Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Platnum Babes Go Bumper To Bumper - The Sun Online

Platnum's new single "Love Shy" is out to download now - and is the follow up to the massive "What's It Gonna Be" - The Sun Online have the exclusive of the specially made sexy cut of the video, which makes the headlines of the paper's music homepage;

"YOU’VE seen the sexy video for Platnum’s new single Love Shy – now catch the bits that were too racy for the final cut.
Four scantily clad models show off their bodywork and brush bumpers as they dance around a sleek sports car to the garage sound. The original video for the follow up to the number two smash What’s It Gonna Be featured band members AARON, MINA and MICHELLE.But for the ‘sexy cut’, the band have stepped aside and let the girls do their thing.
Love Shy is in shops now."

Click here to read the full feature, watch the exclusive video and check out the slideshow

Monday, 29 September 2008

Teletext 8 out of 10 for "Ode To J. Smith"

Teletext give the new Travis album a glowing review;

"For once, "We're putting it out on our own label" means an artistic rebirth.

Only those who've seen Travis live - where the album versions turn into rock behemoths - will know what to expect.

Flitting joyfully between gonzo rock opera (no, really), Silver Sun shining power-pop and their Good Feeling debut, it's a joyous racket. Always better as underdogs, it's a band whose only link to their past is great melodies. 8/10"

You see the review here, and all other teletext pages on the web here

"Travis... with a difference" Room Thirteen

Room Thirteen give "Ode To J. Smith" a 11 out of 13 review;

"In their most eccentric work since ‘Good Feeling’, Scottish band Travis look set to gain a completely different crowd following, as well as open the minds of the fans they already have with the new release.

It has been suggested that bands such as Coldplay, Keane and Snow Patrol were only able to make their impact in the music industry after Travis paved the way for artists alike. Now, eleven years after their debut ‘Good Feeling’, the band return with ‘Ode To J Smith’, an album that in the same style as the debut has been written on electric guitar, something the band have only done twice and puts lead guitarist Andy Dunlop at the centre of attention.

Travis writes songs based on a variety of experiences and thoughts that occur over a long period. With this sixth studio release, the songs were mastered due to a rush of creativity between the band members, and recorded in two weeks, following a short UK tour. The pace at which the band was working clearing had some influence over the speed of the material, and it makes this the most cohesive album the band has released.

The songs were written in regards to a nameless character/s. The track to which the title would never have been without is ‘J. Smith’, is more of a story tale than an experience. ‘Something Anything’ was the first single from this release and was quite a shock to someone who was expecting the previous style Travis held. It marks a first for the band; it was bassist Dougie Payne having written the song and not lead man Fran."

Read the full review here

City Life 4 out of 5 for "Ode To J. Smith"

City Life have given Travis's album a 4 out of 5 rating- review below;

"TRAVIS no longer have to compete with the likes of Oasis, Razorlight, The Killers or The Kings Of Leon. Therefore, they have taken their original sound and returned to their roots, with this, their new album.

It works a treat as it really captures the feel of Good Feeling before they became the big Stadium band, known for Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

The guitar sounds that fans love is back and it means that you are left with a rock-fuelled album, with no big commercial tracks. Well, all bar one, as Last Words reminds you of Sing.

But, apart from that, Travis produce an album which is refreshingly unlike their latter material."

Read the full review and add your own here

BBC.co.uk review Travis's "Ode To J. Smith"

BBC.co.uk have reviewed Travis's new album "Ode To J. Smith", out today.

"Pre-release, Travis tipped their sixth studio album to be their ''loudest and edgiest yet'', their ''rockiest since their debut''. In the past, they've swung both ways, from the happy, wistful band of Driftwood to the more serious boys of Repeat Offender. But that was then and this is now – with more than a decade in the spotlight, copies of an early EP estimated at £1,000 a pop and an international status necessitating US, German and Japanese microsites.

Ode To J. Smith is certainly rockier than ever before – recorded in just two weeks, it's the first album to be written on electric guitar since their 1997 debut. However it's also more than rock - this is an eclectic, experimental mix.

Singer Fran Healy's voice is incongruously upbeat on lamenting album opener, Chinese Blues, almost-title-track, J. Smith, starts brightly before switching into rock via an unexpected choral interlude, while if Healy's voice was more Cobain-like, then the effortlessly stylish Broken Mirror would be black as Nirvana's darkest night.

