Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Archangel featured on Winston's Zen

Winston's Zen feature an interview with Archangel's Nick Webber;

Zen regulars might remember Archangel. The one man indie-pop une factory supplied the frankly awesome title track from debut album How To Lose Your Best Friend on the ZenList Vol 2 way back in December. The last few months have been good ones for the Londoner, that debut album saw the light of day at the end of January and pulled a pile of praise from some pretty influential sources. On top of that, a featured spot on YouTube for the excellent Do It Again in March will have done Archangels profile no harm at all.

Nick Webber, the man behind the music provides the A's';

What's the least accurate description of your music that you've ever seen or heard in the media?
Grace Jones does indie funk

Set the record straight. How should journalists be describing Archangel?
What pop should be all about: melody, lyric, sound. Pointedness, abstraction, humour. A nod to the old with the desire to be new. Up, down, flying around. Trying to avoid cliche and failing miserably but being forgiven for it... We're all human and full of faults but no harm in trying.

What has being in Archangel given you that you wouldn't otherwise have?

If Archangel had a motto what would it be?
Arduus Ad Solem

What's an Archangel gig like?
Just getting good. Always getting better. Full of passion and hopefully a bit of fun.

Tell us how you got together with Medical Imprint.
I started the label myself.

I sneak a look through your mobile while you nip to the bar. What's the most famous name I find in the phonebook?
The Boy Least Likely To

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