Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Dirty Disco's Sista! "A masterpiece in a world entirely its own" All Gigs

Another great review for The Dirty Disco, and another from All Gigs!

"A fantastically loopy, theatrical and infectious song is hard to come by, so if you like that potent mix then I heartily recommend Sista!, the new track from 'The Dirty Disco.' The song is wrapped in a warped land that encompasses New Order, The Cure, Cher; Electro-Pop fuelled madness and a dash of psychedelic panache thrown in for good measure. The pure frenetic tempo of the song means you are left with no time to really question if the tune is actually decent one but it's so fun that it becomes one of those rare joys - a song so fun, cheesy and likeable that is transcends any real critique. With a couple of rather enjoyable remixes as well as a great cover of Florence & The Machine's 'Rabbit Heart', which sounds like something Kate Bush would have conjured up in her prime then I have nothing but positive remarks on this single. It may not be held up and revered in years to come but it sure is one hell of an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes. A masterpiece in a world entirely its own."

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