Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Sun : Basshunter "I Will Do A Borat"

More coverage for Basshunter - the longest serving number one for a dance track since Eric Prydz "Call On Me"! He's seen off competition from Britney Spears, Leon Jackson & Adele - who will replace him?!

"BASSHUNTER’s JONAS has threatened to sport a BORAT style mankini if his single stays at number one for four weeks.
So please readers, for all our sakes, stop buying the bloody song.

Irritatingly catchy club track Now You’re Gone looks almost certain to claim its third week on the top of the charts on Sunday.

The Swede, who has a penchant for orgies, told us: “No1 for the third week! Jeeez! Now, that’s pretty fantastic!

“In fact, if I make one more week, I will wear a mankini (Borat style) and take some sexy pics, if it’s possible to make sexy in an outfit like that!”

Read the full piece here

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Utah Saints "Something Good 08"

Utah Saints "Something Good 08" Released 17th March, Data Records / Ministry Of Sound

Utah Saints’ ‘Something Good 08’ (Van She Tech Remix) is the biggest dance record of 2008 so far… Already receiving heavy daytime plays on Radio 1 from the likes of Jo Whiley, Annie Mac, Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, and more, it’s also been a staple for the likes of Zane Lowe and Pete Tong, who’ve made it a Hottest Record In The World and Essential New Tune respectively.

Displaying the crossover traits that made the Utah Saints such a formidable force, ‘Something Good 08’, is also picking up huge support at stations ranging from Kiss to XFM, and ILRs across the land. A former No.1 in both the Cool Cuts and Buzz Charts, this release is set to send everyone’s favourite dance band rocketing back to the top of the UK singles charts.

Having sold over 2 million records to date, recorded with the likes of REM’s Michael Stipe, and performed with U2 and others on mega-stadium tours, Utah Saints remain one of the most trail-blazing outfits within electronic music. Following a self-imposed exile, Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis buried the Utah Saints name in the early Noughties (following unreleased albums and contract oblivion), vowing to return under that guise when the time was right. In the meantime they’ve produced and remixed under their Beatvandals moniker, DJed all over the world, and run the highly successful club night, Sugarbeat, in both England and Scotland.

Now ready to take the world by storm once more, Utah Saints are back in 2008, recording new material for a studio album and playing gigs across the UK, with a mix compilation also planned before the year is out.

‘Something Good 08 (Van She Tech Remix)’ first saw the light of day last year, following Australia’s answer to Soulwax, Van She’s, reworking of the Utah’s original 1992 Top 5 hit. Now signed to the all-conquering Data Records for a full release, expect it to follow the label’s 8 Top 10 hits in 2007.

Remixes come from High Contrast, Ian Carey, Prok & Fitch, eSquire, and Bart B More.

For more information, get in touch with us.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Basshunter Keeps Adele Off The Top Spot!

"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements" - the latter, according to Basshunter fans, who have kept Adele off the top spot for a 2nd week, giving "Now You're Gone" its 3rd week at number 1.

The video has now had over 3million views - and 4 "all time" honours, including 32nd Most Discussed Music Video Of All Time, and 50th Most Viewed Of All Time!

Out Of Office Break Of Dawn 2008 : Full Video

Out Of Office got off to a flying start last summer, easily having one of the top five records in Ibiza with their summer smash 'Hands Up'.

If it were at all possible, they have come back with an even bigger club stormer with 'Break Of Dawn' which has organically grown from a very small mail out, into one of the most in demand records the label has had so far -- with djs & record stores inundating Frenetic's office with calls, trying to get their hands on a copy.

This has crossover hit written all over it - Radio 1 B List, Pete Tong's Essential New Tune, Hed Kandi & Galaxy Record Of The Week, playlisted Capital Radio, Kiss Network, GCAP Network, the video has been added to MTV Dance, B4, Chart Show TV, Flaunt & Clubland TV

Originally a hit for Rhythm On The Loose back in August 1995, which in turn sampled the vocals from the
70's Salsoul classic 'Let No Man Put Asunder' by First Choice, this has been re-vocaled by Michael's partner
in crime (and sister) Marcella Woods who also appeared on 'Hands Up'.

With anthem status already assured, we have boldly avoided remix mania on this one -- we think there's no need. The hit is in the original after all...

