Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sugarscape : McLean One To Watch!

"McLean is being tipped as the modern day Marvin Gaye!

That's quite a claim, one that we reckon we'd have to agree with though! The video for his first single, Broken, is here. Give it a listen and let us know what you think..

He's paired up with Tinchy Stryder for a remix of this track, check out a cheeky preview here...

And he is also featured on I Got Soul, he is one of the Young Soul Rebels for War Child!

Looks like McLean will be heading up the charts, will you be buying his single?

If you want to know more head to his MySpace.

Click here to see the full feature on Sugarscape!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Bapa Video

Stunning video. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu's new single, 'Bapa', from his critically aclaimed album 'Gurrumul' available from iTunes here

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Chemistry Is Dead review Example's Watch The Sun Come Up

"Like a Disney star ‘growing up’ or someone going solo after being in a cheesy boyband for years Example is swapping his strange comedy rap past for major league tunes and emotions. He’s an unlikely pop star but all the new songs we’ve heard by him imply that his album could be a really brilliant pop album. Watch The Sun Come Up is a wistful mid-tempo piano single, perfect for those still not over the summer yet, and particularly, a summer love. He raps sweet and funny lines throughout the verses and in one amazing/a bit weird moment he says “took one last sniff of your hair” and there is a sniffing noise. The video is brilliant and reflects the song really well. We really like the bridge where he sings “Believe me I wanna stay/ but I’m off and away” because it sums up all the different feelings really simply. This is such a huge leap from irrelevant to relevant it’s hard to believe it’s the same person but we’re looking forward to the next single and hope that others will start noticing him too."

Read the full piece on The Chemistry Is Dead here

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Basshunter featured in 5:19 and on BBC2

Basshunter's moving performance for the 5:19 show made it onto the show's brand new BBC2 slot on Saturday afternoons!!

Click here to watch it (only available for a week)

Example featured on Beat TV

Example performed his new single "Watch The Sun Come Up" live on Beat TV - skip to 6mins 20secs

Monday, 21 September 2009

Subba Cultcha's 5 out of 5 for Gurrumul!!!

"Sit back and fall in love with the beautiful sounds of Australia’s new son, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.
A man of little words Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu lets his music do the talking. Blind since birth, he has shot to stardom by catching the heart of the nation as the first aboriginal artist to break into mainstream Austrailian music. Now seeping into British consciousness, his acoustic melodies have received acclaim from the likes of Terry Wogan, Jeremy Vine and more importantly, Elton John; 'Gurrumul' is a remarkable debut offering that truly encapsulates everything that is beautiful about this man and his music.

Singing in the dialects of the Yolngu people as well as English, Gurrumul sings of his native culture and the world's beauty. He sings with humility and a heart felt sincerity that resonates through out; it’s mesmerizingly delicate. It would be impossible to pick one stand out track on this album as each possess it's on distinctive and inspiring narrative that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Particular mention will no doubt go to his first release 'Wiyathhul'. A song about two birds that are said to be relatives of Gurrumul's people; it has a beauty to it that transcends any language, and indeed mainstream music.

What ever your conceptions of such music, he creates blissfully subtle acoustic melodies, which are made all the better by his other worldly voice. It’s an awe inspiring listen"

Click here to read this brilliant review on Subba Cultcha!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Clink Music Review JET at The Forum

"My night starts off with a fashionably late entrance only to be greeted by light filtering jazz sounds from the speakers above. A glance to the stage, a vintage looking piano, amps styled in the same manner and a drum set with that 70’s glitter finish. All that coupled with the calming melodies gives the venue a sort of distinguished feel that makes me think I should rather be sat at the bar with a bourbon in one hand and a pipe in the other.

The band strolls, cool calm and collected. By the way they take the stage you might be mislead as to what is about to ensue, a night of total ass thumping ROCK! Get What You Need shifts the crowd from standstill to pure mayhem, with girls screaming and guys giving it the old ‘arm in the air’ routine. It’s too early in the show probably to start claiming on favourites but Genius is so full of 70’s swagger that I cant seem to control myself. It’s laden with riffs that can strut their stuff with the best of them. The drums are starting to rumble the walls at this point, it might be down to the fact that Chris Cester is banging away relentlessly like a neanderthal. The tone’s from his drums and the fuzz of the guitars fuse together perfectly and are just what the doctor ordered, there isn’t a person in my direct line of sight that isn’t having the time of their lives tonight."