Along with Broken Mirror, recent single, Something Anything, is another of the album's highlights - a sing-along chorus with riffy guitars that's reminiscent of their superfans, Oasis. Last Words is more of a country ditty with Travis' old pal the banjo tiptoeing amongst the electric guitars. While the opening chords of Friends sound eerily similar to the Rolling Stones' epic, Gimme Shelter.

Ode To J. Smith encapsulates Travis' 12 years of experience, from the peaks of BRIT Awards and celebrity cameos (think Ben Stiller in their promo for Closer as well as the band'’s recent appearance in Son Of Rambow) to the troughs of the pressures of mega fame and drummer Neil Primrose's almost-fatal neck break.

The band speak of their ''need to make an amazing record'', of a ''rush of creative urgency''. This album is certainly a rush. Their re-embrace of rock is a move forward, rather than a step back – a return to form. Travis say the album title is a tribute to its key track, while J. Smith is ''about just another nameless character''. But any namesakes would do right to feel pretty chuffed with a dedication like this."

See the full review here

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dream On Popjustice Song Of The Day

Christian Falks ft Robyn's "Dream On" (Wez Clarke Mix" is Popjustice's Song Of The Day!

'Dream On' is a sort of lost, semi-forgotten Robyn-vocalled track which was doing the rounds before all that business with Number One singles and international fame kicked off.

Well, the Christian Falk-produced, 'Sesame Street'-esque belter is coming out properly in November through Data (home of the hits etc) with a brilliant remix package from people like Ashley Beedle, Moto Blanco and Virgo. We've picked the Wes Clarke mix for today's Song Of The Day.

Click here to listen to the mix

Travis Quote Of The Day on BBC Entertainment Homepage

"I'm really happy for how the Kings of Leon are doing so well. We've known them since they were young men with beards. Now they're where they should be."

To watch Travis performing "Song To Self" exclusively for BBC Entertainment News, click here

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Travis Album Exclusive Preview On The Sun

The Sun Online have the exclusive on the new Travis album "Ode To J. Smith", and are streaming it in full, the news makes the lead story on the Music Homepage.

"Sing Sing Sing Along To Travis
WHETHER you love them or hate them, TRAVIS imprint their totally-infectious, chart-topping melodies in your head for hours after you've turned the radio off.

Their catchy-chorus tunes have led to the success at the BRIT Awards, a host of headline shows and a succession of Top 10 records.

Ode to J Smith is the sixth studio album from the Scottish rockers - and we've got hold of the album so Sun readers can be the first to hear it."

Click here to see the full feature and hear the album in full!

Travis Featured on BBC Entertainment Homepage

Travis are featured on the BBC News website, on the Entertainment homepage. An exclusive performance of "Song To Self" also appears in the BBC iPlayer.

"Glasgow indie rock band Travis have returned to release their sixth studio album, Ode to J Smith, and embark on a UK tour.
Since their debut album Good Feeling was released in 1997, the band have headlined Glastonbury and twice received Brit Awards for best album. Travis front man Fran Healy speaks about being friends with Chris Martin, admiring Katy Perry and recording their new album in two weeks..

Who is J Smith?
He's a fictional character, used as a device to write this record. Parts of him are based on my own experiences projected onto a character. We've always come from a Joni Mitchell-style confessional school of song-writing. But this album takes more of a Bob Dylan perspective.

The album's very definitely guitar-led - heavier like your first album Good Feeling. Was this a conscious decision to move back towards an electric sound?
It was accidental. We were coming back from South America and I lost my amplifier. I was sent another amp, which was very loud. My regular guitar didn't work on it so I had to use an old 1956 Jazzmaster. It sounded loud and amazing so I wrote a lot of songs using it."

Read the full interview here!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Basshunter "Behind The Bass" Documentary

Hard2Beat & Basshunter have been busily making an interactive documentary series. The first episode sees Basshunter asking his fans for their opinions on who he should take to the upcoming BT Digital Music Awards!

Click here to see the documentary

Monday, 22 September 2008

War Child Announce New Album "Heroes"



War Child are proud to announce the release of their biggest and most ambitious album to date.

“Heroes”, released by EMI’s Parlophone label on November 24, features a unique and unprecedented collaboration between the biggest names in music history and today’s hottest artists, working with a concept that mirrors one of the intrinsic aims of War Child’s efforts in war zones across the world – to place faith in the next generation.

The concept of “Heroes” is that the biggest legends in music, including Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Brian Wilson and The Clash, select one of the classic tracks from their own songwriting canon, and nominate an artist from the next generation to create a modern reworking of that classic song.