Release dates:
Download From : 11th February 2008
In Shops From : 18th February 2008

Friday, 25 January 2008

Basshunter 4music Interview "I'd Share No.1 With Britney!"

4Music have interviewed Basshunter, and this is a teaser feature on the forthcoming piece:

"Swedish dance star Basshunter has revealed to 4Music that he is willing to share his current number one place in the singles chart with Britney Spears to cheer her up.

The 'Now You're Gone' star, 23, who held hotly-tipped newcomer Adele of the top spot last Sunday, told us that he'd happily let Britney reign with him if it would make her feel better.

"Leave Britney alone! She is having a little rough time and I've been telling my fans on my homepage to go into her homepage or her MySpace and just write her a nice message," said Basshunter, real name Jonas Erik Altberg.

"Just a nice 'hope you're feeling better' or 'big love from the Basshunter fans'. I am willing to share the number one spot with her. She's just a sweet, innocent girl who got seduced by the big trappings of fame."

Look out for our interview with Basshunter coming soon!"

H'two'O & The Daily Star : Video Fury!

The Daily Star also feature the outrage from Dulwich College pupils regarding the video!

"A BASSLINE soon-to-be-smash by H’two’O featuring Platnum is causing lecturers at the college where the saucy video was filmed to get hot and bothered.
I hear the alumni aren’t thrilled about the scantily-clad girls dancing on the tables where they teach.

The track entitled What’s It Gonna Be, out on downloads from February 11, looks set to follow T2’s hit Heartbroken to the dizzy heights of chart greatness.

But staff at Dulwich College are not happy about it, with one commenting: “Why on earth these filthy subhumans have been allowed into such an institution is quite unfathomable.”


Read the full piece here

H'two'O & The Sun Online : Class Fury Over Video

The Sun Online feature the controversy over the location of the H 'two' O video - Dulwich College - unhappy pupils are posting to the Hard2beat YouTube channel!

"H'TWO'O’s sexy classroom vid has sparked a furious reaction from the pupils whose school it was filmed at.
You might imagine the boys at the prestigious single sex school, Dulwich College, would be glad that their seat of learning was used for such a pulse-quickening promo.

But they’ve taken offence to the stunning strip vid, that sees a gorgeous model peel off and gyrate over a desk.
Video sharing website YouTube has been flooded with objections from those enroled at the South London school.
One poster fumed: “Utterly disgusting. I paid good money to keep filth like that out of my school.

“How am I going to enjoy history society now? I’ll forever be thinking about half-naked ladies bending over the Master’ desk.”
Another added: "This is a disgrace to our school cos it gives the wrong kind of image."

Read the full piece, watch the video & slideshow here

The video currently has 18 honours, including the 2nd most discussed this week, 3rd most viewed this week, and the 77th top favourite of any category in the world! Hard2beat's YouTube channel has two honours itself, 39th most subscribed this month, and 11th most viewed this week!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Archangel On Steve Lamacq's 6Music Show!

Steve Lamacq played "How To Lose Your Best Friend" again yesterday, on his 6Music show!

Basshunter BBC Chartblog Interview

Frazier at the BBC Chartblog interviewed Basshunter

"Some interviews are stranger than others. Sometimes you can tell it's going to be that way before you even start, and sometimes the strangeness just creeps up on you before you even know it. This was one of those times. I wanted to talk to Jonas Altberg, the man they call Basshunter, about his current No.1 hit single, and how he managed to outsell the X-Factor winner AND the hotly-tipped new jazzpop chanteuse (that's Adele, in case you're wondering).

Trouble is, I caught him at a bad time. He'd just woken up (at 4pm!), and was trying to find a nice way of asking for a bit of time to get his head together, in English, which is not his first language. So it was kind of awkward, and I went away a little nonplussed, but ready to ring back an hour later and try again. Which is where we pick up the story once more..."

Read the full piece, with links to the interview here

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Archangel Channel 4 Review!

Archangel's "Not The Man You Think I Am" gets a Channel 4 Music review, alongside Adele, One Night Only & The Wu Tang Clan;

"Well meaning, cheerful indie pop that makes up for an absence of a song with good humour and enthusiasm. Big on piano and big on the hand claps, but the heavenly intentions remain earthbound on this directionless, if likeable, release."

