Friday, 18 September 2009

JET Exclusive Maxim Show

"Aussie rockers Jet invaded our local boozer for a private acoustic set. Then we got tipsy with them. But not with the cider...

You may know Jet for a variety of reasons. It could be for their Iggy Pop-pilfering hit rawk anthem ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’, it could be because you pur-chased a copy of their swaggery new album ‘Shaka Rock’. Or it could be you remember them as the band Spurs' benchwarming wingman David Bentley went to see, before drunkenly trashing his sports car on the way home - the plonker!

Here at Maxim HQ, though, we remember them as the very friendly, soulful rock chaps from Oz, who took over the upstairs room of our local boozer and showcased us a track from their new album (plus the earlier 'Skin And Bones' from 'Shine On'), all stripped down to acoustic bare bones.

They liked our pub, we loved their songs, so everyone was a winner. Except for the “sweet, gassy cider”, which didn't seem to complement the bassplayer's hangover…"

Click here to watch the show on Maxim