Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bertie Blackman "Secrets And Lies" ...And Everyone's A DJ Review

"I spent that long writing my Top Albums Of The Year bit, that when I found something that would upset the balance, I kind of ignored more.

But about 4 days after I published said list, Florence & The Machine's Lungs found it's way unto my desk and I have to say it blew me away. I'm not sure it was the best of the year, but should really have been in my albums of 2009.

Anyway it isn't and we all get on with our brilliant lifes, but if someone gives me a tip on a new artist describing them as 'An Australian Florence" I'm certainly a lot more susceptible to their charms than I would have been 6 months ago.

So this is a remix of Bertie Blackman's single, it's rather good, but I've listened to the album and that's much betterer. I always find it a bit odd when a new artist comes on the scene and they are already proper famous and no-ones ever heard of them, I mean fuckin' hell, surely the UK is the very center of the musical world, isn't it?

Anyway I dunno if anyone from Austrailand reads this, could they please let me know if this Florence is much cop or not?"

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Bertie Blackman "Black Cats" (The Dirty Disco Remix) by Tomorrow Never Knows