Read the full feature here

Archangel are playing their 10th gig (ever) this weekend, at The Purple Turtle as part of Club

Basshunter & Adele's Chart Battle : The Sun

This is our 7th feature for Basshunter to appear on The Sun Online!

"No going back to Iran, Aylar..

THE sexy star of the saucy BASSHUNTER video can’t return to Iran because of death threats over her X-rated past.
AYLAR LIE strips off in the dance vid that has helped Now You’re Gone to No1.

But she also previously starred in even naughtier films - porn. Aylar has been told she will be killed if she enters her homeland. She revealed: “I would have liked to go there to see my father.” Aylar was adopted by a Norwegian family as a child but is notorious in Iran. Even her website was banned there after she released single Mamacita with singer YOUSSEF last year. She also claimed to have had a threesome with ROBBIE WILLIAMS - which he denied.

JONAS ALTBERG, the man behind Basshunter, had an orgy at his old dear’s gaff and the pics ended up on t’internet. But the cr*p dance song’s rude formula could see it beat ADELE to stay at No1 for a third week. And the moral? Sex sells, or kills, depending where you live."

Read the full piece here

H 'Two' O Ft Platnum : 21 Honours On YouTube

"What's It Gonna Be" is flying on YouTube, its almost had 40,000 views since it was added 4 days ago, and currently has 21 honours including;
#5 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Music,
#72 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Music - Global
#4 - Most Linked (This Week) - Music
#6 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Music
#8 - Top Favourites (This Week)
#5 - Top Favourites (This Week) - Music

Monday, 21 January 2008

Basshunter Beats Adele & Stays Number 1

Basshunter "Now You're Gone" is number one for the second week running - beating stiff competition from Adele.

As Frazier at ChartBlog puts it;
"Second week at the top for the 'Hunter who killed Leon Jackson, and now he has his powerful bass gun fixed on Adele, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and Britney. Not that Britney needs any help in the destruction stakes, you understand. 'Piece Of Me' is becoming less defiant and more prophetic with every passing day. I mean first of all it was just an invitation to a fight, but now it's like the song is demanding "do you WANT me in pieces? And if so, are you prepared to help clean them all up?". Possibly another No.1 record is not what she needs right now, so there's another reason to be grateful to this song right there"

Other news stories today;

Press Association
BBC Entertainment News
This Is Fake DIY
I Like Music
ITN News

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Total Fitness Music Feature, Mirror's Showbuzz

Total Fitness Music's Ultimate Workout Mix features in this week's Showbuzz piece on the Mirror's video player alongside stories about The Brits, Nicole Richie, Amy Winehouse, Britney. It's about 2 mins 58 sec into the feature, click here to view :)

H 'Two' O Ft Platnum : The Sun Worldwide Video Exclusive

The Sun Online are featuring the video to H 'Two' O Ft Platnum's "Who's It Gonna Be" as a worldwide exclusive today!

"IF you thought BASSHUNTER’s eye-popping promo was worth a watch – you ain’t seen nothing yet.
H’TWO’O’s latest effort features adults dressed as schoolgirls stripping and is well worth a few moments of your time.
The track that accompanies the pulse-quickening clip is called What’s It Gonna Be and features the vocal talents of rising group PLATNUM.
The same label that brought us Now You’re Gone are responsible for this club monster too, so it’s almost certain to sail to the upper ends of the chart.
Producers SOLUTION & OZ are the Leicester pairing behind the infectious dance floor banger.
Like T2’s monster hit Heartbroken it’s a massive bassline house tune."
See the slideshow & video, and read the full piece here

The Sun Music Biz Double Headline!

Tomorrow Never Knows has secured both the headline articles for The Sun's Music Biz pages today, the Basshunter interview is still the main story, but a world wide exclusive of H 'Two' O's "What's It Gonna Be" makes it too!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Basshunter Video Star In FHM!

FHM have just added a slideshow for the gorgeous Aylar Lie, one of the stars of the "Now You're Gone" video by Basshunter!

"History is littered with those whose excellence in their chosen field has earned them the right to be referred to by a single name. And now, following in the single-barrelled footsteps of Sting, Pele and, erm, Spock, allow us to present Aylar, the hottest thing to come out of Norway since… well, ever.

