Monday, 8 March 2010

McLean's 4Music Interview

His first single Broken has received over 5 million hits on Youtube and 20 million plays on MySpace. McLean is now hoping for further success with follow-up single My Name. We speak to Dagenham's rising star about internet fame and his upcoming debut album...

Q: Your first single Broken surfaced in 2006 and took on a life of its own on YouTube, having millions of hits. How did that happen?

A: Broken was on my MySpace page and the song got ripped from there. It just spread. I was doing my thing and I was getting emails from Germany, Australia and America. I'd look on YouTube and every day there would be ten new videos made for the song. It was crazy.

Q: Why do you think people connected to the song the way that they did?

A: Everyone has lost someone that they love in some way, and I think the song just touched people. Music helps people get through to certain situations.

Q: You used to perform under the name of Digga. Why did you decided to change it to McLean?

A: Digga was a nickname I had from school days. I've had so many nicknames and that name just stuck. I changed it because it was time to become serious.

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McLean's new single "My Name" is out today! Buy it here on iTunes