Read the FULL review on Clink Music here

Electroqueer "Crazy Loop Mm Ma Ma"

"You know what - sometimes you need a little bit of euro-pop to lighten and brighten up the day.

Enter Crazy Loop - you know him. He is Dan Balan of O-Zone - yes O-Zone. You know them too - they had that gianormess crazy pop song called "Dragostea din Tei"aka the “Numa Numa song”.

Well Dan has decided to release this little crazy pop gem in the UK (It was already number one in Romania - go figure) and the video is really silly and cute. It's not the serious pop I usually like to write about, but I watched the video, thought it was funny and well - it's here on EQ now, so enjoy it. No piss-taking please."

Read the feature on Electroqueer here

Friday, 18 September 2009

JET Exclusive Maxim Show

"Aussie rockers Jet invaded our local boozer for a private acoustic set. Then we got tipsy with them. But not with the cider...

You may know Jet for a variety of reasons. It could be for their Iggy Pop-pilfering hit rawk anthem ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’, it could be because you pur-chased a copy of their swaggery new album ‘Shaka Rock’. Or it could be you remember them as the band Spurs' benchwarming wingman David Bentley went to see, before drunkenly trashing his sports car on the way home - the plonker!

Here at Maxim HQ, though, we remember them as the very friendly, soulful rock chaps from Oz, who took over the upstairs room of our local boozer and showcased us a track from their new album (plus the earlier 'Skin And Bones' from 'Shine On'), all stripped down to acoustic bare bones.

They liked our pub, we loved their songs, so everyone was a winner. Except for the “sweet, gassy cider”, which didn't seem to complement the bassplayer's hangover…"

Click here to watch the show on Maxim

All Gigs Review Example's "Watch The Sun Come Up"

"Example has rolled out some suspect (as in 'naughty') boot-mash compilations and racked up a mere morsel of adulation at various play-outs during the last few years including comedy gigs and DJ moments. Now he has an album approaching called 'Not Going Quietly' and a raft of appearances confirmed for the autumn to promote this rather infectious holiday-romance single.

It's a Moby-pianoloop-cum-Ibiza-bounce-holiday-tune that might just drive you nuts come the Winter. I do wonder if it's being released at the wrong time of year but, if you like an optimistic Balearic bouncer with a crazy chorus mixed with big rave-style swells and smiles, this might well untie your anchor. Forget Mylo, forget Calvin Harris and forget that rubbish nonsense called the 'Mercury' and park your sun-kissed arse over here - Example has written a damn neat tune here.

Some decent remixes here propel the whole thing forward, namely the lovely rolling Blame drum n bass remix. Straight out of the Good Lookin' LTJ Bukem school of smiles and joy, it is a strolling good-time tune that ought to be gracing every non-aggressive sound-system during the imaginary British Indian Summer that must surely come. Hospital Records used to churn stuff out like this every week a few years ago yet no one cared - you should, it's good stuff. Nice work Example - now show us what you've got....."

Read the full review on All Gigs here

BBC Chartblog Review "Every Morning"

"Hey, Oasis fans, I think I might've found a way to keep the band going. You interested? Excellent!

I have the perfect replacement for Noel. He's got the right haircut, carries himself in a suitably shamelessly arrogant fashion, and best of all, he can even write big anthemic crowd-pleasing tunes, which are naggingly familiar at first, then get stuck in your mind, and best of all, they'll probably sound great when everyone gets together to sing them in a stadium.

The only drawback is...it's Basshunter.

Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "how will Liam take it?", and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I expect he will be unhappy. I've a feeling that Liam takes a dim view of Basshunter's musical output so far. I would even go so far as to say that I would not be surprised if it turns out that Liam is not a Basshunter fan, and would find the idea of O-bass-is (we're all going to have to get used to it, might as well start now) to be troubling.

