Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Digital Spy Interview Basshunter!

Jonas Altberg's bangin' brand of Eurodance may not be to everyone's tastes, but his Now You're Gone LP still managed to go platinum in the UK after spawning a handful of chart-conquering singles. Twelve months on, the DJ better known as Basshunter is back and he's ready to unleash his more melodic-sounding Bass Generation album. We caught up with the hyperactive Swede to find out what we can expect.

Hi Jonas! Are you enjoying being back in the UK?
"It's a beautiful day and it's great to be back in the UK. This morning I've just been covering my webcams so that Digital Spy can't spy on me!"

What would we find if we were filming you this morning?
"If you're going to spy on me, now is time, because in the morning I tend to do a lot of embarrassing things in my hotel room!"

What does the morning routine involve?
"That's classified. You'll have to find out yourself. You're a Digital Spy!"

How does the UK compare to other countries you visit around the world?
"I've just been in Shagaluf for a couple of weeks relaxing. Well, you don't really relax in Shagaluf. It is possible to just go out for dinner and then head back to the room to chill, but it doesn't ever happen in Shagaluf. I've got lots of friends there and someone's always telling me, 'There's a party tonight! There's a party tonight!' But the UK is great - they always take care of me over here and it's all very organised. It's all very 'groomed' - that's a new word I've learnt today."

What can we expect from your new album Bass Generation?
"I'm very proud of this whole thing - the new single and album. I was given more time to work on it, so I've been able to add little touches. There's been more time to think and listen. All the songs are very special and I'm very, very satisfied with it."

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