Monday, 11 May 2009

All Gigs review Archangel's "Do It Again"

"Playing a Steely Dan song certainly raised a few eyebrows around my house. Not my usual style or choice for sure. However this Archangel cover version of the 'classic', "Do It Again" brings a far modern upbeat twist and for me, an altogether more likable version. Dare I say, it's better than the original?

Nick Webber is Archangel. A guy who, in his self built studio, wrote, produced and recorded these two tracks along with the rest of his forthcoming album, "How To Loose Your Best Friend". Oh and he also sings, plays drums, bass, guitar, piano and keyboards on the album! An interesting and multi-talented fella indeed!

Webber has a great, strong voice and some very obvious talent. The clincher is most definitely the video of the single. It is really cleverly animated, directed by Henry Scholfield. It's an adventure story of a yellow "post-it note", travelling around on a bus, a visit to the swimming pool, a dentist chair, a kebab shop and a night club. I know it may sound bizarre but it works and sits great with the song. Check it out at .

The B side is "Odysseus" and if this is the style of the forthcoming album then all is set well. Very Bowie and Roxy Music in sound with some Kraftwork in there - a real feel for the late seventies, early eighties scene. Really very good. Contemporary electro indie pop. Cool!"

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