secured Honeyroot's new single "Where I Belong" as Record Of The Day!

Where I Belong is the lovely second single from the new album The Sun Will Come by Honeyroot (who are Glenn Gregory, formerly of Heaven 17, and Keith Lowndes). The album has picked up plenty of critical praise from all corners (One Week To Live, Janice Long, Tom Robinson) with comparisons being made to Morcheeba, Royksopp, Zero 7 and Massive Attack. It's certainly an electronica record with a lot of soul - this track in particular, thanks to the warming vocals of Nashville singer songwriter Kim Richey. Published by Just Publishing, the album is available for licensing worldwide.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Popjustice's Verdict On Booty Luv Album Sampler!

We popped into see Popjustice on Friday and gave them a copy of the 6 track Booty Luv album sampler.. here's their verdict!

"There are moments in history so earth-shattering and of such deep significance that their impact on the collective consciousness of the human race is undeniable. The first Moon landing. The JFK assassination. The moment we first heard about the tragic death of The Lovely Lady Diana Princess Of Wales.

Whatever you are doing now and wherever you are, you will all remember this exact time and place for the rest of your lives.

You will have this memory scorched into your brain for all eternity because it is now you will find out that...


Continues here

Archangel "Physical Energy" Out Now!

Archangel's "Physical Energy" is out today - loads of indies around the country stocking the super thick limited 7" vinyl, full list here, and thanks to AWAL, its also available to download on iTunes.

Two great reviews in, first one from Click Music
"The second release from London based Archangel sees the art indie upstarts take on the mantle of early Cure and 80's Bowie. With dark undertones and mournful harmonies, the band are touching the darkest sinews that many bands willingly avoid. The song relies on a menacing keyboard bassline and juddering drums that sit on the precipice of violence without peering too far over the edge. There's a melancholic fear that shows itself in the melody, but this is not to be mistaken for sounding depressing. Far from it - the song is of the sort that would appear in an indie club as the night is wearing on and needs an injection of energy. 3/5"

Second from Disorder Magazine, featured on their MySpace page:
"Despite the stuttering pace of 'Physical Energy', with its timely handclaps and short beats, this is deceptively languid. The repetition of the synth gives the lull of chill, but it's without a doubt clear that Archangel are influenced by something far more gritty and dystopian. A band to keep a beady eye on. 4/5"

Deborah Harry - Popjustice Song Of The Day!

A great start to the week - Deborah Harry's single "Two Times Blue" from her forthcoming solo album is Popjustice's Song Of The Day!

"Is she taking things easy in her 'twilight years'? No she bloody well is not. Debbie Harry is back with a new single and a new haircut. The hair looks nice and the single is good - but it is the Nickel & Dime remix where things really get going. 'Two Times Blue' is a modern , electronic version of 'Maria' which, as one of the best Blondie singles not to have been recorded in the 70s, is a good one to copy.

More here

Friday, 27 July 2007

Africa unites for 'Flood Aid' concert in Somalia

News Biscuit News Headlines :

Following the broadcast of harrowing television pictures of flood victims in England, several African countries have joined together to try and raise awareness of the disaster. People from all over Africa united at a massive outdoor concert in Somalia under the ‘Make flood history’ banner.

The concert was the brain child of ageing Ethiopian former rock star Scruffy Bob and Tiny Mbono, lead singer of Africa’s biggest rock band. Scruffy said he hoped all Africans would donate whatever they could to help the plight of brothers in another land, in the Vale of Evesham. ‘We are trying to educate our native people, to raise awareness. Our people find the situation difficult to understand. ‘There is a great flood in Oxford,’ they say, ‘and yet the people of Henley thirst.’ They do not know whether to send bottled water or just empty bottles. We do have piles of blankets that you’ve sent us in the past, are they any good to you?’

Nations like Rwanda and Ethiopia ‘put their differences behind them,’ for the duration of the live concert, which was televised across the continent. The organisers also included a video-link to a simultaneous concert in Indonesia, ‘Live Severn,’ with the event host sending a message of hope: ‘Vale people, do not despair; for, by all accounts, it’s not exactly a tsunami, is it?’

