Friday, 10 December 2010

The Dirty Disco "Storyteller" According To The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

"What do we have here? A simply wonderful sound coming out of London town once again. A truly colourful and resonant noise that blends the beauty of glam as perfected by the likes of Bowie and Bolan with the endorphin-throttling pulses of electronic pop bliss. No. I’m not talking about 80s band Dead Or Alive. I’m referring to The Dirty Disco! The name is quite an appropriate description of the band’s sound as they truly do have the knack for working the listener up into a terrible sweat. I implore you to give a long listen or four to the band’s new single Storyteller for it’s one that brought a wide smile to my face when I gave it a few listens. It’s intense. It’s daring. It is one of the best sounds I’ve heard as the year draws to a close. The accompanying promotional film is pretty jarring as well but very well done in its ability to capture the viewer’s attention. I was so hoping that the band wouldn’t do anything to harm the little old man but alas… Bad Dirty Disco!!!
Hear it. Learn it. Love it. The single is out on the 31st of January."

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