Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jet Shaka Rock - Subba Cultcha Review

"Retaining their classic sound of strong hard rock, Australian rockers Jet return with 'Shaka Rock'.
Three years since their last album, multi-Platinum Australian rockers JET return with their third studio album. Described by Nic Cester himself as the band’s “most honest so far”, Shaka Rock is the perfect follow up to ‘Get Born’ and ‘Shine On’ both in terms of style and nature.

This time round, with the help of Chris “Frenchie” Smith on productions; the band has tried to experiment and evolve their sound. Whereas ‘Get Born’ was known for its hard and gritty tones, Shaka Rock seems to possess a more modern sound; with songs like ‘K.I.A (Killed In Action)’ or 'Beat On Repeat' the album incorporates more synthed beats and a heavier bass. Similarly, if you're going to put it in context of their first album 'Shine On'; they also seem to have forgone the ballad-style acoustic songs like ‘Look What You’ve Done’ in favour of more up tempo rock pangs like ‘Genius’. The standout tracks of this album have to come in the form of 'Seventeen', 'Goodbye Hollywood' and 'She Holds a Grudge'; all radio worthy songs that are sure to please their beloved fans as well as first time listeners.

Nic Cester and co's efforts to mix it up on this album is indeed valiant and will undoubtedly keep naysayers’ describing them as AC/DC and Zeppelin impersonators at bay for another day; However only Just. For as good as this album may be, it's hardly groundbreaking either"

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