Recognise the lady below but can't quite place her? She's the star of the video for chart-topping track 'Now You're Gone' from Basshunter" See the slideshow & read the full piece here

Basshunter Interviewed By The Sun

Coverage for Basshunter continues, Jonas answering awkward questions regarding the explicit photos doing the rounds on the internet.. read full piece here - also links to the behind the scenes of the video - this is the 6th feature we've got for this single in The Sun :) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

"RANDY BASSHUNTER producer JONAS ALTBERG is plotting a career in adult movies if his music-making stalls.
While snaps of his x-rated sex orgies swamp the internet the unabashed chart-topper reckons he could have a future in front of the camera – if he could control his stage fright.
He told me: “You should never say never. Having sex in front of the cameras might be a little intimidating, but I’d definitely give it a go.
“I’m not a shy guy. I don’t have any problems running naked around a shopping mall. Swedish people are a little crazy about their sex lives and orgies." Read full piece here

Monday, 14 January 2008

Archangel Single Of The Month!

"Wondrous sounds abound, intelligent Indie with a hypnotic groove and some mightily impressive production work, alien-like in it’s delivery. AOR-melodies fight amongst an Indie landscape, and given the right attention, this could be the start of something pretty amazing!" Click here for full piece

Utah Saints Featured Artist On Myspace!

Utah Saints are one of the featured artists on Myspace's Music Homepage this week - ahead of the Van She release of "Something Good"

Basshunter "Now You're Gone" News Round up!

The Sun & The Sun Online - Bizarre Lead Story;
"Bass-ic Instinct - No. 1 Stars internet orgy..

ONLY in the land of shaggers like SVEN GORAN ERIKSSON do pop stars have orgies in their mum and dad’s gaff.
BASSHUNTER – who is No1 with his annoying trance anthem Now You’re Gone – is living up to the Swedish national stereotype of being a bunch of dirty beggars. JONAS ALTBERG, the man behind Basshunter, has suffered the shame of his bedroom exploits with Dutch (no surprise there either) girlfriend Emely and a group of pals surfacing on t’internet.
And who found the pictures? His mum.
Good lord. But far from being embarrassed, the man who likes to make sweet music in the studio and the bedroom, has held his hands up with pride.
Speaking to top website Pop Justice, he confessed: “Those pictures were taken at my parents’ house and me, my girlfriend and friends had been partying and drinking." Read the full piece here

MSN - Single Review
"With a moniker like Basshunter you could be forgiven for thinking that this would be one of those heavy 'bassline house' tracks from the burgeoning UK scene.
How wrong you would be. Basshunter is a Swedish producer who lives with his mum in Malmoe and churns out Cascada-style pop-techno.
Now You're Gone sounds like a diluted David Guetta with an ultra cheesy backing track. However, it is catchy and has that naive charm that much Scandinavian dance music sung in English inadvertently conveys. The refrain will have many G-A-Y clubbers cheerfully singing along." Read the full piece here

Digital Spy - lead story
"Basshunter Beats Britney To Number One - swedish dance star Basshunter denies Britney Spears her 6th No.1 Single"
Read full piece here lead story
"Porn Star scores number 1
Basshunter has scored the Number One tonight (January 13). His track ’Now You're Gone’, has knocked X Factor winner Leon Jackson off the top spot. Basshunter singer and producer Jonas Erik made a name for himself with naked pictures of him appearing over the internet." Read full piece here

"Basshunter Pips Britney to top chart
LONDON (Reuters) - Basshunter's Euro dance track "Now You're Gone" fought off troubled pop star Britney Spears to become Britain's new number one single.
Spears's single "Piece of Me" climbed 17 places to two, but Basshunter -- the pseudonym used by Swedish DJ Jonas Altberg -- went one better as "Now You're Gone" rose 13 places to take top spot, the Official UK Charts Company said on Sunday."
Read full piece here

"Ooh, this is SO embarrassing...
Oh those rock stars. The man behind this week's brand new number one, Basshunter's Now You're Gone, has already surfaced in a sex video on the
internet. And Swedish star Jonas Altberg doesn't even seem to mind that HIS MUM found the video on the net! Jonas explained that the pictures were even
taken at his parents house after a bunch of his friends had a drunken night together. "We decided to take some pictures and have a sex orgy at my place," he explained. As you do. Although he didn't post the images himself, he says he is not at all embarrassed by the situation. "I can honestly say that I like sex. I like very much to use my body for what I was born to do." And his liberal mother simply contacted his management after seeing the shocking pictures to check that they wouldn't cause him any problems. *Gets funny feeling in tummy about thought of mum seeing self at it. Shudders*"
Read full piece here

Friday, 11 January 2008

Basshunter Interview On Popjustice!

