Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Popjustice "It's Like A Button Marked 'DO NOT PRESS' "

Popjustice feature the Dance Nation album on the sites homepage:

"You sort of can't leave a CD like this new Dance Nation compilation alone.

At first glance it all seems quite harmless: a remix of the last Calvin Harris single, a spot of Basshunter, plus some September and a splash of Sash!. But squint your eyes and the horror comes into focus - this is the tracklisting equivalent of a Magic Eye picture of a mass grave.

In case you haven't seen them yet, check out tracks 7 and 12. Particularly track twelve.

We had this CD on our desk yesterday for about three quarters of an hour. We kept looking at it, thinking, 'well, it's obvious what track is going to sound like, one doesn't really need to actually listen to it'. And we managed not to listen to it for almost one whole hour. And then, as if somehow guided by a higher force, we found ourselves

See if you are better than us. See if you can NOT listen. Just try. And we will make this very clear for you: IF YOU CLICK THIS AUDIO LINK YOU WILL HEAR A DODGY RAVE-UP REWORK OF 'SHE'S SO LOVELY' BY SCOUTING FOR GIRLS.

Here is the link to the button you are not going to press.