Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Archangel "Loud And Clear" - 'One of the best singles this year without a question'

Fantastic review of Archangel's "Loud And Clear" on All Gigs;

"This is the new single from the multi talented musician Nick Webber aka Archangel. If you have heard any tracks from his debut album, 'How To Lose Your Best Friend' then you need not be told of the man's obsessive DIY approach to recording, an approach that on the base of this single seems very astute.

'Loud And Clear' is quite simply stunning, especially as the entire music was created and recorded by one person, which could easily have resulted in a rather uneven sound. No chance with this man; the music remains focused, well orchestrated and above all, powerful. Webber's vocal guides the music with a soulful, elegiac tone, calling to mind the Arcade Fire. The guitar work is sharp, understated and moving and all other instrumental work slips into its place perfectly. The song also lends itself rather well to remixing, as the four remixes on offer prove. It's great to see artists like Archangel releasing material, which makes you feel good about music. One of the best singles this year without a question."

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