Popjustice have interviewed Jonas Erik Altberg, AKA Basshunter - currently on Popjustice's homepage

"Basshunter's new single, 'Now You're Gone', is a Number One single, which means a lot of boo-hooing to mummy for little Leon Jackson. As well as having a couple of massive hits across Europe, Swedish singer and producer Jonas Erik Altberg has also made a name for himself with naked pictures appearing all over the internet.

We spoke to him recently about both of these things...

Hello, Basshunter. Are you aware that you are going to be Number One in the UK?
I know I have knocked the boy from X Factor from Number One and I know they can be tricky to knock off the charts.

And how will you be celebrating?
I will be drinking a lot of whisky and playing 'World Of Warcraft' with my friends. I don't have much time to play computer games and hang out with my old friends drinking scotch any more, so it's the best way I could possibly celebrate my success."

Read the full interview here

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Utah Saints On!


"Utah Saints return with new single, Something Good to be released in March 2008

Rave veterans Utah Saints have announced they are to release a new version of their early 90s hit track 'Something Good'.
'Something Good 08 (Van She Tech Remix)', out on March 10, first saw the light of day last year, following Australia's Van She's, reworking of Utah Saints' original 1992 hit.
Meanwhile, the outfit are back recording a new studio album with a mix compilation due out later on in the year."

Read full piece here

Basshunter MSN Homepage!


Basshunter "Now You're Gone" makes the video highlights on MSN's homepage today!

Basshunter "Now You're Gone" Kiss FM Blog

Kiss FM Blog

"Right you nutters! We know there are hard house fans amongst you, so this one's just for you. It's blowing up all over Europe, and is riding high in the mid week charts.

DJ and Cyber Geek Jonas Altberg, aka Basshunter, wrote the European hit in his bedroom. The track, about his love for a girl he met on the internet, captured the hearts of Sweden and it went on to become an instant online phenomenon. It smashed its way to the top of the charts across Scandinavia and within weeks he had become their biggest debut selling artist ever!"

Full piece here

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Basshunter "Blasts To The Top" The Sun Online

The main feature on The Sun Online's Music Biz pages;
"BASSHUNTER is set to unseat LEON JACKSON from the top of the charts this weekend – despite having had virtually no national radio play.The track, Now You’re Gone, is a gigantic club smash on the continent and has already been number one in eight European countries. Nevertheless radio bosses at a number of giant stations have refused to playlist the insanely catchy track.
It’s been a run away word-of-mouth success with the video being watched by more than 1 million people on the Internet."

Read the full article here;

Basshunter Digital Spy Review

Digital Spy;
"Basshunter, in case you're wondering, is not a sad middle-aged man who takes his angling hobby a little too seriously. Instead, he's a Swedish DJ/"Cyber Geek" whose new single 'Now You're Gone' has sold over a million ring-tones in Europe. That Crazy Frog must be greener than ever with envy.

Said single is a superior Eurodance thumpathon with more spunk to it than almost everything on the recent Cascada album. With its throbbing trance beats, arms-aloft chorus and pleasing hint of glammy electropop lurking beneath the surface, it conjures up images of a dirty Swedish raver - for the sake of argument, let's call him Sven - dry-humping Alison Goldfrapp's leg. Now that's a music video we'd like to see." Read full review here

Basshunter Hit 40 UK Review

Hit 40 UK;
"We're quite shocked that Basshunter did so well on downloads only last Sunday. Could he be spiralling towards the top this weekend? Well if he does, it'll come as no shock to Mr Basshunter himself, he's already been #1 across Europe.

As you know, we're rather big fans of Swedish music here, but not massively hard house. Basshunter is Swedish so our feelings were all confused, but then we realised something 'Now You're Gone isn't what this song was called in Europe. It was a massive hit called 'Boten Anna' which we got sent last year and had a good old giggle to.

