Friday, 4 September 2009

Popjustice Almighty : Example No. 4

Example appears at No.4 in the newly published PJ Almighty, with the following explanation "An unexpected obsession for 2009."

Here's the full list, click here to visit Popjustice

1. Robbie Williams
Quite good.

2. Cheryl Cole
Literally above average.

3. Mini Viva
Better than a smack round the face with a wet fish.

4. Example
An unexpected obsession for 2009.

5. Penguin Prison (pictured)
There are some bits on his MySpace (and a free download onNeon Gold's blog) but they're holding some big stuff back for the time being. Good things lie ahead... (Picture: Bjorn Looss)

666. Pitbull
This was going to be Paul Oakenfold then we thought about it and 666 really has to stay as Pitbull. Terrible. Utterly terrible.