Friday, 28 November 2008

Another Great Archangel Review

RockSellOut say the following about Archangel;

"Archangel, a.k.a. Nick Webber, has been in my CD pile for some time now. The only reason I haven’t written about him is that it’s so good I couldn’t stop listening long enough to say something smart about him. I still don’t have anything smart to say, but I do have something honest to say - this is pretty great.

The first few times I listened to ‘How To Lose Your Best Friend’, I couldn’t help but feel it was like hearing Chris Corner (IAMX) fronting the Foo Fighters (the track’s melody is eerily reminiscent of ‘Everlong’). That might not seem too harmonious on paper, but in application it works really well. Of course, that’s just the one track. He has 5 others streaming on his Myspace page, all of which you should definitely check out.

Nick may very well be the next Tom Vek - a one-man force of nature that’s so good at what he does you’d never know that there weren’t 20 more hands behind the mixing board. Here’s to hoping he won’t disappear like Tom and that we get a lot more like this!"

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