The story is a guy uses a chat channel and on there is a computer 'bot' which keeps the channel safe. Little does he know that she's actually a real life woman who he later meets and falls in love with. It includes classy lyrics like 'She can ban you so hard', 'she get's rid of all our spammers' (!!) and a Scooter-esque 'ARE YOU READY!'. Check it out" Full review here

Basshunter Refresh Daily & Electro Queer Review

Refresh Daily;
"It looks like 2008's first proper Number 1 may come courtesy of Sweden. Basshunter, aka DJ and Cyber Geek Jonas Altberg, wrote this track in his bedroom, published it online where it took off in a big way, first conquering charts in Scandinavia, before moving on to Germany, Belgium and Holland. It is now likely to repeat the success here.

The track is a commercial trance track that just stays the right side of cheesiness, emulating parts of Scooter et al. Somewhere in here is a love song as well, apparently.

Upshot is this is a good commercial track that has to be better than Leon!! Out Now" Full review here

"So this little dance track called 'Now You're Gone' by Swedish DJ Jonas Altberg, aka Basshunter is poised to be the UK number one track this weekend as it's already number one in the mid-weeks. I have to say that I am not really a huge fan of one-off throwaway dance tracks like this, but this song is so disgustingly catchy and perfect that I can't stop myself from humming it. It's like the perfect blend of electro with 90's techno mixed in that that isn't over-the-top or annoying. I've been be-bopping around to it's remix package for a few weeks now and the 'Fonzarelli Remix' just happens to be my favourite.

So take a look at the vid-e-o here too - it's kinda cute. Basshunter apparently wrote the song about a girl he met on the internet, how very modern." Full review here

Basshunter Channel 4 Review

Channel 4;
"Although visually aided by a video with some ladies rubbing up against each other in a crowded nightspot, 'Now You're Gone' is not the week's most mentally stimulating release. If lightweight happy-hardcore is your thing, however, then the Basshunter single might give part of your brain a much needed kick" Full review here

Dave Armstrong & Redroche Ft H-Boogie Channel 4 Review

"Mercifully saved from a release in the midst of the pre-Christmas rush, 2007's tail-end floor filler now becomes the first major dance record of 2008. Featuring an earth shaking vocal from Estelle's sister H-Boogie (not her real name) and with both Dave Armstrong and Redroche already known for production on previous commercial dance tracks, 'Love Has Gone' is both the biggest and the happiest record of the new year - Booty Luvnotwithstanding." Full review here

Basshunter Launches Bebo Competition!

To celebrate the release of "Now You're Gone", Basshunter has added a competition to win a Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone on his Bebo account - more information here.

"Now You're Gone" has passed the 1 million views mark on YouTube, in just one month!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Observer Sport Monthly Endorses Total Fitness Music

The January edition of The Observer Sports Monthly endorses Total Fitness Music!

"The days of trotting along in the gym to one Meatloaf CD are, thankfully, gone. But iPod shuffling isn't much better. A range of downloadable mixes just released by Total Fintness Music is tailored to create a gradually intensifying workout - from 'low impact' Kylie to cardio-pumping club hits. From £4.74 from iTunes"

Archangel On Steve Lamacq

Steve Lamacq played Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" on his 6 Music show last Wednesday - to listen again, click here - they are after the White Stripes "Conquest" about 38mins into the show

Utah Saints!

Utah Saints are back with a Van She mix of Something Good, coming out Spring 2008 - here's what Popjustice are saying;

Utah Saints Van She mix ready for release: Top 60 chart hit ahoy!!

"Last February we wrote about the (then brand new) Van She mix of 'Something Good', a popular music hit from the 1920s by dance combo Utah Saints. There was a load of waffle along the lines of it being fairly listenable.

We also said something about how good it would be if the remix was released and in two months the remix will indeed hit the shops on Data Records. It's already been Number One on the 'Cool Cuts chart' which is apparently quite a good thing if you make danceable music.."

Read the full piece here

Utah Saints MySpace

Basshunter Enters UK Chart

Basshunter's "Now You're Gone" entered the UK singles chart at 14 yesterday, on digital sales only, without any national radio support. The video also passed the 1million views on YouTube over the weekend and is the 83rd most linked music video in the uk of all time! Basshunter also launched his Bebo account with a competition to win a Sony Ericsson K800i!