Friday, 28 November 2008

Another Great Archangel Review

RockSellOut say the following about Archangel;

"Archangel, a.k.a. Nick Webber, has been in my CD pile for some time now. The only reason I haven’t written about him is that it’s so good I couldn’t stop listening long enough to say something smart about him. I still don’t have anything smart to say, but I do have something honest to say - this is pretty great.

The first few times I listened to ‘How To Lose Your Best Friend’, I couldn’t help but feel it was like hearing Chris Corner (IAMX) fronting the Foo Fighters (the track’s melody is eerily reminiscent of ‘Everlong’). That might not seem too harmonious on paper, but in application it works really well. Of course, that’s just the one track. He has 5 others streaming on his Myspace page, all of which you should definitely check out.

Nick may very well be the next Tom Vek - a one-man force of nature that’s so good at what he does you’d never know that there weren’t 20 more hands behind the mixing board. Here’s to hoping he won’t disappear like Tom and that we get a lot more like this!"

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Record Of The Day PR And Journalism Awards 2008

We're delighted that we made the shortlist at the Record Of The Day PR And Journalism Awards 2008 for Best Online PR Company - thanks to everyone that voted!!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

iDrum on Stuff.TV

Stuff.TV, the website for Stuff Magazine have run a news story on the new Ministry Sound iPhone app "iDrum".

"So anyone who listens to dance music and says "Well, anyone could do that" isn't far off the mark these days.

Ministry of Sound has just launched the iDrum app for iPhone and iPod touch which lets you monkey around with floor-fillers of yesteryear to create your own pumpin' classics.

Choose from over 300 samples of some of the biggest choons in dance history (think Encore une Fois, Blue Monday, Professional Widow) then the funky little interface lets you build beats and layer your track using simple taps on the screen.

There's also 20 unique kits to help you get started, so even if you've never even had a sniff of some deck you can become a mobile DJ. There's a YouTube vid of it in action here.

It's also a very clever way to promote Ministry of Sound Anthems II, the new album of over a decade of ravey daveyness which is out now..."

Click here to see the feature, click here for more info and to download the iDrum for your iPhone / iTouch

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Click Music 4 out 5 album review for Archangel

Click Music give Archangel's debut album "How To Lose Your Best Friend" a 4 out 5 review, and make it the lead album review!

"If you're ever feeling a bit apathetic and a bit down because you're lacking creativity, then you'd be best advised not to listen to this record because it would probably only make it worse. Archangel is the offspring of Nick Webber, who devised and performed this entire debut album, and consuming this beast will probably make the best of us feel slightly useless and insignificant. Saying that, the ingenuity of this possible magnum opus-to-be deserves to be celebrated, and will be a great source of inspiration for all the power hungry solo musicians looking to take over the world.

Curiously entitled 'How To Lose Your Best Friend', this collection of 11 songs opens with the title track, whose main riff bears a near lawsuit-inducing resemblance to the Foo Fighters anthem 'Everlong'. Punchy stuff, the music sounds organic and alive, shivering with vitality, whilst 'Nervous Energy' benefits from some angular vibes a la We Are Scientists."

Read the full review here

MusicOMH 4 out 5 album review for Archangel

MusicOMH give Archangel's debut album "How To Lose Your Best Friend" a 4 out 5 review!

"Much has been made of the fact that Archangel aren't a band, but the nom de plume of multi-instrumentalist Nick Webber. Over the course of these eleven songs Webber sings, plays drums, guitar, bass, piano and keyboards and probably made the tea as well. Luckily, his desire to retain control is more Prince then Lenny Kravitz when it comes to the quality stakes, with How To Lose Your Best Friend containing a handful of quality songs.

The album opens with the title track, and the listener is immediately knocked off guard as what sounds like the opening riff of the Foo Fighters' Everlong being played on a keyboard starts to emanate from the speakers. It's disconcerting, not least because it's such an odd calling card for an album that barely features a guitar played in anger. It's also too recent an influence, with the album luxuriating in the pomp of late '70s and early '80s pop (complete with a version of Steely Dan's Do It Again). Once you've shaken that off though, the song's hypnotic melody starts to work it's magic as the tension of the first couple of minutes is finally released in a flurry of piano and lyrical frustration ("I want what I have not").

