Thursday, 28 May 2009

Archangel "Square One"

Archangel is getting lots of love from the blogs for the track "Square One"

Sound Of Air "Archangel is Nick Webber, a "young man with a strong will and a warped imagination." Right! "Square One" came to me from out of the blue back while I was in the finals cave, so it took me a while to sift through the backlog and find it. That being said, I'm really glad I did. There are too many fun references and influences running underneath all of his music to mention now (so I just included the above video...) but look him up! Oh right - I realize at the end of the day it's really all just more electro-pop...just 'cause it tastes sweet doesn't mean you have to write it off. 2009 is good times!"

Boom Boom Chik "Archangel is the brainchild of Nick Webber. He is a one man band who wrote, performed, recorded and produced this new album "How to Lose your Best Friend." His latest single, Square One, is a brilliantly crafted piece of electro-pop. It is melodic and emotional, yet still keeps its upbeat appeal. When I first listened to the track the drums and syncopated bass line reminded me of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel", but then it veers off into this chilled out listening experience. This one is going on repeat... Check out his other single Do it Again as well. EnjoY!"

You can download Square One here