The full track listing will be announced in due course but already the album is shaping up to be a musical tour- de-force with the following amazing cover versions:




BRIAN WILSON nominating RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, who performs a medley of two tracks from "Smile"


Many tracks by hugely successful contemporary artists are still being finished; the completed War Child record will be an album of staggering musical diversity uniting the cream of musical giants from different generations.

The album cover has been created for War Child by John Squire, who did the artwork for the legendary “Help” album, the first to be released to benefit the charity.

War Child places its faith in the next generation and works to protect the most hard to reach children hit by a combination of war, poverty and marginalisation. They are the only child protection agency still operating in south Iraq, the only agency to have separated children from adults in Afghanistan prisons and the only international organisation working with ex-child soldiers in northern Democratic Republic of Congo

As well as being known for working in the world’s most dangerous war zones, War Child is famous for its association with the music industry – having broken records and boasting award winning albums.

Sir Paul McCartney said: "I have been supporting War Child since 1995. Their work with children in war zones saves lives and their work with those who take decisions that help them to do something about it saves even more lives. I think Duffy's version of 'Live And Let Die' is great - I was really impressed. The breadth of talent on this project is amazing; it's great that so many people gave their time, energy and support to this initiative. I urge everyone to support War Child."

Miles Leonard, MD of Parlophone said: “Heroes (Vol 1) is the most innovative and exciting War Child album to date and therefore it was essential for me that Parlophone be involved. It is very rewarding to see so many artists giving so generously of their time for such a worthwhile cause. I’ve admired the War Child organisation for many years now so I am delighted that Parlophone has been able to lend its support”

Mark Waddington, CEO of War Child said: “The prosecution of war on children outrages us. And War Child shares this outrage with many, many people. The generosity of the legendary and talented artists who have made this album happen is helping us to harness this outrage and do something really positive for children marginalised by war, the real heroes.”

Tomorrow Never Knows will be looking after the online pr for this project

Travis "Coldplay Claim" AOL

AOL have added Digital Spy's interview as a news story;

"Travis don't want Coldplay's success. The 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' rockers have seen their record sales flounder in recent years, while the Chris Martin-fronted group have become worldwide favourites, but the Scottish band insist they don't want to be in the position of their friends. Travis frontman Fran Healy said: "If we'd only sold 40,000 records I would be hacked off. Chris and I are very different people. The guy doesn't sleep - he's incredibly determined.

"To be a giant, giant thing like that is incredibly difficult to manage and it's not something I'm attracted to."

The band achieved recognition with their album 'The Man Who' and Fran admits they found their fame weird at first.

He added to gossip website DigitalSpy: "The thing people don't realise about us is that we've always been out of vogue. We make great records that are slightly out of fashion - and 'The Man Who' was no exception.

"But something happened with 'The Man Who' and it got played on the radio and people really liked it. It was odd for us, a band who'd been slightly out of vogue, to suddenly become really successful."

Read the full news story here

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Travis Interview Digital Spy Homepage

Digital Spy interview Travis, which is now featured on the Digital Spy Homepage;

Chris Martin has said that Travis "invented" Coldplay. What do you think of that?
"It's outrageous and I think it's a double-edged sword. On the one hand it's complimentary, but on the other hand people might think we're responsible for inflicting Coldplay's music on the world! Chris and I are really good friends and I'm a big fan of Coldplay, but he knows what he was saying there. He knows Coldplay get a bad rap and he's sidling the blame onto me! But you know what, it's just a really cool thing to say."

Do you think it's true?
"I think being in a band is like looking for oil. We found this big empty area where everyone was saying, 'Don't be stupid, there's no oil there!' and we struck oil. It was gushing everywhere! Within a year there were 100 bands setting up round our area and we were like, 'Hang on, what's happening here?' But I think Chris Martin is definitely fully responsible for Coldplay and I don't want to take credit for Coldplay anymore!"

Read the full interview here

Tiscali Homepage Hat Trick!

We have all three videos featured on the Tiscali Music Homepage today - Travis's "Something Anything", Basshunter's "Angel In The Night" and Platnum's "Love Shy".

Click here to see the feature

Basshunter "Angel In The Night" Bebo Music Homepage!

Completing the hat trick with Basshunter videos, "Angel In The Night" with Jonas and Aylar's message to Bebo and their Bebo Fans, gets the video on the Music homepage this week.

The single is currently charting from album downloads, ahead of its digital release next week.