Elsewhere, album highlight Odysseus recalls Let's Dance-era David Bowie, all two-note keyboard riffs and playful time signatures. There's also a great bit around the two minute mark when everything falls away to leave a simple keyboard riff that is cheekily reminiscent of theEurhythmics' Sweet Dreams, before everything falls back into place. Not every song looks that far back, with Hallelujah's slightly delayed nod to the punk funk phenomenon of about three years ago. Crucially, Webber ditches trying to be The Rapture after the first minute and the song settles into being a proper pop stomper with a gigantic chorus."

Read the full review here

Ruarri Joseph "Red Mist" is Record Of The Day!

Ruarri's new single "Red Mist" is today's Record Of The Day!

"The follow-up to Cornwall-based Ruarri Joseph's 2007's acclaimed debut album Tales Of Grime And Grit is preceded by Red Mist, the title track of an EP which is self-released next month. Now out of his deal with Atlantic, the full length record, 'Both Sides Of The Coin', will be released next year. It's a pointed change in direction, mature and mellow but with a strong commercial edge. JF London gig: December 9, Betsey Trotwood EC1"

Help Ruarri make a new Red Mist video, by uploading your clips - screaming / shouting / letting it all out - watch this to find out more;

Archangel "How To Lose Your Best Friend" Video

The Story Of Sash - Bebo Music Homepage 6th Week!

The Story Of Sash, remains on the Bebo Music homepage for its 6th consecutive week this week! The documentary, split into three parts first made the homepage on the 12th October. The album, the 10th anniversary / best of, has remained in the top 20 since its release.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Kid Cudi Vs Crookers "Day 'N' Nite"

Coming in January 2009..

Rapper and singer Kid Cudi – with a little help from production duo Crookers – will unleash the first big hit of 2009 with hip-house masterpiece Day ‘N’ Nite Lyrically angst-filled and insomnia inspired, the debut single oscillates between hypnotic, stripped back electro and unashamedly deranged, rave-style breakbeats complete with wonky bassline. The result is a disconcertingly catchy anthem that’s already causing high-scoring Richter Scale damage in clubs and winning over fans all day and all night long.

Friday, 21 November 2008

September "Can't Get Over"

Here's a sneak peak of the follow up to September's huge "Cry For You" - this is "Can't Get Over", coming out in 2009;

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Robyn "Dream On" Interview

Dream On Behind The Scenes featured on Electroqueer

MySpace have the exclusive for the "Dream On" behind the scenes with Robyn - this hasn't stopped Electroqueer embedding the MySpace TV video and running it on their site :)

"I really enjoyed this little behind the scenes documentary for the Christian Falk ft. Robyn video for "Dream On". It's nice to see Robyn enjoying herself in NYC and to see a little glimpse into her popstar life. The concept of the video is explained in detail and the actors themselves all add some great commentary. Really just a nice bit of film if you're a fan of the song and Robyn. It makes me miss NYC a bit. Enjoy."

Dream On: Behind The Scenes

Click here to visit ElectroQueer

How To Lose Your Best Friend featured on Soccer AM!

Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" was featured as a sound bed for the La Liga goals on Saturday's Soccer Am!

"Dream On" featured on Bebo Music Homepage

Christian Falk featuring Robyn's "Dream On" is featured alongside The Story Of Sash (Part 3) on the Bebo Music Homepage today.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Digital Spy Interview Robyn

Digital Spy interview Robyn, Christian Falk ft Robyn "Dream On" OUT NOW;

"Swedish electropopper Robyn may have put together the best singles run of the last 18 months: 'With Every Heartbeat', 'Handle Me', 'Be Mine', 'Who's That Girl'. Ever the individual, she's now singing about "thieves and muggers" and "scum and lowlifes" on new single 'Dream On', a collaboration with fellow Swede Christian Falk. Intrigued, we met up with her to find out more.