There was a noticeable outpouring of emotion during the concert, when footage of the floods was shown, backed by a melancholy rock song. The images of people in England carrying their belongings upstairs and sleeping in community centres will haunt the audience for years to come. The night ended on a more rousing note with Mbono and Scruffy leading a group of musicians, and the crowd in a passionate version of the newly released charity single, ‘Do they know it’s summertime at all?’

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

MTV Bans Freaks "The Creeps" Video

This infectious underground anthem has refused to go away since it first appeared a few years ago, and now thanks to a brand new remix from Vandalism (aka Andy Van) and an insanely catchy full vocal from Freaks vocalist Stella Attar, ‘The Creeps’ is stepping up to a new level and is certain to turn into something of a crossover monster when it’s released this summer!

It’s already causing much mayhem with the key A list jocks and riding very high in the Buzz and Cool Cuts charts. Radio support so far has come from Pete Tong on Radio 1, Kiss 100’s Steve Smart Floorfillers show and the Galaxy network who added it to the playlist 8 weeks before release! Its also been Jo Whiley's Record Of The Week!

The video, featuring a security guard that dreams of being police hero only to stumble across three *dead* cheer leaders has just been banned by MTV UK for being "too scary" for daytime viewing.. see for yourself, it's not that bad is it?

Monday, 23 July 2007

Frenetic Recordings First Release

Following four very successful years running the respected dance label free2air recordings, Craig Dimech has announced the launch of a new venture, Frenetic.
With Top 10 hits from the likes of Jason Nevins, Narcotic Thrust and Mousse T, free2air quickly established itself as one of the key independent dance imprints in the UK.
Craig will continue to do what he loves, signing and releasing quality dance music - the label is off to a flying start with its debut, the highly sought after "Hands Up" by Out Of Office, out 27th August for download, in the shops from 10th September. Tomorrow Never Knows made the following simple holding video for YouTube ahead of the full promo..

Yves Larock Rise Oops - The Sun Online

The skippers in the brilliant Yves Larock video don't always get it spot on, and a new version of the video featuring the out takes, bloopers and cock ups has been taken as an exclusive by The Sun..

"Last month Bizarre predicted Yves Larock's Rise Up would be one of the year's hottest dance tracks. The video for the infectious summer anthem features a selection of Belgium's brightest skip stars showing off an impressive array of tricks. But while the dance moves look mighty impressive in the final cut, as you might expect with such a complicated video, it took quite a few takes to get there! Check out an alternative video of the track featuring a few funny little mess-ups by clicking here"

Friday, 20 July 2007

Honeyroot : Where I Belong Video

&uotGreat track and brilliant video - taken from the album "The Sun Will Come;, this is Honeyroot's "Where I Belong" out at the end of August on Just Music. The album, the second from Honeyroot is getting brilliant reviews across the board, latest from BBC.co.uk/Music, Refresh.com and PitchInvader.com

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Sun : Guilfest 07 Review & Pictures

Following up from the Madness interview there's a great review on The Sun online today for Guilfest 2007 : "Bored of seeing Snow Patrol, Lily Allen and Bloc Party at every single summer festival? Fed up with queuing for half a day to withdraw cash or wading through a sea of urine just to use the toilet? Then you should have been at Guilfest this weekend. Voted the 'UK's best family festival', it does everything to make watching bands as comfortable as possible. It was a nice change to lay in the sun, sip a skinny latte and listen to smooth tunes from the likes of The Magic Numbers" More here

Honeyroot "The Sun Will Come"

A bit of hope in the UK after Rihanna's "Umbrella", Honeyroot's optimistic album "The Sun Will Come" is getting some great reviews - this one on the music pages of the Orange site:

"As the title suggests, it is a hot weather record, a soundtrack to deserted beaches, sands and sunrises. It begins with ‘Goodbye’, a simply beautiful, aching symphony. Then Briony Greenhill turns up to give a bluesy vocal to ‘Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do)’ and another stunning cover - ‘Change Is Gonna Come’." More here

Monday, 16 July 2007

Music Players "Lightning Risk"

Doctors in Vancouver, Canada, have warned that people who wear iPods and other less popular portable media players during a storm could be putting themselves at risk. In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, they describe burns and hearing damage suffered by a patient hit by lightning while using his iPod. The man, who was jogging in a storm, suffered burns to his chest and on his leg where he was wearing the player. Doctors say the man's sweat and metal earphones helped channel the current. Medical experts say electronic devices, such as music players or mobile phones, on their own do not attract lightning, nor the type of music you are listening to, reports that the man was listening to Depeche Mode's "Blasphemous Rumours" are unfounded.. No mention of kite flying or sheltering under a tree, maybe those aren't as dangerous as they once were. The BBC offers this advice

Friday, 13 July 2007

Booty Luv New Single Top's Club Popjustice Playlist

Club Popjustice still exists! Booty Luv's new single "Don't Mess With My Man" tops their playlist:

" If you go tonight you will hear these songs..