Our digital marketing & online pr campaign with Hard2Beat for Basshunter has been shortlisted at this years BT Digital Music Awards, rather confusingly under the title "Best Breakthrough Act" :)

Basshunter has also been nominated for Best Electronic Act / DJ, which is open to the public vote, click below to add yours!!

Vote Now!

Travis "Something Anything" Room Thirteen Review

"When it comes to the new single from Travis, ‘Something Anything’ is nothing in the shape of ‘Driftwood’, ‘Sing’, or any of their previous material from earlier albums.

This track has a much heavier style than you may be used to from the band. Having said that, what you come to notice is it is the bass rhythm that makes it different, the vocals are just as always and there is the guitar keeping an indie settlement on the tune; the guitar instrument is however extremely electric.

If this tune is an indication of the direction that Travis are heading with their forthcoming release ‘Ode To J Smith’ then I for one can’t wait to see what else they have in store. Won’t have to wait long either as the band are heading out on tour at the end of September so catch them live in a town near you."

Click here if you don't believe us

Sonny J Yahoo! Review

"Having lived in a cave for the last year and a half, your correspondent didn't catch this single when it was a buzz on the net last year. According to some sources, it came out as a single back then too, but Sonny himself - that's Sonnington James III to you - claims it's never been in the shops. Just to hedge his bets, this release comes with a Mirwais mix as well as the original jam. You know, in case someone complains…

Whatever the back story, this is a spectacular, spectacular single, the answer to that long-posed question: "Where the hell is the second Avalanches album?" Based on what sounds like a Michael Jackson sample (although Sonny claims not), this is a sampledelic delight, a cut'n'paste blast of feelgood energy that fuses early Go! Team with the restless, infectious magpie confidence of thoseAvalanche boys. Not bad for a Scouser currently living on the north Kent coast."

See the 9 out of 10 star review in all its glory by clicking here

Red Blooded Women review on All Gigs

"Red Blooded Women do offer the music scene something different – they are not your typical girl band.
Essentially they combine their love for 1980s electro with modern day dance pop in an attempt to create their own little niche and the ‘You Made Your Bed’ EP gives us a small taster of what they have to offer.
Critics will say it’s all rather awkward but somehow it works and is a refreshing change from what the charts currently produce in the dance genre and how all-women groups are typically channelled in the music industry.
They could be described as an edgier Sugababes and to their credit this trio do at least make your ears prick up and take notice, even if the sound isn’t for you.
‘You Made Your Bed’ is certainly very catchy while the EP also features another bubbly, electro laced song called C4 2Nite” and there’s a mix of the title track by Rochelle and Dreamtrak.
There are seemingly a wide variety of noticeable influences – from Abba to Daft Punk – and their 1980s core makes for a memorable sound which wouldn’t be out of place at home or on the dancefloor."

See the feature here

Honeyroot "Its All Good" I Like Music "Stunning" Review

"Following their classic summer album, The Sun Will Come, Honeyroot return with their own infectious brand of charming irresistible summery pop with It's All Good. Featuring the luscious laid back vocals of Briony Greenhill (Nobody Loves You The Way I Do), the wonderful It's All Good will be shimmering its way onto the airwaves this summer.

Honeyroot is a collaboration between electronica pioneers Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes, producing soulful electronica at its finest. Glenn was (and still is) singer and frontman with Heaven 17. He has worked with many of the greats including Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Propaganda, BEF, Terence Trent D'Arby, Ultravox, Midge Ure, Carole Kenyon, ABC, Ryoichi Yuki, John Lydon. and Rhythm Masters.

See the fantastic animated video below by James Bates (Heavy Drops, Where I Belong) featured on the Just Music YouTube channel - guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you smile!

This is a stunning single - an absolute joy to listen to. Reminiscent of bands like Morcheeba, Honeyroot are setting new standards with their very own contemporary take on what modern mature pop music should be."

See the review here

Orange Lights review on Refresh

"Orange Lights are a five piece indie rock band. A Few Good Days is taken from their debut album Life Is Still Beautiful. Produced by Ken Nelson and Chris Potter who have previously worked with Coldplay, the similarities are there to be seen.

With a sound somehwere between Keane, Travis and Coldplay this is a gentle enough track that will satisfy fans of any of the aforementioned bands; gently building choruses and strong pianos musically.

Tom Middleton delivers a couple of alterntive dance versions - which give the track a complete makeover.