The new single features some rather unusual lyrics. What's it about exactly?
"We actually recorded the single two years ago, so it's not a comment on the present time, but I actually think these lyrics make a lot of sense now. The lyrics are about anyone who's a little bit on the outside - it doesn't have to be thugs, criminals, drug addicts or crazy people, even though the lyrics mention them. It's about how people who are different in society are often discriminated against or bullied."

That's quite dark subject matter for a pop song.
"Yeah, but you don't have to go all the way with it! If you're having a bad day and feeling a bit different, that song could be about you as well. It's for everybody. I love the fact that it's a song you can dance to with real deep content."

Your album came out in Sweden more than three years ago. Have you started thinking about the follow-up yet?
"I've started to think about it, but I've been on the road a lot this year so I haven't recorded anything yet. I hope to get back in the studio as soon as possible, maybe even as soon as January. I'm going to continue with the same sound on the next album and I'm going to work with Kleerup and Klas Ahlund, who I worked with on this album, again."

Read the FULL interview here

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Subba Cultcha Archangel Album Review

Another great review for Archangel's debut album "How To Lose Your Best Friend", from Subba Cultcha

"One-man-band, Archangel, takes us on a retro trip back to the 80s.

From Mystery Jets to Mark Ronson, if there's one thing that's going through more than a slight resurgence at the moment it's the 80s. Step into your local Topshop, turn on the radio or enter within a 5 mile vicinity of Hoxton and I'll bet your neon legwarmers that the first thing you hear will be synths. So when the first bars of distorted keyboard effects kick in on album opener and title track, 'How to Lose Your Best Friend', there's more than a slight feeling of 'here we go again' to be had. Wrong. Because whilst a whole host of other bands are semi- ripping off the decade, Archangel is so committed to the cause you feel like the album may have come inbuilt with a tardis to take you back 25 years. That's a positive thing by the way.

Archangel, aka Nick Webber, apparently locked himself away for 18 months in a little house in Wiltshire with nowt but his collection of 70s and 80s records for company whilst making this album, and in a strange way it shows; apart from the obvious influences that have been brought to it, there's a kind of frantic energy that runs through the whole thing. Pounding drum tracks and multi-layerd electro blips abound, somehow managing to create a very internal, almost insular experience at odds with the upbeat, dance sensibilities of the tracks themselves.

At its best points, How To Lose Your Best Friend is a stomping disco beast in the vein of Friendly Fires or Roxy Music- 'Drive' and recent single 'Physical Energy' are two prime examples- but at times, and admittedly they are thankfully few in number, Archangel manages to lose the required edge that keeps him from descending into happy-clappy Feeling-esque pop ('Loud and Clear', 'Not The Man You Think I Am'). However, a stonking cover of Steely Dan's 'Do It Again' and even a sample of Maxine Nightingale's 'Right Back Where We Started From' are more than enough to redeem his granny-pop sins.

In general, 'How To Lose Your Best Friend', is a solid debut and one that should be applauded for managing to both be completely on the fashion money yet still set itself apart from the countless others doing the same. Maybe next time he'd benefit from having an objective eye join him down in his Wiltshire bunker, but for now Archangel should be pretty pleased with this first release. "I want what I have not"? Well, we want what you have. Mostly."

Read the review here

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Archangel All Gigs 4 out of 5 Review

Its a belter!

"At first glance, Archangel sound like a fully functioning band, complete with singer, guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer. Wrong. In fact, this fully functioning 'band' is actually one man's compulsive determination and unbelievable talent. Nick Webber is the musical mastermind behind and within this track who not only sung and produced the record but played the guitar, drums, piano, electric keyboard, synth - bass and percussion too. Like a kid in a sweet shop, he had his hand in everything and the images of Webber impersonating roadrunner are not to be laughed at but commended, for this is a truly brilliant single.