But if you listen to this song, and maybe strip away some of the Vengaboys backing, is it REALLY so very different to one of the big Oasis ballads like 'All Around The World'? OK, the lyrics are a little clunky, but c'mon, "slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball"? We're not talking about Shakespeare being replaced by Peter Andre here.

And yes, Bassey's voice is perhaps a little soft, but so's Noel's. Liam would do a fine job on a song like this, leaving Jonas free for backing vocal duties, and maybe the odd lead on 'Don't Look Back In Anger', so that Liam can have a little rest.

The only real job of work is to pry that synth out of Bassy's hands and to put a proper, real, wooden guitar in there instead. Then teach him how to play it, put him in a parka, and then introduce him to Russell Brand. Job done."

Click here to see the piece on BBC Chartblog

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Jet Venue Change for 15th September - due to fire!

Aussie Rockers JET were set to perform tonight at Bristol University in the Anson Rooms but unfortunately due to a fire which started in the storage shed at the University, the gig will be moved to The Bristol O2 Academy.

Avon Fire and Rescue had the blaze under control by 9.30am. Queen's Road was closed during the operation.

Everyone who has purchased tickets for the show at the Bristol University Anson Rooms will be able to use these tickets for entry into The Bristol O2 Academy.

As the venue has changed, more tickets are now available, to purchase goto www.o2academybristol.co.uk/ or www.ticketweb.co.uk/ or call the O2 Academy on 08444 77 2000

This tour is the first in 3 years for JET who have established themselves on an international stage selling over 4 million albums worldwide, Shaka Rock closes the gap between the raw roots of Get Born (2003) and the grace and melody of Shine On (2006).

JET are supported by fast-rising indie rock band, Detroit Social Club.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Gurrumul Announces Shepherd's Bush Empire Show 8th November

Gurrumul returns to Britain on his European tour to play at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on November 8th.

Tickets £18.50 - Box office - 08444 77 2000 or www.ticketweb.co.uk

"...the greatest voice this continent has ever recorded..." Sydney Morning Herald

Gurrumul’s sound is as fragile as gossamer yet as robust as time itself. His tenor voice resonates with emotion as he tells stories of his land, his ancestry and his culture with the simplest of musical accompaniments. An unlikely superstar, Gurrumul has become just that. Quietly, and with little fanfare, Gurrumul and his poetic songs, which he sings in Yolngu dialects, have connected with listeners around the world. No one expected it, least of all the intensely shy 39 year old from east Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Citing his favourite singers as Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley and favourite groups as The Eagles and Dire Straits Gurrumul learnt to play guitar as a young boy. Because there were no left-handed guitars in the area he played a normally strung right-handed guitar upside down and continues to do so. He played for eight years in the internationally successful Yothu Yindi but found that his blindness made the constant travel exhausting and returned to Elcho Island where he formed The Saltwater Band. Meeting Michael Hohnen, a classically trained bassist, was the catalyst for Gurrumul to record a solo album on which, opting for the less is more approach, Gurrumul’s extraordinary voice is the main instrument with the sparse backing of his guitar occasionally joined by Hohnen on bass.

This record, simply titled ‘Gurrumul’, has seeped into the mainstream consciousness of Australia, causing a nation to reassess its relationship with its indigenous people. Winning a string of awards in 2008 including Aria Award for ‘Best Independent Release’, Limelight Award for ‘Emerging Artist Of The Year’ and 3 AIR (Australian Independent Record) Awards, in June 2009 an APRA Award followed for ‘Breakthrough Songwriter Of The Year’.

Meanwhile in Europe Gurrumul’s music is captivating a new audience with the album entering the charts across the continent including a top 10 chart position in Germany. In Britain earlier this year he appeared on Later With Jools Holland and played at Islington’s Union Chapel to great acclaim; this summer he performed at the Latitude Festival and at Queen Elizabeth Hall leading the Daily Telegraph to write “The sound he makes is extraordinary”… “It feels like a privilege being allowed to listen in”…

Prior to the concert, on October 12th, Dramatico will release the single ‘Bapa’, a delicate homage to Bapa (Father) on which Gurrumul’s exquisite, transcendental voice and his hauntingly beautiful music penetrate the soul.

