Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Chemistry Is Dead review Example's Watch The Sun Come Up

"Like a Disney star ‘growing up’ or someone going solo after being in a cheesy boyband for years Example is swapping his strange comedy rap past for major league tunes and emotions. He’s an unlikely pop star but all the new songs we’ve heard by him imply that his album could be a really brilliant pop album. Watch The Sun Come Up is a wistful mid-tempo piano single, perfect for those still not over the summer yet, and particularly, a summer love. He raps sweet and funny lines throughout the verses and in one amazing/a bit weird moment he says “took one last sniff of your hair” and there is a sniffing noise. The video is brilliant and reflects the song really well. We really like the bridge where he sings “Believe me I wanna stay/ but I’m off and away” because it sums up all the different feelings really simply. This is such a huge leap from irrelevant to relevant it’s hard to believe it’s the same person but we’re looking forward to the next single and hope that others will start noticing him too."

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