Monday, 26 November 2007

More Basshunter Coverage With The Sun Online

NSFW - another of the actresses in the Basshunter's video is outed as a topless model..

"Basshunter blonde peels off.. FOLLOWING on from our scorching slideshow of naughty Norwegian video star AYLAR LIE, I thought it was only fair to introduce the lads out there to one of her co-stars. Basshunter's x-rated strip-vid has been melting servers all over the internet and it's not hard to see why. The trio of foxy clubbers dressing and undressing each-other is a delightful sight to behold. On Friday we revealed exotic half Iranian, half Norwegian beauty Aylar's past as an adult film star and dug out a string of sexy snaps. Now I've turned my attention to her equally attractive co-star MARIELLE MATHIASSEN."

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Friday, 23 November 2007

Basshunter : Now You're Gone YouTube Link

Basshunter, "Now You're Gone" available to download on New Year's Eve, and in Shops from 7th January 2008 - the video currently has 10 honours on YouTube!

#65 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music
#6 - Top Rated (Today)
#3 - Top Rated (Today) - Music
#15 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - Global
#58 - Top Rated (This Week)
#17 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music
#14 - Top Favourites (Today)
#5 - Top Favourites (Today) - Music
#28 - Top Favourites (Today) - Music - Global
#49 - Top Favourites (This Week) - Music

Basshunter : Video Girl's Dodgy Past!

More coverage for Basshunter today with the Sun Online, as her murky past is revealed..

"BASSHUNTER’s strip video star AYLAR LIE was once known as the “Princess Diana of porn - The 23-year-old Norwegian model, who plays the central character in the music vid that's quickening pulses around Europe, has a past as an adult film star. During her brief career in X-rated flicks she shamed the Queen Of Hearts’ memory by billing herself as “Princess Diana" The olive-skinned, half-Persian model starred in the string of explicit films from 2002-3. Her CV lists flicks including Just Over 18, Breakin' 'Em In and others too explicit to name here.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Pangs "Fighterplane" on Tiscali

Tiscali feature The Pangs in their music video pages - currently rating it 9 out of 10

Basshunter "Now You're Gone" Sun Online & Newspaper Feature!

JUST when you thought scorching music videos had gone with the summer, here comes a red hot clip to warm those winter months. BASSHUNTER’S new vid features a trio of young ladies dressing and undressing each other in preparation for a night of clubbing.

The track Now You’re Gone has already topped the chart all over Scandinavia and Europe and has shifted a staggering one million ringtones so far.

And in its native Sweden it has been the fastest-selling single since ABBA were around.

Pretty impressive stuff.

Eye-delighting slideshow below. And video beneath that.

Bassehunter's "Now You're Gone" is heavily featured online & makes page 26 of todays Sun Newspaper :)

Monday, 19 November 2007

Nikki Sixx Interview - "I Would Wash For Kate Moss" BBC ChartBlog

"If you're not a metal fan, or over a certain age, you might not know who this leathery ensemble are. Well, it's Mötley Crüe (or MÖTLEY CRÜE, DÜDE! to give them their full title), and the reason this bunch of dirty old rockers are gracing your nice clean ChärtBlög is to do with music and drugs, and the way they sit together in people's minds.

No, really!

Now, normally a serious topic like this would be a bit much for your average blog posting here, but seeing as the tabloids are full of lurid drugs stories these days (I'm assuming the names Doherty, Winehouse or Lohan aren't unfamiliar), and Nikki Sixx - the Crüe's bassist and songwriter - has released a hard-hitting book detailing the worst days of his own battle with addiction, it's worth dropping the nonsense for a second and talking seriously about this, don't you think?"

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Sonny J Live - Brixton Review

"Sonny J is not yet readily known in the dance music lexicon, but is quickly stealing a march on other acts looking for an entry. It is a formidable feat, supporting the likes of Groove Armada on their tenth anniversary. But the Scouser's blend of butterscotch soundscapes and acidic scratchy rhythms are the perfect toe tingling warm up. Like the headliners tonight, Sonny J, or Sonnington James III, combines crackly sun-glazed tracks with stomping floor fillers such as the irrepressible 'Can't Stop Moving'.

'Belly Bongo', reminiscent of the Avalanches, is a more nostalgic '70s number, with watery keyboard sounds and a hook straight out of a Sesame Street chorus. Whether Brixton Academy is a suitable stage for such a cosy act is questionable. Sonny J should be playing in your front garden. Which, incidentally, would be ocean-side."