“Grief has taken hold of me for my father when the sun sets, oh beloved father”

For more information:

...."his celestial voice and his swelling acoustic songs full of dignity reduce you to tears, aching with the pain of the past and hope for the future..." Q Magazine

MySpace Homepage : Win VIP Tickets To Jet's Aftershow!

As featured on the main MySpace homepage!

"Email your name, phone number, and email address to jetisaband@gmail.com for a chance to win tickets to see JET on 9/17/09 at the HMV Forum in London - Plus access to an exclusive after-party!

Please put “I want to party with JET” in the subject line. Winners will be contacted on Wednesday, September 16th if they are selected, so make sure you check your mail on that day! Hotel and other travel costs are not provided..."

Good luck!

Introducing Bertie Blackman

This will be Bertie's first uk single, "Thump" released 9th November in the UK, from the forthcoming album "Secrets And Lies"

AOL review Jet's "Shaka Rock"

"Although critics sometimes dismiss them as a band lacking original ideas, Aussie rockers Jet rather refute that suggestion with this uniquely ballsy blend of the best bits of Brit rock history lashed to a distinctly Antipodean sense of fun. With worldwide album sales topping 4.5 million since 2003, when they landed the opening slot on the Rolling Stones' Australian tour, Jet have built a loyal fan base. The group's energy is truly relentless for the duration of a dozen tracks on this latest offering. Beat On Repeat and Goodbye Hollywood display their frenetic swagger particularly well, and while not quite matching the full singalong glory of their earlier hit single Are You Gonna Be My Girl, there can be no denying that She's A Genius finds this promising quartet firing impressively on all cylinders."

Click here to see the review on AOL

BBC.co.uk review Sean Paul's "Imperial Blaze"

"Along with Red Stripe, Sean Paul is one of the few Jamaican exports you’d expect to find in a bar.

He’s the mum-friendly dancehall artist that your indie-loving flatmate wants to hear at a party. He’s the guy that made club reggae cool but no longer promotes excitement among, well, anyone this writer knows. And on this, his fourth studio album, there’s simply no let up of the pop fodder.

Despite claims a couple of years back that we could expect an array of diatribes on the issues and violence facing the youth of Jamaica, Imperial Blaze features more of the club hopefuls fans of Paul have come to expect. And, sadly, none of these come close to his classics from 2002’s breakthrough album Dutty Rock – the likes of Get Busy and Like Glue.

In fact, anyone who processes the more acceptable, older material may find themselves reeling as they realise the closest thing to Sean Paul in 2009 is the more-than-cringe-worthy Sean Kingston, best known for his number one single of 2007, Beautiful Girls. Check Paul’s track Pepperpot for evidence of this unexpected, and unwanted, parallel.

Efforts like Hold My Hand, featuring Keri Hilson, edge close to a more traditional reggae approach, as previously heard four years ago on third album The Trinity’s highlight, Never Gonna Be the Same. Decent production from Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, Don Corleon and Jeremy Harding elevates a handful of tracks to a level appropriate for an artist of Paul’s profile. But while this collection’s first single, So Fine, has proved popular in provincial clubs, and She Want Me will have more than a few people busting bad dance moves, one comes away from the experience feeling that this 22-track album boasts quantity but little quality.

Something that could be said of Red Stripe, too: just because it’s everywhere doesn’t mean you want to drink it, and while Paul’s tunes are reaching new highs of ubiquity they’re less welcome today, and a lot less interesting, than they seemed earlier in the man’s career."

See the review on the BBC.co.uk here

BBC.co.uk review Jet's "Shaka Rock"

"Like a lot of hugely enjoyable music, Australian rock band Jet are entirely ludicrous.

With a cartoon-like devotion to rock and roll that makes Angus Young look like Thom Yorke, they offend those who believe music should be simultaneously serious and ironical. But Jet have no time for such self-loathing. They have one mission, which is to write loud, daft and instantly familiar songs that shout “Look at me! Look at me! I’m doing a band!” at the listener, and to keep on doing it until they have filled up an album.

