Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Martin Solveig Popjustice Song Of The Day!

"We first featured this epic collaboration back in June, but a few million YouTube views later and with 2011 - and the track's proper UK release - on the horizon we thought the full-on Song Of The Day treatment was in order. Such a brilliant tune"

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Monday, 13 December 2010

EQ : "Edei Dazzles On JLS Tour"

Thanks to Raj from EQ for this brilliant review - see this feature in all its glory on EQ here. To find out more about Edei, visit her website here, become a fan on Facebook here, or follow her on Twitter here.

On Friday night I was invited down to the O2 Arena to see hot new pop vocal talent Edei perform as a support artist for JLS and as someone who has really appreciated her first two music videos for "In My Bed" and new single "Loved", I was really curious to see how she would handle the massive sellout crowds. Having only been gigging in some of London's more inimate venues just mere months prior, all I can say about Edei is that she totally owned that stage on Friday night and delivered one hell of an impressive set. And let's be honest here, all the little horny tween girls weren't really there to see Edei perform now were they?

What I love about Edei is that she's a confident, poised and polished performer. Her ability to bring a crowd into her world of fun horns, doo-woopy 1960s overtones and musical shoulder bopping fun is quite impressive. I didn't really notice it until I saw her live, but Edei has a Joss Stone quality about the way she performs - she's upbeat, energetic and loves what she's doing. Perhaps the highlight for people experiencing Edei for the first time that night was her rendition of Cee-Lo Green's "Forget You" which always commands a reaction when new artists perform it these days - you could literally see all the mobiles coming out to catpure the moment for YouTube.

All in all - I was amazed at how Edei handled the masses at O2 arena - she most certainly delivered and I hope that everyone who enjoyed watching her like I did on Friday night, goes out and seeks her music out. If you're a fan of Eliza Doolittle, then I'll just say this - you'll be a MEGAFAN of Edei - guaranteed.

Let's watch "Loved" again shall we...Oh, and JLS were quite good too.

Friday, 10 December 2010

The Dirty Disco "Storyteller" According To The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

"What do we have here? A simply wonderful sound coming out of London town once again. A truly colourful and resonant noise that blends the beauty of glam as perfected by the likes of Bowie and Bolan with the endorphin-throttling pulses of electronic pop bliss. No. I’m not talking about 80s band Dead Or Alive. I’m referring to The Dirty Disco! The name is quite an appropriate description of the band’s sound as they truly do have the knack for working the listener up into a terrible sweat. I implore you to give a long listen or four to the band’s new single Storyteller for it’s one that brought a wide smile to my face when I gave it a few listens. It’s intense. It’s daring. It is one of the best sounds I’ve heard as the year draws to a close. The accompanying promotional film is pretty jarring as well but very well done in its ability to capture the viewer’s attention. I was so hoping that the band wouldn’t do anything to harm the little old man but alas… Bad Dirty Disco!!!
Hear it. Learn it. Love it. The single is out on the 31st of January."

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Edei Featured On I Like Music

22-year-old Londoner Edei is set to be one of the faces to watch in 2011 and releases her new single, Loved, through Alma Recordings on 16th January 2011. With her cool vocals, refreshingly independent spirit and style to match, Loved is a heartfelt slice of New York soul that mixes Motown influences with addictive melody and given a modern twist.

Edei has also been chosen to support JLS on the first half of their sprawling 30-date UK arena tour this winter, and her debut album Inside Information is due fo release in early 2011.

Live Arena Dates with JLS 2010
29 Nov - Aberdeen AECC
30 Nov - Glasgow Braehead
02 Dec - Liverpool Arena
03 Dec - Liverpool Arena
04 Dec - Cardiff Arena
06 Dec - Bournemouth BIC
07 Dec - Birmingham Arena
09 Dec - London O2 Arena
10 Dec - London O2 Arena
11 Dec - Nottingham Arena
13 Dec - Glasgow SECC
14 Dec - Aberdeen ECC
16 Dec - Manchester Arena
17 Dec - Sheffield Arena
18 Dec - Newcastle Arena
20 Dec - Manchester Arena
21 Dec - Birmingham Arena
22 Dec - London Wembley Arena
23 Dec - London Wembley Arena

Finally, Edei has also been added to the bill for the 3rd installment of the Music Week backed Breakout event at Camden's Proud Gallery on Weds 8th December. Tickets are free to Music Week subscribers and available to the general public for £5 (£3 presale / £4 w/flyer).

Click here to see the feature on I Like Music, visit Edei's website here, become a fan on facebook here, and follow her on twitter here

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Drake "Thank Me Later" Named's Best Album of 2010

Welcome to the first part in a series of blog entries (running until Christmas Eve) presenting some of the best albums of 2010, from a host of writers and presenters involved with the BBC's Album Reviews service. In the coming days you'll find top fives from the likes of Gideon Coe, Bob Harris, Mike Harding and Steve Lamacq, as well as many from a selection of our great critics. But since it's muggins who commissions all of this coverage, I thought we'd kick off with my own top five. Anyone saying 2010 has been a bad year for music is clearly spouting pure poppycock, as cutting a list of 50-plus albums down to five was, to say the least, tough (but lots of fun). Enjoy...

Drake - Thank Me Later
Drake's debut is an album you either get to the extent where its content infects many a moment of your waking hours, or dismiss as a lightweight collection compared to his harder-hitting mixtapes. But to overlook this superbly articulate and brilliantly produced set is to pass on a record that takes male rapper braggadocio and pulps it, presenting instead a new talent with a wonderfully realised tender side. And he can actually sing, too.

Click here to see the feature, and to see the other albums in the list