Good single - might have to check out the album now"

See the review here

Travis "Something Anything" Digital Spy Review

"It's weird to think of it now, but there was a time at the end of the '90s when bands were referred to as "The Next Travis". Before Coldplay swanned along, Fran Healy's crew led the market in emotionally aware, Radio 2-friendly rock. They headlined Reading and Glaston, scored proper chart smashes with 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' and 'Sing', and their The Man Whoalbum just wouldn't stop selling.

Sadly, the band's star has waned of late and despite generally favourable reviews for their recent albums, it's safe to assume they don't get hassled for autographs down their local Asda anymore. 'Something Anything', taken from their impending Ode To J. Smith album, has a refreshing spikiness to it that will surprise those who've only heard them in acoustic ballad mode. It's unlikely to bring back the fame - it's a little polite and unassuming for that - but musically at least Travis are still doing the business."

See the review here

Skepta's Artist Spotlight

Skepta is featured on MySpace's Hook Up, as an Artist Spotlight.

Basshunter Angel In The Night MSN Music Homepage

Basshunter's 3rd single from his number 1 debut album is "Angel In The Night", the video for which features on the MSN Music Homepage - click here!

Honeyroot "Its All Good" New Noise Review

New Noise have reviewed Honeyroot's new single "Its All Good"

"Just the name Honeyroot suggests something earthy and organic, something sweet but with sustenance. If I was a child and I had to draw a picture of the singer from my very own imagination then I’d give her dyed red hair, loads of bangles, a nose ring, some organic bread in the crook of her arm and a long flowing boho skirt. She’d only ever play in a glade or at the very least surrounded by trees"

Sonny J featured on Orange.co.uk

"A full year after its initial release as Sonny J's debut single, 'Can't Stop Moving' returns for another bite of the chart cherry.

Undoubtedly, this rainbow-coloured treat deserves the second chance because it's easily one of the brightest, brassiest, silliest dance-pop wonders of the year.

All's unfair in love and pop, but now radio's big-hitting stations have got behind the tune's new, if fairly superfluous, Mirwais remix, Sonny is set for some serious airplay.

Fans of Lemon Jelly's 'Nice Weather For Ducks' and The Go! Team will immediately warm to this, as will anyone who remembers the happier side of big beat, best typified by the likes of Bentley Rhythm Ace, The Avalanches and Fatboy Slim's early work.

There's little else to it than a soulful, fairly meaningless vocal, some string loops and a few warm piano riffs. Simple, but great."

Click here to see the piece

Sonny J reviewed on Music News

"Re-released after limited success last summer this sample filled track looks set to storm the charts this time round. Think Norman Cook meets The Avalanches over a jug of homemade lemonade. Enhanced with a chunkier remix from Madonna producer Mirwais, you won’t be able to get this infectious little tune out of your head over the coming weeks.

Backed up with a feel good dancefest of a video and inclusion on Radio 1’s A-list, the Liverpool based producer has his sights set on the Top 10 and beyond."

Click here to see the review in all its glory

Sonny J on BBC Chart Blog

"Sonny J released this song about a year ago, but this September 8th release is a remix. "A remix!?" I hear you cry. A remix indeed. 'Can't Stop Moving (Mirwais Remix)' is the official release title of this track so I jumped full-bodied into listening to both versions of the song to hear the changes.

I'm not much of a DJ, but I'm pretty sure adding a few vocal effects to a track doesn't really make a remix, as much as adding trumpets to one doesn't make it your own song either (sorry, Mr Ronson).

Ok, so I do like this song, it has lots of happy juice attached and the video has a higher than average count of teenagers in yellow t-shirts. When do you ever see that many people wearing yellow t-shirts? Really...

My main problem is the remix part. I'm sure a fair amount of the people that read this will disagree and list a few more changes to the song, the new vocal part maybe but for me, there isn't enough changes to justify it being a remix. I guess there is a lot of debate for what is a remix, or a sampled track but I feel this is more of a tweaked release.

I much preferred that Enfant Terrible track he did, but then the clowns just scared me."

Click here to see the full feature

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sash's Raindrops Lead Story On The Sun Online's Music Page

Sash featuring Stunt's "Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)" is the lead story on the Music Homepage and is also featured on the Bizarre homepage;

"IF only the weather forecast reported pics like this instead of blustery, empty beaches on the coast of Cornwall.
You can just imagine GMTV's ANDREA MCLEAN blushing into her brekkie as she warns you to take your brolly to work.
This new saucy video from Sash ft Stunt is the latest offering from BASSHUNTER's label Hard2Beat. Its a mash-up of Sash’s huge 1997 hit Encore Une Fois and Raindrops by Stunt, will have twinkle-toed clubbers dancing their socks off.