» Booty Luv – ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’
» Robyn & Kleerup ‘With Every Heartbeat’
» Beyonce vs Freemasons ‘Green Light’
» Calvin Harris ‘The Girls’
» Rihanna – ‘Umbrella’
» Groove Armada feat Mutya – 'Song 4 Mutya'
» Amerie – ‘Gotta Work’
» Timbaland – ‘The Way I Are’
» Rihanna – ‘Shut Up & Drive’
» Roisin Murphy – ‘Overpowered’

...and various others. 11pm-3am, Trash Palace on Wardour Street, £3 in, cheap booze, etc etc etc"

Guilfest 2007 : The Sun Interview Madness

Guilfest 2007 kicks off today, winner of the Best Family Festival at the UK Festival Awards - we secured an interview with headliners Madness in The Sun :)

"It may not be the biggest festival of the summer, but Guilfest is promising to be the maddest. Legendary British outfit MADNESS are playing the concert, and singer/dancer CHAS SMASH is promising new songs and a look at a mini version of the band. In an exclusive interview, Chas told The Sun Online: "Any kids that are with us, we grab and put on the stage.My daughter was skanking away last time we played London - and she puts me to shame these days! All our kids have done it over the years - it's a long term tryout for a new Mini Madness. And we're hoping to close our set at Guilfest with as many of them with us on stage as possible."

Read the full exclusive interview here

Honeyroot Review on BBC.co.uk!

Honeyroot's album "The Sun Will Come" is reviewed on the music pages of BBC.co.uk!
"Cast any preconceptions aside right now. Although Honeyroot may compromise of Heaven 17 lead singer, Glen Gregory and ex- ABC member Keith Lowndes, this is no rehash of eighties synth pop and certainly doesn’t herald a return of the New Romantics. Instead, what is to be found on this little gem of an album is an eclectic mix of ambient, electronica dusted bliss" More here!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Yves Larock & The Mirror

The Mirror have added Yves Larock's "Rise Up" video to their showbiz jukebox - its the only music video amongst stories about Little Britian going to the US, Kylie doing Doctor Who (not literally) and Posh commenting about marriage problems. Splendid.

28 Costumes

Went to a gig last night for the first time since the smoking ban was introduced in the UK. I'm sure this has been said someway before, but whilst it is refreshing to be able to return home without the stink of fags in your clothes, smokers were infact hiding other nasty sweaty and damp smells in venues, that are much more prominent on the nose :(

The band was the excellent 28 Costumes, who were playing downstairs at The Albany, part of the Real Daniel O' Donnell show, also in attendance was our good friend Pat from Lip Service, who are providing the marketing consultancy for the band.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Booty Luv "Don't Mess With My Man" Popjustice's Song Of The Day!!

"Booty Luv" haven't even mastered their new single yet but they want you lot to be the first to hear this exclusive clip of "Don't Mess With My Man"... there's something about Nadia & Cherise and their winning vocal charisma which really elevates this track.. anyway, this is fucking amazing so let's have a listen"

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Lumidee "Crazy"

Lumidee’s debut single ‘Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)’ was a worldwide smash in 2003 reaching the #3 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100, #2 in Britain, #1 in Germany and topping the pan-European chart – a rare feat for a debut single, and the long over-due follow up "Crazy" featuring Pitbull is out at the end of July.
"Lumidee - Like She Never Left, Super sexy Lumidee of Never Leave You fame tells RWD how she's back and ready to pick up from where she's left off.." Click here for more
"Hot New Music - Latino Harlem flavas from Lumidee" Video of the week feature on Kiss FM
"Uh Oooh, she's back!" Megastar video & review
"Lumidee's debut single was a worldwide smash in 2003, here's the long overdue follow up" Teen Today