Thursday, 28 May 2009

Star Pilots : Orange Review

"It's all a bit chicken-and-egg with the Euro-dance-pop that's plonked itself so firmly in the UK charts over the last few years; did Eric Prydz create that infamous aerobics video because the genre is crowded with noise you'd expect to hear in a room of sweaty starjumpers? Or will the pumping dancefloor-fillers forever remind the world of leotards and lunges because of Prydz's risqué accompaniment?

Regardless, Star Pilots' debut UK single is pure sports hall fodder. An '80s drum machine churns out irresistibly shimmery beats while handclaps, cowbells and the obligatory belting female vocal get a hearty workout in the foreground. The Pilots are already big names all over Europe and, on the strength of this addictively danceable effort, should find the same success in the UK, in exercise classes and beyond."

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