Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Music News Review of Archangel

"Why Archangel (Nick Webber) decided to cover Steely Dan’s Do It Again isn’t entirely clear. Probably, because it’s a well known song, if not an out and out classic, so he’s not really going to offend too many people, if he plays around with it a bit. As it turns out, it’s a solid, if slightly bombastic version, but it does retain some of the soul of the original.

Odysseus gives us a better idea of what Archangel is really about. As he readily admits he’s influenced by a fairly wide range of artists, and on this track you’d be looking at Bowie, circa Scary Monsters, but there’s a trace of Visage lurking in there too. It may sound as if this little more than a patchwork of pinched new romantic ideas, but Archangel has crafted an off beat song that stands up to repeated plays."

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