And it's the pefect song to pedal away to as you work off your indulgent summer on the cross-trainer.
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) is available for download from October 6 and hits shops on October 13"

Click here to see the feature

Archangel "How To Lose Your Best Friend" WORD Magazine!

Archangel's "How To Lose Your Best Friend" will be featured on the "Now Hear This" CD Covermount with Word Magazine, out next week!

"Urgent pop-rock with a chorus that recalls the "I want my MTV" bit from Dire Straits' Money For Nothing, but in a good way. Describing the sound of Archangel's first album, Nick Webber, who not only sings but plays piano, bass and drums, asks us to imagine "how Elton John felt as he was writing Benny & The Jets as David Bowie wanders in holding the hand of Robert Smith having just heard Arcade Fire's Funeral for the first time"

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Archangel - Guardian's "New Band Of The Day"!

Archangel are The Guardian's "New Band Of The Day"!

"The buzz: "Eleven magnificently overwrought and dramatically fashioned songs that explore the lexicon of love with an epic sweep and neon glow that will remind you of all your favourite 70s and 80s groups while sounding utterly contemporary."

The truth: It's an impressive attempt to rival the sumptuously produced, experimental but accessible chart pop of the early-80s."

See the full feature here!

Cary Brothers Room "An Amazing Listen" 13 Album Review

Cary Brothers album "Who You Are" gets a great review on Room 13;

"I recently had the opportunity to listen to a sample of Cary Brothers album ‘Who You Are’ and was astonished over what I heard. The four tracks were guitar and piano friendly songs influenced by things from 1980s British New Wave to 1970s folk music. There was the loud indie rock title track, the folksy guitars of ‘Ride’, the simplistic ‘Blue Eyes’ and the gracious ‘If You Were Here’. At this point after hearing these four numbers, I was intrigued by what the remained of the album was like.

Well let me tell you, singer songwriter and musician Cary Brothers is a magnificent composer of music if you are looking for subtle and quite moving songs, that end with an occasional crash and push a listener though a roller coaster of a ride within a few minutes. Through literal emotions such as ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Honestly’ the mix of piano and guitar touch your heart with their adoring tones and in some ways make you relate to the situations he is singing about. The piano that opens ‘The Glass Parade’ is so gentle it sent tingles down my spine; likewise ‘Loneliest Girl In The World’ is quite remarkable with its use of strings and piano to give a solitary effective. This is actually one that can hit home for every listener. There are also tunes with a little more movement such as ‘The Last One’. This one is faster paced and includes a lager variety of sounds and tones than previous tunes."

Read the full review here

Travis Featured On MySpace Music Homepage!

Travis are one of the featured artists on MySpace's Music Homepage - click here

Aylar's An Angel - The Sun Online World Exclusive

The Sun Online got the World Exclusive of the new Basshunter single "Angel In The Night", carrying on the story from "Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted". The news piece was on the homepage of The Sun from Friday 29th Sept through the weekend!

"It doesn't really matter what his new tune sounds like, as BASSHUNTER has cast gorgeous AYLAR LIE in yet another of his videos. If you're a Basshunter fan then this is the FIRST place you can watch his new video.

And if Euro pop isn't really your thing, then just sit back and watch the gaggle of girls instead.

The wacky Swede, real name Jonas Altberg, joined forces with the X-rated babe for new track Angel In The Night.

Aylar, who shed her kit for previous singles Now You’re Gone, All I Ever Wanted and Boten Anna, rocks a teeny weeny leather jacket and hot pants as she does her best impression of a flag girl.

In the video, the pair meet in a fast food joint where Jonas invites her to a car race - but when she arrives, he discovers she is dating the guy he is competing against.

No prizes for guessing if he gets the girl or not..

See the full feature here

Jonas On 1st Bass With Aylar - The Sun Online & Newspaper

The Sun Online got the World Exclusive of the brand new Basshunter video "Angel In The Night", as well as some exclusive pics of Aylar, and they followed up the video story with this, both online and in the paper!

"NOT content with topping charts around the world with his annoying Europop, BASSHUNTER star JONAS ALTBERG has pulled this girl. Jonas has been after former porn star AYLAR LIE since he hired her to star in his videos, including the promo for new single Angel In The Night. A pal told me: “I wouldn’t say she’s his girlfriend but he is definitely even more chirpy than usual.”

See the feature here