While they lack the grunginess of The D4 and The Datsuns, their nearest competitors (both musically and geographically), Jet are just as noisy and engaged. Their current single She’s A Genius is a perfect example, a tune that continues a great rock tradition of praising unusual women (from My Girl is Red Hot to Talking Heads’ Girlfriend is Better) and one that does so over a riff that’s so incontinently brilliant you expect a man with a shovel to be following it.

Jet’s roots may be in punk and rock’n’roll but – as befits a band with the same name as a Wings song – they know how to widen the brief. Seventeen (a title which lacks all originality but makes up for it with total catchiness) bounces down the road not only on big crunchy guitars but also a piano riff nicked from Foreigner’s Cold As Ice, some mad American power pop harmonies and a slightly insane butcher’s shop lyric about bleeding hearts decaying. Start the Show sounds like Supergrass channelling T.Rex, except with an idiot vigour and lack of distance that very few British bands could manage. And the final song here, She Holds a Grudge, which is also the longest at a whopping 4:17, is an almost Stonesy ballad (is that a pedal steel?) which aims for epicness without the bloat of a Coldplay or Verve.

Jet, then: three albums in and they’re still a lot of rough fun. They’re never going to be Oasis, but then, nor are Oasis…"

Click here to see the review on the BBC.co.uk

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jet Shaka Rock - Subba Cultcha Review

"Retaining their classic sound of strong hard rock, Australian rockers Jet return with 'Shaka Rock'.
Three years since their last album, multi-Platinum Australian rockers JET return with their third studio album. Described by Nic Cester himself as the band’s “most honest so far”, Shaka Rock is the perfect follow up to ‘Get Born’ and ‘Shine On’ both in terms of style and nature.

This time round, with the help of Chris “Frenchie” Smith on productions; the band has tried to experiment and evolve their sound. Whereas ‘Get Born’ was known for its hard and gritty tones, Shaka Rock seems to possess a more modern sound; with songs like ‘K.I.A (Killed In Action)’ or 'Beat On Repeat' the album incorporates more synthed beats and a heavier bass. Similarly, if you're going to put it in context of their first album 'Shine On'; they also seem to have forgone the ballad-style acoustic songs like ‘Look What You’ve Done’ in favour of more up tempo rock pangs like ‘Genius’. The standout tracks of this album have to come in the form of 'Seventeen', 'Goodbye Hollywood' and 'She Holds a Grudge'; all radio worthy songs that are sure to please their beloved fans as well as first time listeners.

Nic Cester and co's efforts to mix it up on this album is indeed valiant and will undoubtedly keep naysayers’ describing them as AC/DC and Zeppelin impersonators at bay for another day; However only Just. For as good as this album may be, it's hardly groundbreaking either"

Click here to see the review on Subba Cultcha

Gurrumul Alt Sounds Review 93%!

"Sometimes an album comes along that knocks you sideways; an album that hits your heart and your head and redefines everything that’s gone before. An album that’s so personal you want to keep it for yourself but so sweet you have no choice but to share it with others. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, known simply as Gurrumul, is very simply a musical genius.

He happens to be a native Australian, from the Armhemland area of the northern-most Northern Territories. He happens to be blind, he also happens to play a right-strung guitar left-handed, approaching the strings from beneath with an almost clenched fist. But there's only beauty in his voice, a voice of angels, of wind over water, of rock made smooth with time.

This exceptional collection stuns in its simplicity; from the first, likely Grammy-award winning track, Wiyathul, his music stirs something deep and elemental. So it is throughout the entire album. Even the initial jarring use of English in Gurrumul history (I was born blind), soon becomes a beloved topographical feature.

Experience the ancestral beauty of Baywara, or Gathu Mawula, where changing tides are likened to the arms of an octopus, thoughtfully explained in the enclosed translation. I defy anyone to hear Marwurrumburr without recalling old songs, tears cried, friends lost. Already recognised in his homeland, this superb album will undoubtedly launch Gurrumul to world music superstardom. To see him, to hear his contemporary take on traditional songs and stories, is to recognise outstanding talent and to know musical greatness.

