Saturday, 19 September 2009

Clink Music Review JET at The Forum

"My night starts off with a fashionably late entrance only to be greeted by light filtering jazz sounds from the speakers above. A glance to the stage, a vintage looking piano, amps styled in the same manner and a drum set with that 70’s glitter finish. All that coupled with the calming melodies gives the venue a sort of distinguished feel that makes me think I should rather be sat at the bar with a bourbon in one hand and a pipe in the other.

The band strolls, cool calm and collected. By the way they take the stage you might be mislead as to what is about to ensue, a night of total ass thumping ROCK! Get What You Need shifts the crowd from standstill to pure mayhem, with girls screaming and guys giving it the old ‘arm in the air’ routine. It’s too early in the show probably to start claiming on favourites but Genius is so full of 70’s swagger that I cant seem to control myself. It’s laden with riffs that can strut their stuff with the best of them. The drums are starting to rumble the walls at this point, it might be down to the fact that Chris Cester is banging away relentlessly like a neanderthal. The tone’s from his drums and the fuzz of the guitars fuse together perfectly and are just what the doctor ordered, there isn’t a person in my direct line of sight that isn’t having the time of their lives tonight."

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