Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Bertie Blackman "Black Cats" 4or The Record Review

"Pulsing with relentless energy, Black Cats is a typical Bertie Blackman effort, yet overly familiar in places.

An undeniably catchy melody proves the main focal point of all altogether solid track, keyboards sparkling in a strobe effect above a persistent drum beat to good effect. Blackman's voice whispers in sultry fashion, rarely breaking sweat yet doing exactly what is required of her.

It is only a slight lack of individuality that hampers the track's all round success. Despite it's attractions and with the exception of the melody, there little that feels original or fresh amidst the dense electronica and this softens it's impact slightly.

Yet despite this minor quibble there is enough about 'Black Cats' to like. A future dance floor filler, Blackman can feel satisfied with her purring effort."

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