I can’t pretend to comprehend the life whose suffering and history brings forth such an array of gentle melodies and rhythms. I can only urge you to listen for yourselves and to discover whether this truly great artist works his deceptively simple magic on you, too"

Click here to see this amazing review

Digital Spy Interview Basshunter!

Jonas Altberg's bangin' brand of Eurodance may not be to everyone's tastes, but his Now You're Gone LP still managed to go platinum in the UK after spawning a handful of chart-conquering singles. Twelve months on, the DJ better known as Basshunter is back and he's ready to unleash his more melodic-sounding Bass Generation album. We caught up with the hyperactive Swede to find out what we can expect.

Hi Jonas! Are you enjoying being back in the UK?
"It's a beautiful day and it's great to be back in the UK. This morning I've just been covering my webcams so that Digital Spy can't spy on me!"

What would we find if we were filming you this morning?
"If you're going to spy on me, now is time, because in the morning I tend to do a lot of embarrassing things in my hotel room!"

What does the morning routine involve?
"That's classified. You'll have to find out yourself. You're a Digital Spy!"

How does the UK compare to other countries you visit around the world?
"I've just been in Shagaluf for a couple of weeks relaxing. Well, you don't really relax in Shagaluf. It is possible to just go out for dinner and then head back to the room to chill, but it doesn't ever happen in Shagaluf. I've got lots of friends there and someone's always telling me, 'There's a party tonight! There's a party tonight!' But the UK is great - they always take care of me over here and it's all very organised. It's all very 'groomed' - that's a new word I've learnt today."

What can we expect from your new album Bass Generation?
"I'm very proud of this whole thing - the new single and album. I was given more time to work on it, so I've been able to add little touches. There's been more time to think and listen. All the songs are very special and I'm very, very satisfied with it."

Click here to read the full interview on Digital Spy, including the stuff about Robbie Williams & aliens!

Popjustice Feature War Child's "I Got Soul"

"Its structure is somewhat 'cavalier' and one or two parts are downright shit charity or not but there's something very nearly brilliant about this Young Soul Rebels (ie War Child) 'I Got Soul' track. The best bits come from Vincemusik (near the end), Chipmunk and - who'd have thought? - Tula N-Dubz."

Click here to see the feature on Popjustice

War Child "I Got Soul" Sun Exclusive

The Sun get the video exclusive of the new War Child release, and it makes the Bizarre homepage, and the newspaper!

"BIZARRE BRRRAP PACK stars CHIPMUNK, IRONIK, EGYPT and KID BRITISH are among the acts featured on the new War Child single, released October 19.

The cream of Britain's young urban artists, known collectively as Young Soul Rebels, have recorded I Got Soul, a new, re-written version of the KILLERS track All These Things I Have Done.

N-DUBZ, PIXIE LOTT, VV BROWN, FRANKMUSIK and TINCHY STRYDER also feature on the tune which you can hear exclusively by clicking on the video link below.

Tinchy says: "As soon as I was asked to be involved with War Child I immediately said yes as I believe forcing children to fight in wars with no choice is completely wrong."

Frankmusik says: "Warchild is a voice for those who didn't know they needed one"

Click here to see the feature, or watch the video on YouTube below

Friday, 4 September 2009

Basshunter's YouTube Takeover!

To mark the return of premium music videos to YouTube, Basshunter has been asked to become a Guest Editor, and has taken over the YouTube Homepage!

The Swedish dance star's YouTube videos are some of the most successful of all time clocking up over 110million views, the debut single "Now You're Gone" receiving almost 68million views, making it one of the most watched music videos of all time.

As YouTube themselves state "Millions. Tens of millions. Hundreds of millions. There aren’t many people who can track their time on YouTube using these kinds of numbers, but thanks to being behind probably the most successful series of Dance Music videos ever, today’s Guest Editor can. Add to that the fact that he spends upwards of three hours a day on the site and Basshunter – aka Jonas Altberg – should be a natural when it comes to selecting videos."

