Friday, 18 September 2009

All Gigs Review Example's "Watch The Sun Come Up"

"Example has rolled out some suspect (as in 'naughty') boot-mash compilations and racked up a mere morsel of adulation at various play-outs during the last few years including comedy gigs and DJ moments. Now he has an album approaching called 'Not Going Quietly' and a raft of appearances confirmed for the autumn to promote this rather infectious holiday-romance single.

It's a Moby-pianoloop-cum-Ibiza-bounce-holiday-tune that might just drive you nuts come the Winter. I do wonder if it's being released at the wrong time of year but, if you like an optimistic Balearic bouncer with a crazy chorus mixed with big rave-style swells and smiles, this might well untie your anchor. Forget Mylo, forget Calvin Harris and forget that rubbish nonsense called the 'Mercury' and park your sun-kissed arse over here - Example has written a damn neat tune here.

Some decent remixes here propel the whole thing forward, namely the lovely rolling Blame drum n bass remix. Straight out of the Good Lookin' LTJ Bukem school of smiles and joy, it is a strolling good-time tune that ought to be gracing every non-aggressive sound-system during the imaginary British Indian Summer that must surely come. Hospital Records used to churn stuff out like this every week a few years ago yet no one cared - you should, it's good stuff. Nice work Example - now show us what you've got....."

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