'How To Lose Your Best Friend' is defiantly a track you can imagine listening to in a grimy bar with its dirty dance floors and idiotic indie kids dancing to songs that are 'cool' but they don't know why. Yet this is actually cool. The fusion of electronic energy and murky beats are all cemented together by Webber's lyrics and screechy vocals. Its alternative indie meets electro, in other words not the same monotonous drivel that many 'indie' bands like The Kooks and Razorlight keep churning out year after year.

Webber has made an edgy and mysterious track that does not tell you how or why he lost his best friend but makes you want a whole new one in the form of the man responsible for such an creative and innovative song.

Nick Webber may only be one man, but he certainly has more imagination and passion than Johnny Borrell and Luke Pritchard have put together."

See the review in its full glory here

The Story Of Sash! Bebo Music Homepage!

Sash's Best Of, has remained in the top ten albums for 3 weeks in a row - only the Kings Of Leon have managed this feat over this period, due to the high profile Christmas releases - an amazing achievement!

To coincide with this, Hard2Beat commissioned Ministry Of Sound TV to make a three part documentary, to tell the story of Sash!
This excellent content has been on the Bebo Music Homepage for a MONTH - the third part having just been added - click here to view!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Archangel Subba Cultcha Single Of The Month!

"How To Lose Your Best Friend" is the third track from Archangel to be picked as a Subba Cultcha Single Of The Month!

"Starting off Like the Foo Fighter’s Everlong played on a beaten up organ before exploding into a psyche-Beach Boys-ian indie stomp, electrifying from start to finish with a sadness at the heart of it, definitely one’s to watch!"
Read the Subba Cutlcha interview with Nick here :

Basshunter : I Miss You - New Video

Here's the brand new video from Basshunter, the fourth in the series!

Here's the official press release;

"The pop success story of the year & Europe's most in demand artist, Basshunter will unleash his Christmas anthem 'I Miss You' on 15th December'. Taken from the massive No.1 album 'Now You're Gone' and following three smash hit singles, his star is set to burn even brighter in the galaxy of pop.

Released on the huge Hard2Beat label, home of Basshunter, September & Sash!, 'I Miss You' features the luscious Lauren Dyson on vocals. A hugely talented producer, 'I Miss You' shows off Basshunter's slick producer skills and is set to be the anthem for any Christmas night out and will keep the party going right into the new year!

The previous glossy video clips have been huge online success's with 'Now You're Gone' receiving a staggering 42 million hits being the third most watched video of all time on YouTube! The 'I Miss You' video continues the story starring the gorgeous Aylar Lie. Picking up where Aylar & Basshunter left off in 'Angel In The Night', 'I Miss You' is set amongst the mountains of Norway in a beautiful log cabin. Aylar, Basshunter and a gang of friends have the ultimate Christmas day with Presents, Jacuzzi's, Snow Fights & Bikini's....but who will be kissing who under the mistletoe?

With a debut album that sky rocketed to number 1, knocking Coldplay off the summit in the process, the 'Now You're Gone' single spending 5 weeks at number one and two further smash hits, 2008 has been a phenomenal year. Not content with his huge success, Basshunter is itching to do a full scale tour in 2009 - there really is no stopping this Swedish sensation!"

The Sun "X Rated Aylar Puts X In Xmas"

The Sun Online get the world exclusive of the brand new Basshunter video, "I MIss You", and featured it as one of the lead stories on Bizarre, MusicBiz - it even featured on the main homepage..

"EVEN when it's snowing outside, AYLAR LIE knows how to turn up the heat.
While most of us are padded up fatter than a snowman and with noses brighter than Rudolph, the Iranian former porn queen still looks scorching with her luscious locks draped over her itsy bitsy bikini.

The brunette has reprised her role as the female lead in BASSHUNTER's upcoming Christmas track I Miss You, shedding her kit despite the winter setting.

The video sees the quirky Swede, real name Jonas Altberg, spending the festive season with Aylar and their pals.

Their playful innocence is captured as they exchange pressies, but it's soon traded in for steamy spas and snogging under the mistletoe.

Taken from the No1 album Now You're Gone and following three smash hit singles, you can forget Auld Lang Syne this New Year and get jiggy to Jonas.

I Miss You is released on December 15."

Click here to see the full feature