Basshunter's new single "Every Morning" is released on 21st September, followed by the album "Bass Generation" on 28th September, the follow up to the multi platinum number 1 album "Now You're Gone"

To see Basshunter's video selection, click here:

To see YouTube's blog about the takeover, click here;

Popjustice Almighty : Example No. 4

Example appears at No.4 in the newly published PJ Almighty, with the following explanation "An unexpected obsession for 2009."

Here's the full list, click here to visit Popjustice

1. Robbie Williams
Quite good.

2. Cheryl Cole
Literally above average.

3. Mini Viva
Better than a smack round the face with a wet fish.

4. Example
An unexpected obsession for 2009.

5. Penguin Prison (pictured)
There are some bits on his MySpace (and a free download onNeon Gold's blog) but they're holding some big stuff back for the time being. Good things lie ahead... (Picture: Bjorn Looss)

666. Pitbull
This was going to be Paul Oakenfold then we thought about it and 666 really has to stay as Pitbull. Terrible. Utterly terrible.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Comfort In Sound 6/10 review Jet's Shaka Rock

"JET release their third studio album on the 7th Sept with Nic Cester (Vocals/guitar) calling it the band’s ‘most honest so far’. The band worked as co-producers with Chris “Frenchie” Smith on the album and unfortunately it doesn’t make a good first impression. First track, ‘K.I.A.” cringe worthily features kids providing backing vocals.

However, when you get into the album, tracks ‘She’s a genius’ and ‘Black Hearts (on fire)’ show JET coming into their own. The simpler songs, without much production really stand out, especially ‘She’s A Genius’ and ‘Seventeen’. These show off some awesome guitar solos and catchy melodies that can hook listeners.

Chris Cester (drums/vocals) says. “I can say the band is thrilled by Shaka Rock in every conceivable way. There are moments on this record that are just pure... and moments that just rock harder than we ever have before.”

To put it simply, for fans of pop/rock music then this JET album is definitely worth a listen. It doesn’t do anything new for the genre or for JET either, but they do what they do well and a lot of people will enjoy it."

Click here to see the review in full on Comfort In Sound

Chart Rigger : Where Is the Booty Luv?

""Say It," the new-ish single from Britain's girlie underdogs Booty Luv has knocking around for months now, though it was only just released officially on Monday. And I call these two underdogs because they've yet to achieve the type of luxurious heights that their more filled-out (roster-wise) counterparts Sugababes, Girls Aloud and The Saturdays have.

And, it appears as if "Say It" is at #16 on the U.K. mid-week charts. That's a far cry from the #2 position "Boogie 2Nite," the lead single from their debut album, reached nearly three years ago.

Dare I "say it, say it," along with Girls Aloud's "The Loving Kind," this is probably the best girl group pop jam this year. And, as I said a couple weeks back on the Pop Trash Addicts Pop Panel, "I've had a soft spot for these scrappy broads from day one. [This is just really] great pop!"

See the feature on Chart Rigger here

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Popjustice : Basshunter Press Releases To Prompt The Raising Of An Eyebrow

Popjustice feature the album press release with the Bass Generation track listing, and speculate on what "I Promised Myself" could be, is it the track that was made famous by Nick Kamen, and covered by A*Teens, Dead Or Alive or Deejay Deelight (which in themselves are very similar to John Lennon's "Xmas : War Is Over" and Erasure's "A Little Respect")

Click here to see the feature, and watch the videos

Digital Spy : Eva Simon's Single Review

"Is it Rihanna? Is it Rihanna singing about Chris Brown? Is it Rihanna and Lady GaGa singing about Chris Brown? Those were the rumours doing the messageboard rounds when this track leaked back in May, but they all turned out to be rubbish. 'Silly Boy' is actually the debut single from Dutch Popstars alumnus Eva Simons.

Thankfully, the track itself is worth every little scrap of fuss. With its zapping synths, rock guitars, booming beats, spiky lyrics and planet-sized chorus, it's a whopper of a song - pop on steroids. As for Simons, her ballsy attitude matches the bombastic production and the hairdo she rocks in the video makes Elly Jackson look like a chicken with the styling wax. The result? The most striking pop debut since 'Just Dance'."

Click here to read the full review on Digital Spy